Obama Releases Birth Certificate But The Racism Persists

With his frustration apparent, President Obama released a copy of his “long form” birth certificate today, in an attempt to squelch, once and for all, the bubbling narrative that he was not born in the United States and is therefore not a legitimate president.

The President was gracious enough to only show frustration. I can’t help but feel only shame for our country right now.

Forget the three wars we are fighting.  Forget persistent joblessness.  Forget crippling corruption on Wall Street and in Congress.  And most of all forget the all-out assault on the American middle-class because the question at hand is how can it be that this country has an African-American president. 

The attack on the legitimacy of the Obama administration from the birther crew has always been about race.  Sure, birtherism is nothing more than another political conspiracy narrative, like Triggers (those who do not believe Sarah Palin’s youngest son is hers) and Truthers before it.  Except unlike the others, Republicans took birtherism mainstream.  And for this we need to hold them accountable.

What these, and really all conspiracy theories share at their core is a distrust of institutions.  Given what a terrible job governing our institutions have done of late, and given the easy access to “evidence” to support mistrust, it is easy to see why these stories don’t just die–among the conspiracy crowd. 

But it is not so easy to understand why the story won’t just die among Republicans seeking office. 

It is bad enough our already-stressed federal courts have to entertain this nonsense.  But our President and our country should not be subjected to news-conferences called by a failed real estate developer turned reality tv host to debate the President’s citizenship.

For those who cling to conspiracies to explain their own political dissatisfaction, today’s actions will likely do nothing to satisfy their suspicions.  And for Donald Trump, who has taken his racism up a notch by calling for the release of President Obama’s academic transcripts because he just can’t comprehend how the President got into Harvard, the time is now for all Republicans to end, and publicly, their flirtation with this rhetoric. 

See, racism is a lot like a pregnancy–you can’t be just a little bit racist, nor a little bit pregnant.  We know what Donald Trump and the birther crew are.  But what about the rest of the GOP that helped keep this story in play?

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Linda T.
Linda T.4 years ago

You are so right Janet. It is painful to see just how racist this country still is. It's painful to watch people that I thought were good human beings not being as good as person as I had previously been led to believe they were. But the most painful thing to see is our country divided not just by race but by class. Although I will say those that have more money than they will ever spend in a life time show the least amount of grace and class I have ever in my life time witnessed. What kind of country are we? I think Chris Mathews says it best "We are still a country living out the Civil War except now it's done in congress". Sadly he is right.

Janet W.
Janet W.4 years ago

It's really unreal that we still have so many ppl being racist. There is not a "PERFECT" person in this world. I feel President Obama is doing a Great job, considering the Republicans can't stop the lies and deceit they will do anything to keep President Obama from getting re-elected.
Republicans are all about "MONEY" apparently the public can't see that!. Donald Trump backing Mitt what a combo, Mitt is Crazy and Donald is Nasty. I've never seen Trump being nice and all Mitt does is (Laugh) (and you ppl want him for President. I have as of yet seen a Republican that is not Rich. Mitt is "BUYING" his way in, ppl need to leave Obama alone and start checking on Mitt. He has been avoiding questions over & over- what's he hiding?????? Mitt Loves Mitt, remember he is going to cut Medicare- Medicaid take Federal Housing Away from the ppl that are barely surving today, Now I would say that would be pretty stupid of the ppl to vote Mitt in. He only cares about the Rich. He has made that comment many times and I can bet there are a lot more poor & homeless ppl out there. Wake up ppl, if you buy into this we will be in more trouble than we've ever been. My Choice is President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y.5 years ago

Posting your B.C. has become a de facto declaration of Presidential candidacy these days; Jindal and Romney just posted theirs.

After McCain and Obama this might as well be a de jure procedure for our top executive.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

If you lie down with dogs, you pick up fleas, Vince! Be aware those racists are right on your doorstep.

Theresa T.
Theresa T.5 years ago

I am not an American, I don't even live in the US and I am a white, but I am happy that finally a black American (or biracial or "tanned" or "coloured", call it as you like) is at the highest position of the US Government right now and I am happy that he is trying to give at leadt baic medica care for those Americans without social security. I means, ihe truly tries to mae the difference and keep some pre-election promises, even at a political cost.I hope & pray tha he won't get "swallowed" by the mighty System, the world needs more leaders like that.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

Only someone with some severe sensitivity or ego issues would be making such a big deal out of my making a comment to correct one which was unfactual. Bi-racial IS certainly what Obama is.....the product of two races. He is NOT Black, nor is he White. I didn't "pull up" any name.......I addressed my comment to the person who had made the unfactual remark. It's so unimportant, especially in light of the discussion, itself, it's ridiculous to have made an issue out of it. Nobody's playing any game, unless it's the person making the big issue out of nothing and dragging comments made in another, completely different Care.2 discussion into this one. I had NO issue with what was said about Obama and the references to racists, and thought I'd clearly said so....that I agree completely with what was said in those aspects. If an unfactual statement is made, anyone has the perfect right to comment about that, and don't EVEN begin to have the audacity to tell me that I don't. I had absolutely NO INTENTION of initiating any "conversation" with anyone, merely correcting a mistakenly made term to describe Obama's race.

Yes, Vince, that WAS said, along with calling him an "Oreo"! Wow, talk about disrespect! I remember in the '50's and '60's when that term was widely used by bigots and racists in the South (probably still is).

Vince D.
Vince D.5 years ago

Diane L,

Correct me if I am not remembering correctly, but were some "Black" people complaining that Obama was not "Black enough" before the 2008 election?

Poor bastard, neither race likes him.. ;^)

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

Now leave me alone and stop addressing me.

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

Pulling up is a cockney term; pulling up my name. I think my comments are easy to understand; clear and concise; it is not hard to fathom. As to participating with you, you addressed me.

Further to my comment, I should know what mixed race is, and my comment was directed at people who hate black people and anybody who has a minuscule amount of racism in their body. The whole point of the comment was to irritate anyone who is racist, only a racist would pick up that comment up. As to games; I am tired of yours.

Diane L.
Diane L.5 years ago

Wooddragon, for crying out loud! Lighten up! This is a completely different discussion, about a different topic and I wasn't talking to you or about you. I agreed with a comment you made, and corected one "term" you'd used which I feel is a bit "uncorrect" technically, but the comment itself was one I completely agree with you about.

Now you've directed three comments at me, one saying you "hope I'm not pulling you up".......what on earth are you talking about? Once again, you make vague statements that make no sense and I have to ask for explanations. I have no clue as to what kind of little "mind game" you're playing here, but whatever your goal is, I doubt I want to participate. Have a nice day.