On Eve of Recall, Barrett Closing on Walker in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has pulled even with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on the eve of the contentious Wisconsin recall election.

Republican Walker leads Democrat Barrett 50 percent to 47 percent, according to a poll released Monday by Public Policy Polling. Turnout will be key; if the electorate that shows up on Tuesday mirrors the 2008 presidential election, Barrett would actually hold a narrow 50-49 lead.

The poll is consistent with other polling in recent weeks, which has shown Barrett closing the gap with Walker despite being outspent by a nearly ten-to-one margin.

The close of the race has been as bitter as can be expected. Walker ran a campaign ad featuring a dead toddler, alleging that Barrett and the city of Milwaukee had ignored the child’s murder. Barrett fired back angrily, noting that the child’s assailant was arrested and prosecuted, and that the only reason it didn’t show up in statistics was a coding error, according to Politico:

“That baby died. The person who killed that baby was arrested by Milwaukee police, was prosecuted by Milwaukee Ö But you know what they did wrong. After the baby died, they didnít change the code. It was a bureaucratic mistake,” Barrett explained in front of a live audience. “And youíre running a commercial attacking my integrity, claiming that I had something to do with this, and you know thatís false. Iíll tell you right now, I had nothing to do with that.”

Walker, meanwhile, had to deal with two swirling rumors. The first, an ultimately discredited story that he had fathered a child while in college, and then refused to care for it. The story’s genesis appeared to be a case of mistaken identity; there was a Scott Walker who fathered a child and walked away from it, but not the Scott Walker who became governor of Wisconsin.

The second report could be more damaging, in that it alleges Scott Walker is the target of a federal investigation, and could soon be indicted. The allegations stem from the ongoing “John Doe” investigation into Walker’s office during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive. According to Isthmus, Walker has denied he is under investigation, and said the charges were†”just more of the liberal scare tactics out there desperately trying to get the campaign off target.”

Regardless of the outcome of the recall election, politics in Wisconsin look to stay sharply divided. According to a report in Daily Kos, “RecallTomBarrett.com” has already been registered — just in case.

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Image Credit: WisPolitics.com


Mark Donners
Mark Donner4 years ago

The immoral ignorants so plentiful in Wisconsin voted Walker, who has a personality of a criminal psychopath, back in to wreak havoc in their state despite millions of sane people supporting the recall. This is precisely the reason why this same type of brain damaged criminal personality such as Bush manages to con his way as far as the Congress and the White House. The consolation is that the Wisconsin disease causing Wisconsin's redneck ignorance is quarantined there and has not spread to other states.

Sandra W.
Sandra W.4 years ago

Beth, I haven't lost. I have a wonderful life and I am glad to see that our children and all future generations just might have the same chance that I've had. The constitution was meant to constrain control of government in our lives, not meant to control our lives. You libs have it backwards.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

wow, I just saw that Barrett has closed to 15 points of Walker. closing fast! only51 pecent of the vote tallied.

Beth K.
.4 years ago

No Sandra, you lost. The Koch bros won, and no one else.


Sandra W.
Sandra W.4 years ago

And see the post by Dan B. I've seen this one every day for as long as I can remember. We won Dan. Can you do more than copy and paste? In my day, we learned that in kindergarten. We are having a party at my house and you can spew all the names you like. We are laughing.....hahahahaha!

Sandra W.
Sandra W.4 years ago

And see the post by Dan B. I've seen this one every day for as long as I can remember. We won Dan. Can you do more than copy and paste? In my day, we learned that in kindergarten. We are having a party at my house and you can spew all the names you like. We are laughing.....hahahahaha!

Sandra W.
Sandra W.4 years ago

Excelent post Joseph. I just gave you a star and I would give you 3 if I could. I couldn't have said it better myself, but these people won't listen. You could stamp 2+2=4 on their foreheads and they would call it a lie. Who cares. The people of Wisconsin won today.

Beth K.
.4 years ago

Joseph, Walker broke the law, but since he's a republican, you think he should get away with it?


Joseph B.
Joseph B.4 years ago

See the comments posted by David K- This is why politics are so vicious- The Leftists ,anarchists, communists and union thugs say violent crap against any one that does not agree with them! This is NOT the American way folks!
Saying that Republicans need to be imprisoned or worse has no place in discourse in this Country no matter what side you are on- The politics of hate and anger whitnessed in these posts, mean and vicious posted by Democrat Party supporters are exactly who they are-
Mean and angry- Like a child denied absolute power to control us all, they whine and temper tantrum- Tonight, despite of the politics of personal destruction , Walker has won- He won on issues, not hating the opposition or demeaning them!
He won because the people of Wisconsin saw squalid union thuggerey, lies and deciet and rejected them soundly! They saw hate and anger on display, Not issues the Democrats couldn't defend- More inportantly, The people saw a recovering State and a better economy-
I say no one needs to be indited or imprisoned for what they believe! Debate issues, yes- Denmonize fellow Americans, NO!
A lesson- Debate issues- Not demonize and hate- Put another way, If I had said Obama and his Democrats and Barrett need to be imprisoned and sent to Gitmo, Does that make all you leftists angry? Now you know how the other side feels! Don't like it do you? If you say this crap you will turn voters off! Take a lesson from tonight;s recall-

David K.
David K.4 years ago

"Republicans must go to prison, there is no alternative other than the furnaces."

The furnaces are a little extreme, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Republicans have to live in their own prison system (or, better still, Guantanamo Bay). Maybe then they could learn what it's like to be on the receiving end of their "War on Terror".