Oklahoma Representative: Women Don’t Want to Work As Hard As Men

Ladies, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but apparently, you are lazy.  At least, according to Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern, who last week debated against affirmative action reforms because she believes it is unfair to men, who obviously work much harder and deserve better jobs and pay.

Via The Frisky:

“Women usually don’t want to work as hard as a man. Women tend to think a little bit more about their family, wanting to be at home more time, wanting to have a little more leisure time. I’m not saying women don’t work hard. Women like … to have a moderate work life with plenty of time for spouse and children and other things like that. They work very hard, but sometimes they aren’t willing to commit their whole life to their job like a lot of men do.”

But at least Kern is kind enough to say that she believes women are capable of working as hard as men, we just always choose not to because we want to take care of our families, first.  When it comes to people of color?  Well, they have no excuses at all — they just want handouts.

We have heard tonight already that in prison there’s more black people. Yes, there are, and that’s tragic, it’s tragic that our prisons here in Oklahoma, what are they, 99% occupancy? But the other side of the story, perhaps this is something we need to consider: is this just because they are black that they’re in prison or because they don’t want to work hard in school? White people oftentimes don’t want to work hard in school, or Asians, oftentimes. A lot of times, that’s what happens. I’ve taught school for twenty years, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t want to work as hard, they wanted it given to them. As a matter of fact I had one student who said, “I don’t need to study, you know why? Because the government is gonna care of me.” That’s kind of revealing there. Equal opportunity, not equal results.

People who will definitely work hard?  Kern’s next opponent, I hope, because it frightens me that these are the people making laws.


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Carole R.
Carole R.5 years ago


Lindsey DTSW
.5 years ago

And this article really is badly titled. If it were to reflect the entirety of what this Rep. said, it would be titled:

"Women More Likely than Men to Want a Balanced Work/Home Life"

But that, of course, wouldn't provoke the same kind of outrage, would it Robin?

Lindsey DTSW
.5 years ago

Lindy, that's exactly what this politician was saying. Not that women don't want to work hard in life - but they are more likely than men to not want to dedicate themselves to their paid jobs and are more likely than men to want to spend more of their time on family and other personal parts of their lives. Which is certainly true. And you're right - a woman (or a man) who chooses for her own (often very valid) reasons to put less effort into her job certainly shouldn't expect to be paid as much as someone who does - and if she puts in the same effort and gets the same results should definitely be paid the same as any man with similar outlook and ability.

Lindy E.
Belinda E.5 years ago

Women are not unwilling to "work as hard as a man." Many simply are not willing to dedicate quite as much time and effort AT THE WORKPLACE as SOME men do, because they have to get home and take care of the family. On the other hand, many women put in long hours of hard labor at the workplace, and cannot by any reasonable person be accused of being "unwilling to work as hard as a man."

In my youth, I realized that if I let the guys do the heavy lifting for me, I could not expect the same pay as the guys. That was okay by me then; we were DINKs (dual income, no kids) and it wasn't important how much I was paid.

After my kids were grown and I had re-entered the workforce, it made a big difference how much I was paid; I no longer wore high heels and straight skirts to work, I carried my own load, and I expected to be paid what I was worth. At first, I was; then the economy tanked, and I couldn't get anything but temp jobs, where I was paid significantly less than a man would have been, for NO REASON AT ALL. Toward the end, I was the sole breadwinner, as my husband was unable to work but could not get disability. But I didn't "need" equal pay, of course, because I was a woman.

In short: I'm willing to take a smaller paycheck if I'm not doing the same work. To pay me less because of the assumption that "women don't work as hard," or that "women aren't breadwinners" is a mortal insult. Pay me for what I actually do, not for what you assume I'll do.

yalonda d.
yalonda c.5 years ago

First off, physically our muscles are different than a man's, the curves of our bones are too. Does Ms. Kern realize that women have hips to carry babies?
Besides the physically scientifically differences, have you seen a man take care of 4 children 7 days a week, for 18 years! You can't fix stupid.

kaisuorvokki m.
kaisuorvokki m.5 years ago

Well, this is truth with me and - apparently with Sally - I think work is not whole life! Not to say women don´t work - my mother worked like a slave.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

Sally Kern is projecting her own feelings and thoughts. Women have always had to work harder to achieve success than men because men have been in charge. Men just don't like competition except in sports.

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L.5 years ago

Perhaps Ms. Kern is referring to herself and the amount of work she DOESN'T DO compared to other women because she's a state representative. How many "days" a year do they work? And how many hours a day?? And how many nannies and housekeepers do they have?

Sure would be nice if we had the luxury of CHOICE as to whether woman or man should carry the pregnancies and raise the children. Having ended up a single parent for much of my children's lives AND having to work a full time job and doing it ALL ALONE, I would feel righteous about considering giving her a sound slap across the face for her idiotic and generalized remark. It is people like this who use these "talking points" or "buzz words" to get people stirred up and angry.

She also doesn't consider that even in two-paycheck families, the wife still carries the majority of the load, dropping kids off and picking them up from school, doctor's appointments, sports, the housework, cooking, laundry AND taking care of the husband who comes home after his 8 hr. shift and plops down in front of the TV expecting to have his dinner served to him on a tray, and he's done for the night.

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L.5 years ago

I hope women go to the voting booths against Sally Kern in droves. I don't think her statement could be any more short-sighted and narrow-minded and non-factual!!! It's hard to believe these people actually WALK AMONG US AND BREATHE THE SAME AIR.

Renee H.
Renee H.5 years ago

another moron politician making over generalized statements
for which they know nothing. I work in the construction industry, yes predominately male industry. I work just as hard as everyone there and twice as hard as others. There is an old saying that goes "A woman has to work twice as hard as a male to be considered half as good, lucky that isn't difficult".
Maybe Sally Kern is affraid of hard work but obviously I am not. So why does she speak as if she is representing me. Ms Marshmallow should speak for herself and not for all women.