OWS Sustainability To Host May Day Teach-Ins

Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City are gearing up for the nationwide general strike on May 1st. In solidarity with the hundreds of events planned all over the country, OWS supporters in NYC have planned an entire day of protests, including marches, walk-outs, and teach-ins.

Further demonstrating that Occupy Wall Street isn’t only about exposing what’s wrong with our society, but also about enlightening each other about how we can be the change we want to see in the world, the OWS Sustainability Working Group will do its part by hosting a variety of educational events throughout the day.

Here’s a sampling of May Day events you might want to attend, if you’ll be in the area!

The Climate Apocalypse, With Cookies - Let Patrick Robbins (“The Sally Field of Climate Science!” as his partner calls him) teach you the basics of the Earth’s climate system. You will learn about the El Nino system, you will learn about natural phenomena like Ekman spirals, you will learn about the Earth’s energy balance, and then you will learn how all of these beautiful systems are gonna destroy society, because of society. It’s kind of a downer. Which is why there’s cookies afterward. The lecture also showcases potential solutions—not solutions to the climate crisis, because there are none, but solutions to the problem of building a good life in a changed world. The second part of the discussion is more open-ended, and showcases the localization of agriculture, energy production and social structures as potential solutions. Think Road Warrior but with more kale.

Introduction To Permaculture Design - Winnie Wong, editor of Seismologik and an organizer for Occupy Wall Street Sustainability will facilitate this discussion on Solutions  for Sustainable Urban Living. Permaculture is a philosophy of ecological design based on 3 basic principles: People Care. Planet Care. Resource Share. Drawing from several disciplines including organic farming, sustainable development and applied ecology, Urban Permaculture Design can help to solve many of the challenges that cities with large urban populations face in the 21st century. When she isn’t busy editing submissions from awesome people like Bill McKibben, or speaking at Green Festivals and Sustainability Conferences around the country, Wong can be found making seed balls or short films.

The Free University of NYC – College tuition rates and student loan debt got you down? Never fear. On May 1, a coalition of students and faculty from Brooklyn College, Columbia University, the CUNY Graduate Center, Eugene Lang College, Hunter College, New School for Social Research, New York University, the Occupy University, and Princeton University are collaborating to produce a “collective educational experiment” from 10am to 3pm.

The Free University will intervene in a dysfunctional, inequitable, and inaccessible system and will offer instead education that is open, free, and accessible to all. It is a strike against all forms of oppression and the perpetuation of class, racial, and gender inequalities within the contemporary universities. It is a strike which demands an educational system that actually serves the public’s needs and desires. All are invited and encouraged to participate by attending a class or volunteering to lead class based on their own knowledge, skills, or experiences.

Check out MayDayNYC.org for a comprehensive lists of actions occurring on 5/1, and if you’re not in NYC check here for a list of actions planned all over the country.

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Image via Occupy Oakland


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Wow, some of the posters on this thread seem like they're not just from another planet, but another reality altogether. Where to begin? Let's see, Margaret P. thinks Occupiers are destroying their environment. Here's the reality. The Parks Department actually likes the rotating occupies of the parks, because they are left in better condition. Crime stats that I've seen for a couple of cities point to decreases (massive in some cases) in crimes in the neighborhoods around the encampments. So, neighborhood associations tend to like the encampments as well, as the drug dealers don't like the activity, and the homeless are given something productive to do. Of course, the power structures of the status quo don't want people to find any of this out. And it seems as if they don't have much trouble finding at least one person whose fear level can be manipulated to a high enough level to file a complaint so the police have an excuse to clear out the encampments as soon as they get well established and the teach-in schedules get underway.

And I wish Occupy were funded by Soros. Maybe then Occupy could afford to counter all the propaganda funded by the Koch Brothers. And if you haven't noticed, America is doing a rather good job of leading to its own demise. If you were to be honest, at least with yourself, Margaret, you'd realize that Occupy is trying to not just stop that demise from happening, but by being honest about what we're facing, to turn things around.

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wow Carole, you responded in terms of civility...that's fairly unusual here. thanks

Sorry, to ring a discordant bell here but though a handful of people MAY realize its a Celtic festival, that does not address what it is COMMONLY known as; a Marxist Day to recognize socialist labor fraternity. That has been for the last century plus. While bringing up ancient history is educational, it does not change the fact of how the day is now celebrated by the vast majority who do so.

as for saying Christmas is based on a pagan holiday (the date/time period anyway) what has that to do with the issue of Marxist wannabes besides as an aside?

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Thank you Valarie S.

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Thanks for this!!! YAY OWS~

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