Obama on 2012: This Is Going To Be “Fun”

The Republicans aren’t the only one anxiously waiting for the primary to wrap up.  President Barack Obama is looking forward to the general election, too.  According to him, this is going to be a “fun debate.”

Speaking at a recent fundraiser, the president said, “It’s going to be a big debate, and it’s going to be a fun debate. Because it’s always good to have the truth on your side.”  He also made sure to tie frontrunner Mitt Romney to the Ryan budget, reminding the audience that Romney called the plan “marvelous.”

And Obama isn’t the only one making fun of Romney’s “marvelous” remark.  American Bridge, a new Democratic super-PAC, has made a video mocking Romney a la Billy Crystal.


Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine4 years ago

@ Margo A. Logic tells me you do not look to the past to see the future - even while you are positioned better than most to see past, present and future. A tidal wave of political whip flash is about to occur. Nothing can stop it, not even illogic.

Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher4 years ago

Go for it Obama.

John M.
John Marsh4 years ago

Margo A.: I wonder what the A stands for. Sorry, that was snarky but hard to resist. What I really want to say is, "Poor Margo."

Andrea MacDonald
Andrea MacDonald4 years ago

Margo A.

As it happens, we are doing more drilling in this country than we have ever done in history. You'd better start getting your facts straight. And what makes you think Obama hates America? Because your GOP candidates said so? Come on, are you not smarter than this? Perhaps you would like to live in a country where they take away your ability to earn as much as a man, take away your birth control and then you will be stuck at home with 12 kids relying on a man to take care of you. If that is what you want then by all means, vote for a Republican.

Carolyn Steven
Carolyn Steven4 years ago

Margo A. "The Rapture is factual and sound Biblical teaching."?

You're really comfortable using "factual" and "sound" alongside an ancient text that essentially demonizes everyone other than men? Give me a break. If you long for a day when men can have twenty wives and treat them all like sacks of flour, go ahead. I'd rather have my rights.

Margo A.
Margo A.4 years ago

Why does Obama refuse to drill for oil here in the US yet, sings the praises of Brazil drilling for oil and is going to help them. Taking jobs away from Americans and giving them to Brazilians. Bravo! No, I've become well-informed per the GOPs.. and have experienced Obama. He's a liar and he hates America. Mitt, Newt and Santorum are all different brands of the same poison as Obama. Ron Paul can lead this country back on track.. but, for those of whom the media owns their minds with the 'Ron Paul is not electable' propagandized hype.. they need to vote for the man. All it takes for a guy to be electable is to vote for him. He goes by the Constitution that protects our rights, freedoms and liberties.. in which, nothing else matters if we don't have those. I think Obama.. should he get a second term, will make moves that will be so questionable.. even to his blind supporters.. and it will cause an economic collapse and chaos in the streets, so he can put into effect Martial Law. Also, if it comes down to the wire per the 2012 election and Obama sees he may be losing, he just signed a Law that says he can stop the election process and enact Martial Law for however long he chooses.. totally disrupting the election process.. in so he may remain in power.

Some of stiff-neck sheeple will have to learn the hard way, I suppose. You think Obama is your friend? Think again!!!

Margo A.
Margo A.4 years ago

Elaine A : The Rapture is factual and sound Biblical teaching. The term "Rapture" is not used in the Bible.. but, neither is the term "Trinity".. but, both are undeniable. 1st Thessalonians 4: 16-17 speaks of those in Christ being "caught up" (Raptured) to meet the Lord in the air.. and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Robert K.
Robert K.4 years ago

Eric L, more private sector jobs have been created under Obama in the last 25 months than under 8 years of Bush's bumbling. This despite the fact that the Republicans filibustered every jobs bill the Pelosi congress sent to the Senate to prevent recovery so they could blame it on Obama.

Remember the 2010 campaigns when the 'pubs ran on creating jobs? After 2 years they finally came up with their first bill, but it explodes the deficit while cutting more out of the safety net so they can give more tax cuts to the very people who don't need them.

For every dollar in tax cuts, the economy loses 67 cents. For every dollar of unemployment payments the economy profits 79 cents, so which do Republicans support? You guessed it!

Never in all of human history has a tax cut for the wealthy helped or even not damaged an economy.

Robert K.
Robert K.4 years ago

This will not be a runaway. It should be because no informed person would ever consider voting Republican, but that's the problem, none of their supporters are informed.

"Obamacare" vastly improves medical care and cuts trillions out of the budget over the next 20 years, but Republican lies about it have convinced the stupid and the naive of the exact opposite. There's a reason the Republicans have waged outright warfare on education because the less you know the more easily you're convinced that they are feeding you facts.

That said, the most corrupt corporations are pouring money into super PACS to disseminate lies about Obama and Democrats in general. If you're not a multimillionaire (or a family member or close friend) NO Republican gives a damn about you. Voting RTepublican is proof that you're stupid. Only the progressive Democrats are fighting for you. I have the mark of Cain on me, I was a Republican from 1952-2000. For the years 1980-2000 I had to hold my nose to vote, but when they put up Dumbya I left. The stench had become just too much.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

The tea party right wing nuts are always jumping up and down. They are so ignorant of facts they just keep spewing out one lie after another. As the election nears the Democrats will be showing every lie, misstatements and flip flop that Mitt Romney has told. They will show the actual statement he made last month, last year, and five years ago...then they will show the opposite statement he has made now that he wants to get the tea party vote. The Republicans are now finally endorsing him with the very faintest of praise, such as, well we have to endorse him because he will be the nominee..although he is not perfect, or not my first choice. Ringing endorsements!

Obama + Biden 2012!