Online Town Hall on Health Care Reform: Wednesday, July 1

The charge toward health care reform is in full swing. 

This Wednesday, President Obama will hold yet another town hall meeting to answer questions regarding health care reform, this one online. When it comes to health care reform, “inaction is not an option,” says the President. He will be taking questions from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (use hashtag #WHHCQ). You can watch the President’s video and post your own 20-30 second video response here.* 

This latest forum comes on the heels of Monday’s live-streamed, online (Facebook) chat with Nancy-AnnDeParle, Counselor to the President of the White House Office of Health Reform, and last week’s news special on ABC.

Now is the time to get involved — tell your own story and get your questions answered. If you’ve had to deal with the tangled mess that is health care policy in the United States, if you’ve struggled financially due to health care issues, if you do not have access to medical insurance, you have a lot at stake.

If you think everything is great — you’re happy with our health care system and you have no worries, you also have a lot at stake. This is everybody’s issue.

Many of us are thrilled that health care reform, so long overdue, is finally at the top of our “to do” list. On the other hand, we’re growing weary of inaction by members of congress who enjoy some of the best health benefit options in the nation. We’d like to see some of this talk lead to actual change that makes a difference in the lives of Americans.

One of the issues raised by Charlie Gibson in the ABC special had to do with the roughly 46 million uninsured among us. Won’t their inclusion in reform clog doctors’ offices and cause long waits for the rest of us? It’s one of the negatives often sited in Massachusetts’ attempt to cover all of its citizens, and one which may very well be true. 

Is that the kind of country we want to be… one which secures the health care of some of its people by keeping a large group of others out? Now might be a good time to speak out.


* See the tutorial from YouTube about how to create your own video and add it as a response.

For full details of the health care reform town hall meeting, visit: :

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Christina W.
Christina W.7 years ago

If the masses are to be made to pay for healthcare insurance than the government must pay for their own as well. No more lifetime free healthcare for the legislative, judicial or executive branches. Period.

Clare B.
Clare B.7 years ago

Ok. So I'm actually a real Canadian and I'm here to tell you that we don't have free medicare. That's a bill of goods you folks have been sold to keep you from reform. We pay but we don't pay dearly. People under 10,000/year income don't pay. It is graduated up from there til you pay the full amount of about 300 per quarter. Yes we have waits sometimes. But I am seeing that you do too. There are shortages sometimes because greedy physicians go south of the border where they can make huge amounts of money on the pain and suffering of people who have to pay exhorbitant amounts for what should be a basic human right!!! We're trying to get basic dentistry included in healthcare up here and that's a tough one too... but it MUST be done if we are to be consdered a compassionate society!

Rendell A.
Rendell A.7 years ago

The multiplicity of health care providers; I have seen figures ranging from 350 to 1,300, does anyone really know?, spells inefficiency to me. Doctors, hospitals, and patients have to deal with many different forms and policies that take valuable time having to interpret these variations.

Even my own coverage; Medicare Parts A & B, and employer based secondary coverage, is still confusing and fraught with mistake potentials for myself and our health care professionals. I have educated myself so that I can speak intelligently about ailments and procedures, but I suspect that I am in a distinct minority, and that most of our brothers and sisters are at the mercy of mostly difficult, incomprehensible terminology and information, thus being kept dependent upon medical professionals, insurers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers for accurate policies and procedures.

Thoreau stated in the 1800s, regarding our approach to living, “Simplify, simplify, simplify!!!” It makes sense then to have a minimum of health care providers, one being optimal. We certainly have the expertise available to analyze the existing single-payer systems, and create the best, most efficient health care system in the world!

Wini A.
Wini A.7 years ago

As with any system, the Canadian health care system may break down occasionally. That doesn't make it bad. If the writer who said Americans can have surgery more quickly here in America than in Canada, he hasn't seen the kind of things I have. HMO's have had my friends waiting months for cancer surgery, not even elective surgery, but serious surgery. Then they wait weeks for a diagnosis after a biopsy and more weeks for further surgery or months for a seat in the cancer drug infusion unit. Our system works for some, but, as I understand it, the Canadian system works for most. As for free health care costing money, how do you figure that out? If I go in and visit with my dr. and leave without paying anything and never get a bill, that seems free to me. If my taxes go up to allow all Americans to have health insurance then so be it. All of us have to pay for what we want and I want a universal health care benefit. Until we get one, I'll take a public option as is being discussed for the new health reform legislation that Congress is considering.

