Obama Has Big Funds, Romney Has Big Donors


It’s yet another large fundraising total for President Barack Obama — his campaign and the Democratic National Committee together have raised $45 million for the month of February.  Although it doesn’t compare to some of his earlier hauls, it is about $20 million more than he raised the previous month.

So who are “Obama” donors?  According to the Washington Post, “348,000 people contributed in February and the average donation was $59. Nearly 98 percent of the donations were of $250 or less.”

It’s a fairly stark comparison to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Romney appear to be getting his donations from a few key cities, according to a report by Politico, and it’s not very surprising to learn that these are some very tony neighborhoods.  His big donors?  The residents of Palm Beach, Greenwich, Connecticut, Manhattan, Boston and of course, Utah.  The zipcodes that provide the most campaign cash tend to be the homes of financial analysts, bankers and retirees who all earn well in excess of $100,000 a year, Politico reports.


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Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth J.4 years ago

Interesting how Obama raises money from several small donations and Romney from fewer, large donations in key cities. I wonder what this says?

Randy Robertson
Randy Robertson4 years ago

Limp-bra is the best thing for Obama to have on his side...The Women will all head to Obama...and there are more women than men in the USA!!! Right on!!! Go!!! Girls!!! Go!!! Give those wife beaters shit!!!

Lee Witton
4 years ago

The metaphorical putting of the American people in a crate and strapping us to the top of a Romney vehicle.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

BTW SP P - hmmm....I can only speculate as to what the initials stand for, but anyway, Obama will bring in a whole lot more money over the next many months, just as he did in 2000. I'm sure celebrities will be hosting events, Gloria Vanderbilt has a mini pac going for Obama, and there has also been a 'dog mini pac' created for Obama, because we dog lovers don't want anyone to forget the dog crate on the top of Romney's car.
I read someone state that transporting a crated dog on top of a vehicle is not illegal but I would argue by saying that any situation which places a human or animal at obvious risk is against the law.
About 6 weeks ago, an individual was driving in Littleton, Colorado with a dog crate strapped to the top of the car with a dog inside and a police officer pulled the driver over and was going to write a citation for reckless endangerment. It was then explained to the officer the dog in the crate was a big toy dog and it was placed there as a reminder that dogs don't belong on the top of vehicles. This was done as much as a statement against Romney's ignorance as it was to support Obama is his run for re-election. This was well publicized and created a great deal of glee for most Coloradans who are not far right idiots. Seriously; if you don't have the common-sense to recognize that putting a dog on top of your car is incredibly stupid, why would anyone think Romney capable of putting a nation in the hands of a Romney administration? The metaphorical putti

Lee Witton
4 years ago

SP P - I immediately went to your profile after reading your comment because you seem to be one of those who are on reserve for making impotent remarks that leave one wondering where you think you can go with that really stupid comment. Yes; we all know that Obama had a 'BIG fundraisin' dinnuh', but then so has virtually every president done the same thing. And I would ask you; SO???? What's your point. Unlike the really nasty can of dead worms 'Citizen's United' has left the American people with, Obama's event was well reported, but Romney's big individuals are keeping identifying information very quiet. We just know the amounts. You people stand for nothing American. It's all about pandering to those who really don't give diddly about the American middle class. There is no deception with Obama's fundraising, just ignorance on your part.

Anne N.
Anne N.4 years ago

They both have the support of the big banks. Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself and look at the numbers. They are both bought & will carry the same agenda, just with a different spin attached. Sad when big bank candidate #1 vs. big bank candidate #2 is the choice of the media. That's where we are:-( I'll be voting 3rd party.

Molly D.4 years ago

These figures are misguiding. To make you think the President doesn't have 'big donors' is funny. The data they use for this doesn't include the 38k per plate dinners that he had in CA...2 just in Feb. alone.

Pamela D.
Pamela D.4 years ago

Obama has alot of money becuase he has the support of alot of smaller contributers (like ordinary americans). Romney has a few very rich friends. These "friends" will be running the government if he get elected. My guess is that they are large corporate "friends".

Susan E.
Susan E.4 years ago

I would like to see better comparisons made in the article. Tell us how many contributors Romney had and what their average contribution was, just as was given for Obama.
Talking "apples and oranges" doesn't give the reader the clear understanding of just how the contributions differ for Obama and Romney.

Anne Cole
.4 years ago

105,000 of the people who donated to Obama February were giving for the very first time.