Oh Look, Trump Picked a White Nationalist Supporter to Be a UN Rep

If you were choosing someone to represent the United States in the United Nations, what kind of traits would you look for in a candidate – someone professional, diplomatic and with strong moral character, perhaps? That’s better than President Donald Trump who seems to think that the right person for the job is a white nationalist supporter who posts Islamophobic and transphobic content online.

Sign the petition: Don’t Appoint a White Nationalist Supporter to the United Nations!

Back in May, Trump tapped Patrick Murray, a twice-unsuccessful GOP candidate for Virginia’s 8th district congressional seat, to serve as the alternate representative for special political affairs at the United Nations. In this role, he would take over Ambassador Nikki Haley’s duties and represent the United States at meetings when she is unavailable.

His nomination to this post may (and definitely should, anyway) be in jeopardy now that CNN has discovered his hateful views. Honestly, it’s kind of surprising this news hadn’t surfaced previously since it didn’t require serious investigation: all of his incriminating posts were available on Murray’s public Facebook page. (Murray has deleted most of this content following CNN’s report, though.)

For starters, Murray’s Facebook posts demonstrate a deep affinity for controversial white nationalist figure Milo Yiannopoulos. His page featured all sorts of compliments for Yiannpopulos including “Milo rocks,” “Preach, Milo!” and “Clone this guy”… because, you know, we really need more neo-Nazis at this (or any) point in time.

Although Yiannopoulos tried to distance himself from the white nationalist audience he was simultaneously courting, we’ve since learned that he sought input from leading neo-Nazis when writing his articles for Breitbart. In other word, those articles that Murray shared were tainted with hate.

On top of that, Murray promoted content with transphobic and Islamophobic messages. His page featured disparaging jokes about Caitlyn Jenner (a Trump supporter until his anti-LGBT policies) and opinions about how Muslims needed to be kept out the country.

Most frequently, Murray posted inflammatory content about liberals, deriding “snowflakes,” Barack Obama and the Clintons in extremely juvenile manners. Hyper-partisanship seems almost inevitable from Trump nominees, yet it seems especially out of place for a position all about diplomacy.

Quite frankly, any man who shares the sentiments of prominent white nationalist figures is not fit for a role maintaining international relations and peace. There’s no way Trump can expect someone like Murray with his racist and anti-Islamic viewpoints to bring unity to the United Nations, but perhaps that’s precisely his intention.

Murray has already cleared the first major hurdle toward becoming a UN ambassador, which is the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Now the only thing that stands in the way of Murray taking the position is the all-Senate confirmation vote.

Trump may have no problem rubbing elbows with far-right extremists, but surely at least a couple conservative Senators can be convinced to take a stand against letting that kind of despicable worldview from getting a seat at the UN General Assembly.

That’s why we’re reaching out to five of the GOP senators who spoke out most firmly to Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville: Jeff Flake, Jerry Moran, Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Sign this petition encouraging them to reject the appointment of Murray. We can and must exclude a white nationalist from having a seat at the United Nations.

Photo credit: Patrick Murray's Twitter account


Jen S
Jen Syesterday

The would-be emperor is not wearing any clothes; he is unqualified, unfit, and out of control. Either of my cats could do a better job as President and he only chooses people whose intellect does not threaten his own.

Winn Adams
Winn A1 days ago

R E S I S T. tRUMPie needs to resign or be impeached.

Marigold A
Marigold A1 days ago

The UN needs a kick in the ****. Ineffectual lot that they are.

Debbi Wood
Debbi W2 days ago

Signed the petition. Dumftuz just loves nominated the worst people he can find, short of convicted killers.

Anne M
Anne M2 days ago

He continues to pick lemons, by the sound of it..

Cen S
Cen Sored2 days ago

Proof? Oh look. No pudding. Next.

Dan B
Dan Blossfeld2 days ago

Does anyone else find it troubling that Kevin refers to everyone with whom he disagrees as a white nationalist or neo-Nazi? He cannot even substantiate his claims.

Barbara V
Barbara V2 days ago

It only goes from bad to worse. Anybody Trump picks is going to be as sick as he is and as sick as the GOP is. That will not change. The only possibility of major change back into what this country originally stood for lies with the people. And how many of them will fight the mounds of krappe majority in the US government?

Amanda M
Amanda M2 days ago

If I could pick a number between 1 and 10 to describe Twitler's wasted time in office already, it would be impossible. There are NO numbers for the score of "SUCKS!" The fact that I call him Twitler simply says it all. Here's hoping he gets impeached and imprisoned (and the same goes for all his minions, including Pencilneck!) before they do permanent and irreversible damage to this country!

M Q2 days ago

GROAN. No end to Trumps moronic picks.