George Hebert
George Hebert7 years ago

Frank Puff,
Please read my comment again. I was totaly in agreement with your comment of Health Insurance of NOT being free.

George Hebert

Frank Puff
Frank Puff7 years ago

Mr. George Herbert obviously can't read or he's one of those people who take part's of sentences out of context. If he had read the whole sentence it goes like this....If you think Health Care is Expensive now...Wait till it's "Free". This in no way means or suggest's by me that it will be Free, in fact it means the opposite and the prices will be higher than they are now. One should put their glasses on before reading. Secondly I don't live in Canada but I have family that has lived in Canada for 5 generations not 27 years. They don't live an extravagant life style as they are not rich and they have spent hours upon hours in emergency rooms with children while their insurance was checked and rechecked then had to wait for a doctor that wasn't at work yet. Sometimes not even being seen but referred to an outside physician. I personally know 2 people who waited months for operations that Americans could have gotten within weeks. So for those of you who may have been lucky while in Canada I'm glad, but when things go bad in Canada they are far worse than they are here. I say no to Obama's plans but I do say yes to making changes but just keep in mind nothing will ever be perfect we will always have someone who complains.

Ifeeliya Fluff-Whomper
Past Member 7 years ago

...there is no doubt among us that our heath-care system needs to be fixed...but i am very much wary of letting our Gov. step in once again...after all...didn't that bring in the HMO's at some point????? husband was dying (Viet-nam vet) of cancer, agent orange exposure and his personal physician consulted with a top-of the-line oncologist who does bone-marrow transplants in white plains ny...and said he needs the transplant right now...although we felt we were covered by the V.A. for an immediate transplant, because if he didn't have it he "would surely die"...(he had it and was with us for five more years)>>>>Well the purported nurse of the HMO CO. called me two weeks later and said to me....."'s okay now, your husbands' bone marrow transplant has been approved by our board"...and thats' when i said to her..."Just who do you think you r speaking to? has been done already,...and so your permission would be what??? ...FrankleyFolks~.....ya don't wanna go ya...why? let us all just fix what we think needs to be tweeked...please don't sell your feedom of choice down the path that may be in the works...i beg you...take the time, all of this can be fixed if we try in a sensible one in this free country of ours should pay such high costs to just stay well but to negate what is already there and not try to fix it at this point would be unconsionable........................... IFW

Ifeeliya Fluff-Whomper
Past Member 7 years ago

...I have been a working nurse here in America for some 33+yrs, sure this system has a lot of things that could be tweeked to make it better...improvement is always the catalist (sp) that should send us all on our way to better health-care...i don't deny that there is a lot that needs to be improved...i've seen this in my daily life...aged people who are just hangin' on to for one more day and are shoved into a room to share with a stanger, and all they have "Left" is a bed and a nighstand for all of their hard work..and their-life time of dreams, that have slowly vanished...this should never happen' to anyone and i would say, never in anyones' lifetime.....enough (!)...i' have taken care of children that no parent want's to see short of the fact...maybe because of "Near drowning death" or too much 'Crack'...or ~baby-shakin' syndrome ...."that they feel they love them...and do visit them, some on a daily basis...once in a while! my question to all of this and the way this admin. seems to percieve things...would be....just what kind of guarentee could you be willing to give for those that are lost and then found...the "Elderly...old folks, ya know.......and those who can't speak out for themselves...would your new perported health=care system give them all sanctuary and protection that they deserve?...hmmmmm? IFW~*

Ifeeliya Fluff-Whomper
Past Member 7 years ago

...well said...hang in there terrence! ...if i can help in any way...let me know. IFW!*

Ifeeliya Fluff-Whomper
Past Member 7 years ago

i'm sorry...but this whole stratiegy is wrong...our whole perception of what we have been told is very distorted...we will "all" pay, and very dearly...(deeply)>>>>>perpaps a one or two percent in our electrical bill now..this will rise astromicaly in the next 2 to 6 years out......and at this present time most states cannot carry their burdens anymore either because the "GLUT" and free spending has caught up with them, or these elected officials are just plain stupid and we got caught up in thinking "WE" are...and were represented by those we put in power just wouldn't hurt us..............ever,... wake up citizens of this great country....yours and mine!!!!!! "Hark!!! thinks somethin' dark and evil moves rapidly...comes this way for all to see...if all would just look.............................!!!