Obama Administration Considers Relaxing Miranda Rights of Citizens

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In response to criticism of it’s handling of terror suspect Faisal Shahzad, the Obama Administration is seeking a “broad exception” to the “public safety exception” of the Miranda rules.

Appearing on Sunday’s “Meet The Press,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder discussed working with Congress to relax the “public safety exception” when it comes to reading suspects their Miranda Rights.  Holder is looking for more flexibility for law enforcement to deal with international terrorism. The increased flexibility Holder wants includes delays in Mirandizing suspects they can be questioned for much longer without being Mirandized and their pre-Miranda statements could be used in a court of law against the suspect.

According to the Washington Post, Holder’s statements indicate a significant change in administration policy in response to charges of being too willing to Mirandize terror suspects. 

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Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

Paddy O... big ole star for you!!!!

Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

Bush/Cheney have nothing to do with this.... This falls at Obama's door.... People have to stop blaming Bush for everything... Your Prez Obama has been in office since Jan 2009.... What happens now is his responsiblily.... Stop whinning and blaming President Bush

Paddy O.
Paddy O.6 years ago

John T, your statement is ridiculous, Shahzad was not a born US Citizen, he took an oath requesting to be one, under that oath he pledged allegiance which was clearly a lie, are you that blind that you can't see someone who clearly only became a US citizen to attack it from within, has no right to be a US citizren, good god man, grow a set and grow up

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba6 years ago

No comment

Kathleen C.
Kathleen C.6 years ago

OMG! Our rights are slowly being eroded in the name of "terror" This insanity must stop. We have already lost many of our civil rights since 9/11 how many more do we have to lose before the people of this country stand up and "just say no!"

Scarlett P.
Scarlett P.6 years ago

Freedom of speech gives us the right to disagee... I mean I am totally against the Obama administration... I voice that opinion... Yet I will not go out and commit an attact that would kill innocent people.... I will not destroy government property... There are ways of getting your point across... It is called voting!!! Like the saying goes "The pen is mighter than the sword"....

Susan L. D.
Susan Davis6 years ago

Well, seems to me that we could all be considered "terrorists" if it was convenient for the arresting official.

Frank S.
Frank S.6 years ago

Unfortunately no Barbara, we just have to stick together and fight against the delusion that others are allowing to ensnare them into giving away the freedom we cherish so much! thanks!

Elaine H.
Elaine H.6 years ago

I do not believe that giving up our right to citizenship on the "professional instinct" of anyone is smart or constitutional. I understand fear, but we either have faith in our system and its possible cost, or we don't.

John T.
John T.6 years ago

tara lav says: Shahzad is not an American citizen anymore, he went over to the enemy. he is a soldier without a uniform.
This type of thinking really just scares the H@#l out of me.
Lieberman's bill would allow the government to strip anyone of their citizenship. There are 'qualifications' the person has to meet in order to be stripped of their citizenship.
Defining those 'qualifications' is the scary part. Under another Bush/Cheney type administration, I can see war protesters being threatened under this law. Had this law been available during Viet Nam, how many protesters could have had their citizenship revoked.
Legislators/lawyers don't do this type of thing well at all. Thomas Jefferson is dead and he has no proteges in today's Congress.