NYPD Forcibly Evict OWS Protesters, Destroy Property [Video]

Last night, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered a surprise attack on the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park.

Under cover of darkness, hundreds of NYPD officers dressed in riot gear arrived to evict the protesters from park that they’ve occupied peacefully for two months.

Protesters and journalists were forced to leave without gathering their personal possessions, many of which were destroyed for no reason.

The Occupy Wall Street kitchen, medical tent, bike-powered generators, and library were all dismantled and volunteers who tried to protect the structures were arrested. Over 5,000 books donated to the Occupy Wall Street library were thrown into a dumpster.

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Image via Occupy Denver


Ray C.
Ray C.5 years ago

thank you

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

Mike C.

The truth is that manufacturers producing their goods in China are bringing them to the U.S. for value added services, which means that they take the product out of the packaging marked "Made in China" and repackage without the "Made in China" designation. If the designation is on the product itself it is repackaged so that the designation is turned and cannot possibly be read until after purchase.

Before you say that is not true, you should know that I worked for a company that did exactly that.

So there is no way that people can buy American with any confidence whatsoever if they can even find a product that looks like it is not Made in China.

I used to boycott WalMart too, but now they ALL do it.

You only bought time for your company by going to China. When the bankruptcies and the inability for consumers to purchase boomerangs on businesses they will go out of business as the depression grows and widens.

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh5 years ago

Well done NYPD. Setting your standards according to Hitler's Nazis? Actually, you could probably have taught THEM a thing or two. Fun, isn't it, demonstrating your 'muscle'?

SHAME. Seems like things are in danger of slipping down a rung or two on the evolutionary ladder in the Land of the Brave and Free. Forgive my sarcasm, it's a substitute for anger. I'm still struggling with becoming a more evolved human being myself!

Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie5 years ago

The truth is, had we not gone to china to make some of our parts we whould be out of business today. We still do high tolarence machining in the US, paint and assembly in the US. I've got 3 job openings advertised on line, an HR admin and 2 engineers. Those plus 100 employees would be gone without the China operation. Until Americans demand American made products nothing will change.

A little research:
According to Sigurd Mareels, director of global mining for McKinsey & Co., there's a "historical shortage" of mine workers around the world. Australia, the world's largest source of iron ore and the second-largest gold producer, needs an additional 86,000 workers by 2020, according to the Minerals Council of Australia. That's on top of the current work force of 216,000. Miners in Australia – some of whom commute from the Philippines and New Zealand – make between $100,000 and $200,000 a year.

Bianca Strom
Bianca Loran5 years ago

this is ridiculous!!! How cowardly too.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

We are living in a Nazi state police society.

Toby Seiler
Toby S.5 years ago

Mike C. thank you for the information, I stand corrected. I'm glad to hear you have the integrity to pay for your personal portion of the trip. I'm sorry, but it didn't come across that way and I've seen plenty of executives that get "perks" that are deducted by the company and not counted as income. My mistake.

Corruption is so rampent that I must admit I think the worst of executives and government officers, since I have seen very few examples of true integrity.

I would hope you see my point that while buying low in China and selling high in the US is profitable, it is a contributing factor to loss of jobs and a major shift of the middle class into the poor class. Personally I'm for (low) tariffs that are tied to each countries current account to "level the playing field" and put us on a path to solvency.

Thanks for explaining. I hope your company will consider new value adding operations in the US.

MEGAN N.5 years ago

the banks to reform themselves. The sad fact of the matter is that they are fighting a Sherman Tank with a paint-ball gun at the moment. In order to create widespread change you need to hit them where it will really hurt...In their wallets. Using the influence and momentum that OWS has achieved to encourage Americans to "localize" their spending (meaning buying everything they can from locally Owned & Operated businesses could have a very real and lasting effect on the economy and on the way big business operates. If more people started to buy locally more money would stay in the community. With higher revenue business owners would be able to hire more employees and offer better benefits to their existing employees resulting in better moral and more wage earners spending money in the community. The longer people continue to do this the more Wall Street and big business would see their profits dipping and perhaps they would actually change their ways.

My point is that bigger government is not the answer, giving the government the kind of power that it would take to make the changes the OWS protesters want could turn America into a Police State. What we need to do is support our own local economy and the rest will take care of itself. The government already has too much power, giving them more responsibilities would be giving them even more power also. That is a slippery slope I don't want to be on. Thank You

MEGAN N.5 years ago

While I believe that the protesters should have been given advanced warning of the pending eviction so they could remove their belongings and arrange to move the "fixed structures" to another location, the police were within their right's to remove the protesters from the park. The first amendment allows citizens to peaceably assemble on PUBLIC PROPERTY however this particular park while open to the public, is in fact a privately owned property and without express permission from the land owner the protesters have no legal right to remain there.

Additionally the demands of the protesters are vague and nearly impossible to address because of their undefined nature. If there was a clearly defined list of grievances then maybe they would be easier to address and this could lead to real change. Simply stating that change is desired is not adequate, and many of the detailed demands that have been offered are not happening legally anyway while others would effectively turn this country into a socialist state. If it were me making the demands, I would request that all white collar violations of federal law be prosecuted. I would also request that a tech education program be established in more high schools so more young people would have marketable skills when leaving school at 18 without having to incur the financial burden of student loans. Another idea would be to provide communities with incentive to establish consumer owned credit unions, which would put pressure on