NYPD Spied on Muslim Allies


The New York Police Department’s intelligence squad secretly monitored a prominent Muslim leader, Sheikh Reda Shata, who spoke out against terrorism, cooperated with police, dined with Mayor Michael Bloomburg and was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize winning series by the New York Times. From examining secret police documents, the Associated Press has found that Shata was put under surveillance because of his “threat potential” — because of his supposed links to organizations connected with terrorism.

Shata emigrated from Egypt to the US in 2002. In the documents, the NYPD describes him as a “Tier One” person of interest, defined as “an individual with threat potential based on their position at a particular location, links to an organization, overseas links and/or criminal history.” The NYPD assigned an undercover officer and informant to watch Shata personally, and two others to watch his mosque, the Islamic Center of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn — even though there was no evidence that Shata had a criminal record. Even when Shata visited Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion and was invited to meet Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, he was being secretly watched.

The NYPD also kept watch on Mohammad Shamsi Ali, an imam who was “regularly at the mayor’s side for public appearances that touch on Muslim issues.” Shamsi Ali has been invited to speak about Islam at the police academy for the past three years and, this past July, was also asked to host a pre-Ramadan conference. But in 2006, the NYPD infiltrated two mosques where he holds leadership roles, the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and the Jamaica Muslim Center. The Islamic Cultural Center of New York was, according to the NYPD, a place where “radical rhetoric and possible money laundering” occurred, while the Jamaica Muslim Center was described as a “hub of radicalization that offered martial arts training.” Shamsi Ali denies the claims, pointing out that “It’s wrong to view Muslims as radicals simply because of the outfit.”

Furthermore, a 2009 official NYC planning brochure for a bike tour of Queens meant to showcase the borough’s diversity lists as “destination options” two Queens mosques that the NYPD was monitoring in 2006, one as a suspected source of funding for the Taliban and the other as the suspected national headquarters of an extremist organization.

Ramzi Kassem, a professor at the City University of New York School of Law, simply states that ”The way things are playing out in New York does not paint a picture of partnership and of a conversation among equals.” ABC News comments:

The dichotomy between simultaneously being partner and suspect is common among some of New York’s Muslims. Some of the same mosques that city leaders visited to hail their strong alliances with the Muslim community have also been placed under NYPD surveillance — in some cases infiltrated by undercover police officers and confidential informants.

In April, more than 100 area imams publicly supported a rally to “oppose wars, condemn terrorism and fight Islamophobia.” Of those, more than 30 were either identified by name or work in mosques included in the NYPD’s listing of suspicious people and places in 2006.

Shata, who now is at a mosque in suburban Monmouth County, New Jersey, says that “This is very sad. What is your feeling if you see this about people you trusted?”

Seven New York state senators have called for the New York attorney general’s office to investigate the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods. Neither the NYPD nor Bloomberg’s office have responded to queries.


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Photo of Pro-Muslim Rally in New York on September 10, 2010 by Viktor Nagornyy


Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran4 years ago


Helena Plum Bowyer
Helena B.5 years ago

Beth S: Because I do not have the same opinion as you it does not mean I am ignorant and have not investigated the issue. I am not blindly defending Islam. Why would I? It isn't my religion.
I do not want Sharia law and never will.
At no point have you addressed my points about the US governments involvement in Islamic extremism. As for Indonesia I think you could do with investigating why they have an Islamic government in the first place. So let me help. Your government didn't like the way a democratic country was moving towards socialism. They instigated an Islamic coup and gave the names of 'communist' sympathisers to those people they did want (Muslims) who then went and massacred those 'communists'. A quick look at Iran in the 70's will tell you why they now have an Islamic government.
Your CIA etc have a lot to answer for. So please find out something about that as it provides an interesting perspective.
You have a strong Christian right in your country that was influential in concocting false WMD (after they had finished with Saddam and Rumsfold was no longer having there little chats and arranging military assistance, whilst of course they helped Iran too) as they have their agenda too. The second coming of Christ which they believe will happen when the whole world is in meltdown. They are trying to engineer this, which is why they support Israel (among many other reasons) and have funded Islamic fundamentalists at the same time.
Why does your goverment suppo

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago


Thanks for clarifying. It is an interesting thing to say “…to hate a whole religion of people…”

Are you saying that you think it’s wrong to hate the whole religion or all of the people?

Of course Islam is fundamentally borrowed from Judaism and Christianity, and there are many beautiful things in it because of those religions. However, Islam goes much further than either one in its extreme hatred of peoples and religions not Islam. Are you aware of this?

As a matter of fact, Islam is THE biggest apartheid system in the world by a landslide. In Islamic countries -- if there are any (Christians and Jews) non-Muslims allowed -- they have the status of Dhimmis, which means that there are a whole host of laws to make them look, feel, pay to be second class citizens -- at best. In reality, it is much, much worse, with non-Muslim homes being torched, non-Muslims being kidnapped, forced conversions, churches burnt down, rapes, and more.

It’s not confined to just one country or region. It’s massively pervasive, even in a place like Indonesia, where they are supposed to be moderate.

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago


You sound like a relatively reasonable person, Helena, so I can only assume that there is much you don’t know and much you assume. Many people give Islam the benefit of the doubt, thinking that it’s like the other religions, but the giving, charity, brotherliness, etc., only applies to Muslims. Even then, multiple sects of Muslims are blowing up mosques and killing Muslims of other sects. It is without question the most retrograde, violent, aggressive, insidious force in the world today.

