Now That There Is A Deal, Can We Have A Budget?

The Republicans and Democrats made an agreement on the 2011 budget Friday night that saved the country from a government shutdown.

There’s only one small problem – no one seems to know the actual details.

Via The New York Times:

[I]t became evident on Sunday that they had yet to work out the details of the agreement, which would cut roughly $38 billion from a federal budget expected to exceed $3.7 trillion this year.

“You may not be surprised to hear this, but they’re still sifting through the areas where they are going to make cuts,” Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the senior Democrat on the House Budget Committee, said Sunday on the ABC News program “This Week.”

A Republican Congressional aide said on Sunday night that the House and Senate Appropriations Committees were still working on the fine points, since “thousands of budget line items have to be negotiated.”

Some basic guidelines have been agreed to already: a third will come from the Departments of Labor, Education and Health and Human Services, other chunks will come from housing assistance and health care, as well as foreign aid.

But without an actual item by item list, how do we know that the budget will in fact pass?  Although everyone seems to agree that there will be enough votes to get it through, the public voices weighing in so far are non-committal at best and openly stating they will not vote for it at worst.  Representatives Michele Bachmann and Mike Pence both stated in media interviews that they will not vote for the bill, and Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer are still deciding where they stand based on final details.

Is it possible that once the budget is finalized the votes won’t be there and we will shut down after all, just one week after the crisis was supposed to be averted?


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Patricia S.
Pat S.5 years ago

By raising the debt ceiling, we will just be spending more and more and more. The more we raise it, the more we will spend. Not a solution. Time to live within our means!!!

Patricia S.
Pat S.5 years ago

Do you really believe we don't have a spending problem??????

Patricia S.
Pat S.5 years ago

Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you".

You cannot currently send a star to Norma because you have done so within the last week

Patricia S.
Pat S.5 years ago

Sound Mind,
If Sharia law was enacted, you left-wingers would be in the same boat as the conservatives. Wake up, America was founded by our forefathers with the Constitution. Sharia law would not spare you liberals one tiny bit!!!

Mary B.
Mary B.5 years ago

Same old, same old. Brain dead knee jerk reactions,repeated solutions. Total waste of time.
The country is not 'broke'. But peoples spirits are. And the repuplicans know it and are milking it for all it's worth. They're going to wish they hadn't done that as their own bodies rebel against them. Like it or not, their bodies are part of the Earths eco-system and they are creating massive imballance in all systems, including the economic one. Do you really think the Earth cares if the budget is ballanced? The Earth needs each species to be healthy and thriving. That takes clean air, water, and healthy soil. For humans, it takes a means of exchange so that we may take care of ourselves. If certain humans do not grasp the co-operative nature of existence, they will probably die off.

Craig C.
Craig C.5 years ago

Sound mind you are quite funny now are we. You see most of us really do get it we are Broke as a nation, what don't most of you's get. And yes I for one am tried of paying for everybody, we have raised a worthless bunch of people the last 40 years give me I want mine I payed for it group, what you put in between both SS and Medicare won't even come close to as what you will receive and that cannot continue on if this country is going to be around. So yes many people will get hurt but it is needed, look around you it right there in front of your eyes. Their is a new group in town that will not play these games no more I guess that is what most here don't like OH well, cause in 2012 there will more to come so get used to it people!!.

lyn L.
l L.5 years ago

Today is 4/14/2011. I don't know who America is. I know what I am basically told but that is not how I see it. I feel like it is a great deception. I see alot of charitable people, alot of people doing great humane things but when it comes to taking care of our own and we are diverse but human, we fail. Listen to the ideolgy of the repubs. They neither understand basic family/human needs or life concepts or issues, yet they run the country. They only understand themselves. There is bigotry that superceeds humanity. This causes our problems with issues that cost the country money to correct them. Righting wrongs is what I am talking about. This country should be so intelligent and on top of things with understanding life and its issues that it collectively makes sure all needs are met and generations are set off into a good direction. Instead we have to keep reinventing the wheel because of racism, jealousies, and hatereds.i.e planned parent hood; we make it sound and here we go again trying to protect it from people who are just caught up in themselves. Our generations are growing up; how can we conclude they are prepared for life when the lack of understanding what is necessary is on hold cause the repubs are not logical people. When we should have educated citizens about what it means to be a citizen, we keep being lied into wars. Wars, which disrupts things and puts what's needed on the back burner and our societies suffer, we pay thru the nose.

Marie W.
Marie W.5 years ago

Don't bet on it, REpugs want to axe everything except the 3 unnecessary very expensive wars and Obama seems to want to help.

JW H.5 years ago

The Dems blew it. This budget was supposed to be passed last spring. The Dems controlled the govt but chose not to pass a budget and now they blame the GOP? Instead of ruining our healthcare system they should have done their jobs and passed a budget.

Richard L.
richard Lehr5 years ago

This seems like a hopeless cause they seem to think that compromise is a dirty word.