NYPD Officer Told Innocent 13-Year-Old To ‘Stop Crying Like A Little Girl’ During Stop And Frisk

Written by Aviva Shen

During the second week of testimony on New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program, an officer admitted to detaining and then mocking a 13-year-old boy when he started crying. Though the boy was innocent, he was still cuffed and brought to the station:

Appearing on the stand Wednesday, police officer Brian Dennis testified that he had taunted a 13-year-old boy after he detained him. Dennis told the handcuffed child, Devin Almonor, to “stop crying like a little girl.”

The teen was reportedly stopped on the street in Harlem when he reached into his pants’ waste-band. The two officers that stopped him claimed to have been searching for a firearm, but Almonor was found to be carrying no weapons. He was nonetheless handcuffed, taunted and taken to the stationhouse.

Dennis conceded that he no longer thought the taunt was appropriate, but another officer, Jonathan Korabel, maintained the stop of the boy was a “lawful frisk.” He claimed the teen was jaywalking and started “yelling and making a scene” when officers tried to frisk him.

Almonor is hardly the NYPD’s youngest target. In December, the police were once again sued for cuffing and arresting a 7-year-old boy for stealing $5 from a classmate. Lawsuits over police misconduct cost the city $22 million in just one year.

The current case, Floyd v. City of New York, has exposed many harrowing new details about stop-and-frisk. Last week, other officers testified that they were pressured to meet quotas of 5 stop and frisks, 20 summons and 1 arrest every month. Another cop recorded his superior instructing him to specifically target “male blacks 14 to 21″ years old.

These instructions have been carried out with gusto; in 2011, the NYPD stopped young black men more times than the total number of young black men in all of New York City. Since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office in 2002, more than 86 percent of the people stopped by the police were black or Latino. Almost 90 percent of these stops resulted in no ticket or arrest.

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Photo of arrest during Stop and Frisk protest: Alangrieg/flickr


Steven H.
Steven Hulbert3 years ago

Having worked in law enforcement and carried cuffs in private security your in trouble if you don't have at least reasonable suspicion to detain an individual. An individual being uncompliant is reasonable to ask questions and if subject is not cooperating or making a scene the cuffs should be applied for officer safety to maintain control.

Scott haakon
Scott haakon3 years ago

Police have always reflected the feelings of the society. That is why is is important that these cases get attention. Too many would see a minority driving a expensive car and think that they stole it or it was a drug dealer (men in Black 3). There was a sixty minute episode where Miles Davis relate when he wanted to go driving in his Lamborghini he called the police to let them know it was him!

Albert C.
Albert Cadda3 years ago

Wow! These cops need some Prozac or, some type of antianxiety drugs.

Albert C.
Albert Cadda3 years ago

"To Protect and Serve"? Are they sure about that statement? What people in authority don't know, were never taught, or simply don't care about, is that, there is a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the head of any such person. And, if they knew that, there wouldn't be any of this type of conduct happening.

"Sword of Damocles"? Look it up! Oh hell, I'll do it for you:

John S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Too bad you don't apply this concept to that of gun ownership.

Robbin McManus
Robbin McManus3 years ago

What a waste of "police intelligence"! How stupid to have the stop and frisk program. Harassing innocent children? What kind of lessons are they teaching our children? Quotas and target black or other kids of color? That is illegal! This is stereotyping and harassment just to begin with. So a 13 yr. old boy cannot cry? Many men have trouble crying because when they were young, they learned from someone that men do not cry. That is so wrong! And now the message gets delivered to a child by a policeman. Someone he has been taught to respect and trust. How wrong can this be? I hope the parents are suing the police. They will probably need the money to pay for therapy for the harm done to their child.

Maria Kenyon
Maria Kenyon3 years ago

Cops frisking children? Isn't there a special department for this, or do guys get a charge out of scaring the crap out of kids/

Bornita Quader
Bornita Quader3 years ago

I have been to New York. I think that the New York police are disrespectful, unprofessional and use assault/brutality. I am thinking of not going back because of those disrespectful people.

Bornita Quader
Bornita Quader3 years ago

Whoever ordered the policemen to focus on blacks and gave a quota on frisks should at least lose their job. Jaywalking is not a serious crime, the punishment should be proportionate to the seriousness of the crime.

Valeria Jones
Valeria Jones3 years ago

Jay walking is a Crime. Once you commit a crime you lose ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS. You may be stopped, frisked, handcuffed, beat, or whatever is deemed necessary to keep you "under control" even if you are an unarmed teen crossing the street, or a child having what children often have, a child-like tantrum. The taunting is just a symptom of the disrespect these officers have for the citizens around them who they are sworn to Protect and serve. Did they really think this child was a danger? No, but because they must meet quotas, they put on their dark glasses and become automatons to do what no real civil servant would do: harass people needlessly.