Are you aware that there are places in the UK, France, Sweden, etc., where Sharia has been established and there are no non-Muslim go-zones.

Perhaps if you actually saw the examples, they might make more of an impression on your mind. Let me know, and I’ll be happy to provide many examples.

Yes the Wall Street scandal is horrible, and I hope the people involved are brought to justice. But did you know that there are multiple Islamic/Sharia banks that have also been scandalized and corrupted and have had far reaching financial/economic impacts?

Now I, for one, think we should have never gone into Iraq, which was bad news in a whole lot of ways, and Afghanistan’s proved a quagmire, too.

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago


But all these things, with the exception of Iraq and Afghanistan, have gone on for hundreds and hundreds of years. Islam – which means “submission” (not peace) – is a conquering religion. It is a totalitarian ideology. It is supremacist, it is supersessionist. It is triumphalist. These mean that Islam covers every facet of life in personal hygiene to banking, wars, how many wives one may have, how they treat their slaves, how to conduct war – totally. Islam is considered to have superseded Judaism and Christianity – it considers the others inferior and false. And it has the right to reign supreme. Anyone challenging it is considered as having waged war. This plays out in many ways.

By no means do all Muslims feel this way. Many really don’t know about the more ugly ventures Islam oppresses non-Muslims with, nor do they know that contemptible, violent, highly-ungodly man they emulate as a model, “the perfect man.” Many Muslims don’t read the Quran, and they just believe as they are told. So I can’t fault all Muslim either.

But there are many who do know, and they, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and many, many other organizations throughout the world absolutely loathe democracy, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights and are cautiously and patiently working towards establishing a GLOBAL caliphate. That means they want EVERYONE, including you, to be under the rule of Sharia. Under Sharia, Helena,

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago


The Muslim Brotherhood has a very strong presence in almost all of Europe. In Egypt they would have the majority of votes if elections were held tomorrow, and are overwhelming likely to succeed, even if elections aren’t held for many more months. They have much power elsewhere, and are leading what’s known as the Stealth Jihad – or Lawfare in the U.S., under the front group and unindicted co-conspirators, the Council for Islamic-American Relations. There are also numerous other Islamic groups, notably Saudis, working, buying Islamic studies departments at Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia and others. They are turning out thousands of Arabists who are going into the highest echelons of government, politics, media, education, and more. There is virtually nothing that their tentacles to not reach into.

It’s estimated that some 20% of the worlds’ Muslims are Islamists, and if you take the population calculations of between 1.2 to 1.8 Billion Muslims, 20% amounts to a lot of people who think YOU, Helena, should be subject to Sharia and are working diligently toward it as I write.

You owe to it yourself, to your fellow citizens, to lovers of freedom and democracy and human rights everywhere to find out about Islam – the actual Islam that’s destroying and eating into many countries, including yours.

There are enormous resources, mountain ranges of evidence that this is happening very actively. Contd

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago


You are right, Helena, you should NOT hate Muslims just because they are Muslims. Each Muslim is a human being, a individual, and each one may have different feelings, personalities, degree of indoctrination, love or hatred for the rest of humanity, degrees of belief, appreciation of democracy and human rights. But you should know that many would not give you that benefit of doubt, and there are hundreds of millions of Muslims that are trying to bring down Western civilization, which even with all of its faults, I find superior to this totalitarian, cultish ideology.

And before you continue defending something blindly, you should KNOW what they want to do. And you should also know that there is tremendous doublespeak to convince westerners of innocent intentions and the polar opposite is said when Islamists are speaking amongst their own kind.

Take a look at MEMRI tv, and see the kind of things they say to their Arab audiences in Arabic (with translations).

BTW, some 85% of mosques in the U.S. were found to have literature out advocating violent takeover.

You will find that the more you look and learn, the bleaker and more frightening the picture becomes. And Helena, we are all responsible for learning and doing the right thing.

Helena Plum Bowyer
Helena B.5 years ago

Beth S.
I'm speaking as a person who is interested in politics and history. I am NOT speaking as a Muslim as I am not a Muslim (I have said this before). I am no religion and never have been. I hope that is clear. I just cannot find it in my heart to hate a whole religion of people on the basis of their extreme elements. It would be like hating all Catholics because of the IRA bombing campaign.
I am providing a context to the hatred that some Muslims have towards the west. At the moment the US and UK etc are in essence occupying 2 Muslim countries. There have been many civilian casualties which are rarely reported. I think this makes it easier for extremist groups to recruit. There are also elements in your government and maybe the UK too who have funded and encouraged some of these groups like the Taliban when it suited them to help end the Russian occupation of Afghanistan for example.
I am also worried that whilst the banks and their owners destroy peoples lives by taking their homes and their jobs here in the UK and in the US (which is more dangerous to our way of life) we are being led to look in the wrong direction deliberately to make us fearful.
I agree there are some very extreme Muslims out there and I in no way condone their behaviour. I also totally disagree with their treatment of women and views on homosexuals.
I hope this makes it clear.

Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago

Sorry Helena,

I should have said, "You are mixing subjects and it's not clear when you are speaking as a Muslim and when you are speaking as a non-descript North Umberlander"

James C.
James C.5 years ago

So what muslims prove on a daily basis there not A peaceful religion or can even be trusted not to be killing what they call infedels. ( Anyone not a muslim). All you need to do is read the news or watch tv and somewhere a muslim is killing cristians and getting away with it.