“Octomom” Promotes Sterilization—For Animals

Nadya Suleman, the “Octomom,” who gave birth to eight babies last year, bringing her total number of children to 14, likely isn’t the first person you think of when it comes to responsible birth control, but she has agreed to place an ad reading, “Don’t let your dog or cat become an “octomom”—always spay or neuter: PETA,” on her front lawn.

When PETA staff members heard that Suleman was facing foreclosure on her La Habra, California home, they cam up with a clever idea to promote animal birth control: PETA offered Suleman a single payment of $5,000 and a month’s supply of veggie burgers and veggie dogs to help feed her supersized family in exchange for displaying the ad on her property.  

My co-workers knew that the media wouldn’t be able to resist the irony–and they were right. So far, the ad has run (for free) in dozens of media outlets and blogs, including CNN, USA Today, NBC, the New York Post, AOL News, and E! Online, reaching millions of people with a lifesaving spay-and-neuter message.

PETA often attempts to make deals of this nature, urging individuals, communities, schools, or businesses to promote attention-grabbing, animal-friendly messages in exchange for free vegan food or other things that may be of special interest to them. Not surprisingly, the offers are often ignored–by the recipients, not the media! Perhaps Suleman was able to relate to the plight of millions of homeless animals across the country.

Regardless of her motivation for accepting the offer—and everyone’s opinions about her, which I’m betting aren’t favorable—I have to say, it wasn’t a bad deal for PETA—especially now that “kitten season” is starting.

Spaying and neutering is crucial to ending animal overpopulation. As I mentioned in a previous post about euthanasia, between six and eight million animals enter U.S. shelters every year. Half of them must be euthanized. That means that, even with three to four million animals finding loving new homes—or being reunited with their guardians—there are still not enough homes for millions of other animals. (And, of course, rescue workers who take in mostly unsocialized, sick, and/or abused animals have an even lower percentage of adoptions than those attempting to find homes for healthy, friendly puppies and kittens.) 

Eight million a year is more than enough. Until “professional” breeders stop breeding and animal guardians stop allowing their dogs or cats to have “just one litter,” there will be way more homeless animals than anyone can care for. In a satiric way, and for her own reasons, the “Octomom” is at least helping to spread the word about spaying and neutering.











Rosemary G.
Rosemary G.5 years ago

Serena and Theresa get off the euphoric drugs you are on and take some reality pills instead.
You are living in a bubble and have no idea of what is really going on.
I would strongly advise you to read " The population Bomb" written in 1968 by Paul Ehrlich and his wife Ann..
Educate yourselves, go to Africa, Central and South America and right here in this country and see for yourself..Where there is poverty, there are large families with lots of mouths to feed and also free reign for child abuse in all sorts of shapes and forms..That is reality and if you don't believe that, then, you are not living on this planet.

Deborah W.
Deborah W.5 years ago

Sterility is death? 0verpopulation will be the death of the planet. Population will top 7 billion Oct 2011. Sure there's a lot of open space but not all of it is hospitable for humans. And where do you propse that we grow food? On the moon? And why should we have any sympathy toward this woman? She chose this for herself. Sadly the children had no say so in it.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G.5 years ago

There is a very ignorant and abusive woman by the name of Serena sending me personal messages and I wish to respond openly that I told her that overpopulation is the problem and that is my right by the first amendment in this country.
A mind is like a parachute: it only works when it is open. Hers is on a crash course to this Planet.
Special message to Theresa and Serena, I will send you the hospital bill it cost us taxpayers here in LA county, so that this lunatic of Octomom could have eight more children besides the ones she had already and all this on our money!
They would sing another song if it came out of their pockets.
I have never used any profanities addressing this person. Just told her the truth which is hard to swallow for people not living in the reality of this planet.

Serena M.
Serena M.5 years ago

There is a woman calling herself 'Rosemary' who keeps sending me abusive messages regards my very well reasoned take on the 'overpopulation' issues. There is a fascist mind set behind the depopulation rhetoric; anyone with the ability to use a calculator, the semblance of common sense, an enquiring mind and a loving heart can deduce the same conclusions as I and so many other awakening people have. I am going to assume that 'Rosemary' is part of the Care2 infrastructure as she can send me personal (secret) messages but I cannot respond in kind. Anyway, I prefer to keep my communication open and visible as I stand by my word, rather than be the downfall of others on the word of our enemies. Traitor and coward, that Rosemary.

Serena M.
Serena M.5 years ago

Repeat: there is no over-population. There is no overpopulation. There is over-crowding into cities worldwide. There is overcrowding into cities worldwide as a deliberate stategy of those considering themselves 'the fitest' in their Darwinian myopia. There are plenty of idiots amongst the prey, who bleat for depopulation of their own kind. Fascism is 'catchy' under the guise of earth-loving-tree-hugging-mean,lean and green parrots. Idiocracy.

Serena M.
Serena M.5 years ago

I'm with Marie Therese H against all the nancy V's bitching and complaining about life itself whilst promoting a sterile world. Sterility is death.

Nancy V.

She should have taken her own advice!! Who's caring/paying for all her children now????? As if I didn't kn ow..................

Marie Therese H.
Marie Therese H.5 years ago

I would rather be friends with a person like Octomom than all those bastards and bitches who vilify her with such pleasure. How you love to judge! Must be a lot of skeletons in your closets!

The poor woman is intelligent but obviously unbalanced at the time. She lived in another reality till we brought her back.

The fact that she didn't sell her babies, isn't living of welfare, does not prostitute herself means nothing to the hate mongers. I feel for her and how she is made to suffer by all you sub-humans. I think you should all be neutered so you can't pass on the hate and lack of empathy

Sarah D.
Sarah D.5 years ago

"Don’t let your dog or cat become an “octomom""

There should also be another line "Don't let your dog or cat become a Duggar." At least Octomom quit. The Duggars are still going.

Serena M.
Serena M.5 years ago

as I was saying .... vilified by those who consider themselves 'betters' for having 'too many' children. The PETA/Animal charities' argument that depopulation is needed in order to stop euthanasia is putting the cart before the horse. 'Putting animals down' leads to putting people down because they, just like the animals, are 'poor, ill, diseased, uncared for' so we buy into it. If the filthy rich animal charities were not working towards an agenda, their stated goals may be genuine. But they are not. Has anyone noticed how very acceptable euthanasia is becoming? It is NOT for the reasons given.

The worst of humankind are the most bitter; those forever complaining that 'their taxes this, or their taxes that'. When will people wise up to the fact that EVERYONE pays taxes on everything they purchase. Those paying income tax are paying the bankers' interest rates for the loans to their Guv. Life is being outlawed and only those with a license (and ability) to breed will be permitted to do so.