On a Mission to Transform the Dairy Industry

Laloo’s is on a mission to transform the dairy industry, and they are doing it with ice cream;  Not just any ice cream,  goat milk ice cream. 

Yes, goat milk.

“We want to promote goat milk products that can taste good and be good for you”, Founder and CEO Laura Howard-Gayeton says. Using all natural ingredients, Laloo’s makes low fat, low calorie and low lactose ice cream. 

So apart from the goat milk, what makes them different? Laloo’s buys and manufactures regionally, minimizing their carbon footprint. The company relies on farmers across CA and WI with under 300 animals. This focus on small farms avoids overcrowding and improves conditions for the goats. Smaller farms are also better for local water and air quality. While this model creates logistical difficulties, it is integral to Laloo’s mission. 

Laloo’s has always focused on creating a positive impact. However, they struggled to find a certification that fully communicated their work. One challenge: Laloo’s small suppliers cannot afford organic certification, even though they focus on high standards. B Corp certification stepped in to fill the gap and give the full picture. Additionally, it keeps the company on task when expanding or creating new policies.

Laloo’s strives to be a model for a new dairy industry which relies on small, local farmers. The B Corp plans to grow and expand across many regions. They will also continue to educate their suppliers on best practices.  Healthier, happier goats make better milk, after all. 

By improving their farmers’ lives, supporting local communities and preserving the environment, Laloo’s is setting the standard for “good” ice cream. 

Learn more about Laloo’s and the practices behind their products here.

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Photo credit: via Flickr by Marshall Astor


Cate S.
Cate S.5 years ago

Interesting - thank you.

John S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Sounds great for now, but what happens when the big guys get involved?

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine5 years ago


Cynthia T.
Cynthia T.5 years ago

Goat milk might be tasty for humans, but it's not good for the male goats. This is the same scenario as the dairy industry. Female goats are artificially impregnated yearly so they can lactate. Now, what happens to their offspring you ask? Well, if it's a girl, it's future is to become a milking goat, like her mother. If it's a boy, too bad. It's a by-product and gets killed, just like male dairy calves (or they are raised as veal, another cruel practice). I say, don't drink animals' milk of ANY kind. Be kind to animals. You don't need milk after you are weaned!! The dairy industry has done a fantastic job at convincing us that we NEED MILK...but WE DON'T!!! Read the research. Do yourself a favor, and your health, by eliminating dairy of all kinds. You help yourself AND you prevent exploitation, abuse and torture of farm animals.

Wioletta Spisz
Wioletta S.5 years ago


Wioletta Spisz
Wioletta S.5 years ago


Laurita Walters
Laurita Walters5 years ago

Goat milk is delicious if the goat is fed well and not near a billy.

xxx y.


Aleksandra W.
ola W.5 years ago

i hope they stick to their principles!

Toni A.
Pirana X.5 years ago

I'd try it. Kudos to B Corp for providing the certification!