Oklahoma Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) did her part to roll back women’s rights and signed the “Heartbeat Informed Consent Act” into law.

The bill will ask women to listen to the sound of an embryo or fetus’s heartbeat prior to terminating a pregnancy. But unlike some of the heartbeat bans passed recently the Oklahoma bill does not mandate a woman listen to the sound, just that she be asked to do so.

The bill is the least controversial of the anti-abortion bills taken up by state Republicans this year. Along with the heartbeat ban Oklahoma is in the middle of a fierce legal battle over granting legal rights to embryonic cell clusters on two fronts and the off-label use of abortion drugs. The heartbeat bill, by comparison, seems downright reasonable.

If this latest law goes unchallenged it will be in force as of November 1, 2012.

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Photo from Irargerich via flickr.


Huber F.
Huber F.3 years ago

Lol, what a way to lead..

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Tony C.
Tony C.4 years ago

I can not conceive of the anguish a girl or women goes through when she decides to have an abortion. I don't believe that God wants a girl or women who has been raped to have a child of a rapist or of incest or medical complications or others to have a baby UNLESS she wants to. (HER CHOICE) It is a proven fact that SEX EDUCATION can help prevent abortions through knowledge so that women don’t get pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases that can KILL your child.
As some of you believe that life begins at conception, then you must believe that they have a soul. If a women has a miscarriage what happens to that soul? Do you think that God is so petty that aborted souls are not put back into the bodies of women that can LOVE and take care of them.
Listen up people. God did not write the Bible, men wrote the Bible and put in or took out words that would keep them in power. What happened to the other apostles. All I hear about are gospels from Matthew,Mark, Luke and John. Were there not 12? Is it not possible that some of the words that these 8 wrote contradicted these 4 and were left out. God and Jesus are all about LOVE. How dare anyone tell a woman what she can do with her own body.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner4 years ago

It was a comment Beth in response directy to a point raised by another member.
Is it ok then if you preach your unbeief?

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner4 years ago

By the way...pointing out what we believe is not what God wants or says is NOT judgement .God ONLY judges but we do have the ability to recognise wrongs even if we do wrongs ourselves.

Beth K.
.4 years ago

Ron G., there is no god, and quit using care2 for your preaching pulpit.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner4 years ago

Glenna...You are right...God does not seperate Himself form those who love Him.Those who love Him do His will. Killing a newly created person( baby) in the womb is against His will. He still LOVES everybody anyway and does not seperate Himself from ANYBODY either.It is many of humanity that seperate temselves from God.Don't get it wrong though.Feeling sorry goes much further than for the mother and her family.It should include the baby as well and God too.The ways of the world aleinate itsef from the Creator for we now don't even value the creation of ourselves.
Thinking of the reason for the mistake in forming an unwanted baby does not qualify for taking the life of that mistake even if the percieved answer is what is best for those responsible .Taking the life of the baby no matter what stage of developement is breaking the commandment..."thou shall NOT kill "

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

Who? What? Is this some INSANE person?

Sharon H.
Sharon H.4 years ago

Crap! I hate this Facebook thing....Care2...PLEASE get rid of it... sorry for the double post.

Sharon H.
Sharon H.4 years ago

CJ R....an old high school classmate of mine now lives in OK. For him, it's the perfect place because he and his wife had several kids, who had several kids, who now are having several kids. They are multiplying like rabbits. Not many of them have jobs so he is supporting most of them, but hey!...they are doing what OK wants... He's 69 years old with a pension from the military and one from an airline but, once he's gone...there goes the support. Then what do those rabbits do? Because by then, the great grandkids will probably start having kids too. But...none of them have had any abortions!!