Obama OK’s Texas Portion Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Despite continued public outcry and analysis that shows oil spills will be inevitable, the Obama administration today granted construction permits for part of the Keystone XL pipeline that passes through Texas. Making good on promises made during the President’s “All of the Above” energy tour, the approval was fast-tracked in an effort to relieve an oil supply bottleneck in Oklahoma.

TransCanada, the company that proposed the Keystone XL, is thrilled with the news. “We continue to believe that we will be in a position to begin construction later this summer and are working with the Corps and others to secure the approvals and permits we require,” the company said in a statement. “Once the gulf coast project is completed, it will help move both Canadian and American oil to refineries on the gulf coast, where it is critically needed.”

Ideally, TransCanada would like to build a 1,700-mile pipeline to carry tar sands oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast. The total Keystone XL would cross through thousands of miles of farmland and delicate wildlife habitats, putting water supplies and agricultural land at risk for contamination. Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest forms of fuel on the planet, and a major contributor to wildlife devastation and greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s not mentioned, of course, is that once it arrives at the Gulf Coast most of the oil will be shipped to overseas markets, having little to no effect on fuel prices here in the U.S. Lower gas prices and the creation of much-needed jobs have both been touted as reasons to build the massive Keystone XL, but both have been shown to be less than legitimate. In fact, just last month, analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that the pipeline is more likely to increases prices at American gas stations.

Late last year, thousands of protesters staged a sit-in against the Keystone XL on the doorstep of the White House. The action was meant to remind President Obama of his campaign promise to speed progress of renewable energy and reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels. Thankfully, permits to build the northernmost sections of the pipeline are still on hold until the President can conduct a more thorough environmental review. But with each small concession, it becomes harder and harder to imagine it will actually be rejected altogether.

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Lawrence Travers
Lawrence Travers3 years ago

What would happen if THOUSANDS of citizens packing heat showed up at the construction sites? Is this the only way to stop this insanity of payoffs to politicans?

Sue H.
Sue H.4 years ago

I am seriously bummed by this "decision". Really.

Jane R.
Jane R.4 years ago

Texans don't want this pipeline, but as previously demonstated by Muslim, he hates Texas. Vote for anyone else but him. I'd vote for Mickey Mouse instead. Do some research, this man is not a U.S citizen. I watched a video of how it was proven that the birth certificate he produced was altered.

Larry Cormier
Larry Cormier4 years ago

That's ok, The same company is using an existing 50 yr old pipeline in Maine that was only meant (when built) to withstand 1/2 the pressure needed to move this tar sands from Quebec to the docks in Portland. This pipeline runs right by Sebago Lake, a pristine area filled with wildlife that biologists have warned would be destroyed completely at the 1st spill. If this oil is meant for the US independence, then why is it necessary to get it to docks? The Paul Lepage Administration is also looking to destroy our North Me woods by deregulating everything!!! These greedy people will only be stopped when the people come right out and arrest them for treason. Last I knew, selling your vote to the highest bidder was just that!!

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch4 years ago

Very sad that the environment is up for sale......

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan4 years ago

If we need the oil so damm bad, why are we exporting more than 1/2 of our oil.
Another so called leader sold us out.

Denis LeBlanc
Denis LeBlanc4 years ago

There is a choice to be made here. Drive cars with dirty Canadian oil, or drive cars with Oil from Middle Eastern dictators who murder their citizens (Gays in Iran for example). Besides, Canadian oil sands oil is as dirty as American coal. And there is no way the tar sands operations are devastating wildlife, as stated in the exagerated articole above. The pipeline is being built because there are unused refineries in the Gulf area. Otherwise, Canada would build another refinery here and ship the oil directly to China, via another pipeline that is being built to the Pacific. The real solution is stop driving so many miles, or give up the car. I have.

stewart s.
stew s.4 years ago

A major disappointment! But, I still think Obama is a far better person to lead the country than what the repukes offer. He's done a lot of good, even with the Obstructionist (Republican) party voting against almost everything he tried to get enacted. Both sides are corrupted and have to answer to big money/big oil to some extent, but until we do away with ALL lobbying and lobby money in Washington, we will not be living in a true democracy. But just think how screwed we'd be if the right wing was in total power!! For the sake of our country... VOTE OBAMA 2012!!! Vote ALL the repukes out of office wherever possible!!!

Jackie Mason
Jackie Mason4 years ago

is this really about moving oil from canada to gulf coast refineries?? what have they been doing with it until now? those are the only refineries available? and this is supposed to help wean us from [foreign] oil dependency?! are we annexing canada? are we really B[eyond]P[etroleum]??! It's about as clean, safe & feasible as fracking or 'clean' coal!! didn't "they" say the same thing when the alaskan pipeline was first proposed?! how'd that work out? well, the caribou have adapted,right? then what? pipelines from the refineries to the power stations?... inquiring minds want to know..but, tell me later- snookie or kim- or some ball player is making a profound observation now- gotta go...

pete M.
peter m.4 years ago