Pastor on Gay Marriage: There’s No Us and Them


As same-sex marriage advocates in Maine move to put the question of legalizing gay marriage before voters at the 2012 ballot, the group Equality Maine has started releasing videos of Mainers, some that have always supported same-sex marriage and others that have been on an journey to acceptance since the last time Maine considered gay marriage in 2009, all discussing why they would favor granting same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

One such video features Pastor Michael Gray. In the video below, Pastor Gray, who would probably describe himself as a conservative,  speaks out in favor of same-sex marriage and also talks about where he believes God stands on the gay marriage debate.

He also states his conviction that legalization of same-sex marriage in no way impacts how private religious groups define marriage between themselves.

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Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Jack Newton.


jorge t.
jorenrico torres5 years ago

Hurray Mr M Gray super actitude great way of a modern thinking address every body as we..We are the only one can change things ,the environment ,human wrights ,child laber ,animal wrights al this incrdible important issues to address urgently or we are going to face anarqui or even human destrucction or face the ultimatum extintition by our on ignorancy..

A Marina Fournier

Good for Pastor Gray! I'm by no means Christian, but most of my co-religionists also say, There is no Them and Us, there is only We, and that our Deities see no differences between true lovers of any flavor.

Tim Stevens
Timothy Stevens6 years ago

..tell the truth and shame the devil... ..thanks Reverend...

Linda S.
Linda S.6 years ago

couldn't agree more...

Caitlin Fowler
Caitlin F6 years ago

Why is this video cut and pasted multiple times throughout.

Caitlin Fowler
Caitlin F6 years ago

Micheal R stated: "What it really boils down to is the person being personally uncomfortable with the idea of homosexual sex."

This is not true for all. For many people homosexuality goes aganist there beliefs and faith, which they are more than entilted to. I think everyone needs to treat everyone else with respect regardless of personal belief but people are entitled to any belief and opinions.

Philip Davis
Philip Davis6 years ago

Amen to that! God is love & God loves us, end of story.

Angela R.
Angela R6 years ago

Bravo Pastor Ray and Equality Maine!

Prudence Shaw
Prudence N6 years ago

How many times do the Maine People have to say No????

Mitch D.
Mitch D6 years ago

Watching the video and reading specifically Michael R's comments brings tears to my eyes. I just want to know when I can expect to be fully recognized as a human being and as an American citizen?... And to Obama (I see his pic below), evolve already!!