NRA to Score Attorney General Eric Holder Contempt Vote

The National Rifle Association will use the House of Representatives vote on whether or not Attorney General Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress as a factor in evaluating candidates.

The move by the NRA puts pressure on Democrats in swing districts to support the contempt vote, or risk losing the support of the powerful pro-gun group.

Holder faces a contempt vote over his refusal to turn over some documents related to the gunwalking program run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The “Fast and Furious” program was designed to stem the flow of guns into Mexico. The program, and similar programs under the George W. Bush administration, were designed to allow the ATF to track the flow of illegal arms from the United States to gun cartels in Mexico.

The ATF lost track of some weapons that moved into Mexico, and one of the weapons was used to kill a U.S. border agent, Brian Terry.

Holder has testified on the matter eight times, and has turned over thousands of documents, but has refused to turn over other documents related to the Department of Justice’s internal deliberations on the program. President Barack Obama has asserted that the documents are covered under executive privilege, which Congress has typically honored. Nevertheless, a congressional committee recommended that the House hold Holder in contempt.

Republicans have alleged dark conspiracies with regard to the program, claiming that the Obama administration hoped to use the program to build support for gun control. No evidence has emerged to indicate anything of the sort. A Fortune Magazine investigation showed that the ATF was hampered by lax gun laws in Arizona, and that the ATF had been unable to persuade prosecutors to pursue charges against people transferring guns to cartels.

“It is no secret that the NRA does not admire Attorney General Holder,” the NRA said in a letter to representatives. “For years, we have pointed out his history of anti-Second Amendment advocacy and enforcement actions.”

The NRA claimed that their support of the contempt hearing was not a “partisan decision,” however. They said they supported contempt hearing because of the Justice Department’s “obstruction of congressional oversight of a program that cost lives in support of an anti-gun agenda.”

The NRA’s decision to use the contempt vote as part of its “score” of members of Congress forces several Democrats to choose between support of their party and the Obama administration, and the risk of losing NRA support that could be crucial to their re-election. Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga., Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., and Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.V. have already announced they will support the contempt vote.

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Roger H.
Roger H.4 years ago

The whole reason people are so upset about "Fast and Furious" isn't that they let individuals walk guns across the Mexican border, it is that our own government undercover agents sold the guns that were bought by the cartels that were used to kill several US citizens and Mr. Terry (the Border Patrol Agent).

Roger H.
Roger H.4 years ago

The whole reason people are so upset about "Fast and Furious" isn't that they let individuals walk guns across the Mexican border, it is that our own government undercover agents that sold the guns that were bought by the cartels that were used to kill several US citizens and Mr. Terry (the Border Patrol Agent).

James C.
James C.4 years ago

Our Goverment is our enemy today dont you all get that they have passed unconstitutional law after unconstitutional acts into law. and we are the victems ever asked yourselves why they also exempeted themselves from the same laws? The corruption doesnt end in congress either the senate and the president are just as guilty of treason againt the very constitution they swore to protect on gaining office. Our govt sold those guns to the cartels and are trying to cover it up now and most likely will because noone is looking out for the taxpayers who they keep screwing over and over again. If you dont get it look at the track record. we have a supreme court that has showed there not only corrupt they flaunt it. Then we have an Attorney general who does the same. The president along with Pelosi and Ried forced an unconstitutional ObamaCare down the taxpayers throats and now are gloating because the Supreme court of corruption helped them keep it alive.Wake up it may already be to late if you dont. Oh and least I forget the kicker they also passed and repassed the Patriot Act the most unconstitutional act ever commited agaisnt freedom in our history.

Roger H.
Roger H.4 years ago

People on both sides of the isle in Congress voted overwhelmingly to pass the Patriot Act. You also said you are a supporter of the Second Amendment's original intent, but are against "stand your ground" laws that give you the right to protect yourself from illegal search and seizure of your property without a search warrant. To follow the original intent of the Second Amendment, "stand your ground" laws should apply and everyone should be able to own the same weapons as the military. That is not the case, because some idiot would blow up the world with an atomic weapon. The NRA isn't lobbying for that either.

Larry Cormier
Larry Cormier4 years ago

The NRA has become a mouthpeice for the Republican Richmans party. If they care so much about our Constitutional rights, then where were they when their tyrant buddies Bush/Cheney came up with the UnPatriot Act? Where were they when Congress put the OK on the detention of American Citizens without charge, phone call, attorny judge or jury indefinately without trial as was set into law under the NDAA? These clowns don't think we see what they're up to. Stand your ground is only important to the filthy rich guy whose XE bodyguards can open fire on an unarmed group of peaceful protesters under the quise that "They felt threatened" and get away with it. Same holds true for CWP being honored across all states. I am a suporter of the 2nd Amendment as our forefathers intended it. These guys don't realize that means using it to take this country back like we took it from the Bourgeous Royalty in 1776.

Roger H.
Roger H.4 years ago

Actually, most of the guns traced back to the US that were confiscated from Mexican drug cartels were not purchased privately in the US, but came from guns purchased directly by the Mexican government from either the US government or the directly from the gun manufacturers for their military or local police agencies and then stolen or purchased on the black market in Mexico by the cartels. The drug cartels don't need to buy from gun dealers in the US, when they have people on Mexican police forces and in the Mexican military supplying weapons to them. If you don't believe this, look at some of the photos of the weapons confiscated by the Mexican government and notice the hand grenades, explosives and weapons that can only be purchased by law enforcement or military.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Donna- thank you! I agree that anyone in his position would've had an incredibly hard time in Sept 01 & I'm sick of everything but the Hindenburg being blamed on him- Obama's had 3.5yrs & the first 2 w/a democrat congress, but no one lays ANY blame on him. Overall, GW did both good & bad. I used to like him more, but have come to see him as a bit too controlling in recent years. But Obama's taken control to a much greater level- after his more "transparent gov't" promises. That sickens me, as do his EO's &that could basically allow him dictatorship. And congress is so piss-poor, they're allowing it to happen.

And I wholeheartedly agree w/you about catch phrases. Our country IS changed, that's for sure! We now have insurmountable debt. Most (particularly on the left) can't even fathom. The #'s may as well be fake- they're incomprehensible. We have muslimes & illegals overrunning our country. We give more free stuff to people (regardless of citizenship) than any country in the world. We have more division, racism, greed, corruption, & totalitarian laws than at any other time in American History. Yeah, "change WE can believe in!"

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

It is hard to fathom how some people march to the drum of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the NRA, Glenn Beck, Rove, Gingrich, the Koch Bros, even knowing how they lie, and how downright mean they are.

We have known for years that the Mexican drug cartels have been purchasing their guns on the U.S. side of the border to use in their drug wars. Many people have been murdered by these guns. The NRA wants absolutely no bans or laws to stop it, they are completely insane when it comes to guns. It is on the record that the ATF have been stopped from prosecuting these people. I live in San Diego, everyone here knows what goes on. You can believe the lies of the NRA or you can believe in facts and truth.

Donna R.
Donna R.4 years ago

Robby C. I admire your patience with some of these knuleheads! I guess I should try to be kind as I understand how some of them are the innocent victims here. Catch phases like hope and change will get their attention everytime. When in fact, it's all smoke and mirrors. There's no free lunch.

In any event, the one and only reason for this post is to let everyone know that I have no problem calling Bush a hero. Can anyone that is, anyone in their right mind just imagine the impact on President Bush when we were attacked on 9-11. How would President Obama have handled the news?? Maybe he would have wanted to bring everyone together to sang cume by ya before making any decisions????

My best guess is a lot of these people couldn't walk an inch in the shoes of President Bush, much less a mile!! He was a hero.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Lloyd H- Next time be sure to throw in the "pant's on fire" part- definitely scores more maturity points ;-)

I looked up the executive priviledge thing & found the following link- apparently I got GW & HW mixed up (if you'll look at the list, I think you might be able to see how that would be a possibility). HW used it 1 time- apparently GW used it 6. I do not care- I don't think "executive" anything should be legal in a democratic society.

Again, based on all I've read, GW started Wide Receiver & several other gunwalking operations, but not F&F. See where it says: "2009 - 2011 Operation Fast & Furious." Again, I believe GW was out of office by then, but maybe you know something I don't.

And, it's only illegal for Holder to release such documents, b/c he wants to hide them. I have no sympathy for GW, but I shouldn't have to say that everytime a democrat does wrong, to placate a buch of liberals. In the end, maybe we should be pissed at GW too- I know never called him a hero. But that doesn't change Holder's situation. And they cut the waiting period to 7 days? Wow, I'd be upset, except, they've been working w/Holder for what, a year now? Both parties have plenty to answer for & this scandal will hurt both sides. But the American people deserve to know the t