Paul Ryan Shocks No One, Admits He Wants Everyone’s Medicare

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a liar.

I mean, anyone paying attention at all during the last presidential election should have come to that conclusion by now. But in case there were any still convinced that Ryan got a raw deal in the trainwreck that was the Mitt Romney campaign, consider this latest proof of Ryan’s difficult relationship with the truth: despite all the promises made, he’s gunning for Medicare.

Politico reports that Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, has been privately floating a plan that turns almost the entire system into a voucher program. Now, Ryan wanting to privatize Medicare into a voucher-boondoggle for the insurance industry is nothing new. But to secure normally-reliable senior votes during the 2012 campaign Ryan insisted the vouchers would be kick in for Americans younger than 56, while those 55 and older were exempt, meaning Medicare would not change for seniors who know and understand it.

Now, Ryan wants his changes to Medicare to kick in for everyone. See? Liar. And he is apparently not running for president either because privatizing Medicare for seniors currently dependent on Medicare is not the kind of policy designed to either win votes or seriously address any long-term solvency concerns with the federal health insurance program.

The Ryan budget wasn’t popular or practical in 2010 nor is it now. Yet Republicans will back it, even in the face of revolt by voters. Why? Honestly, I have no clue anymore except perhaps that the party is so far adrift this is just what the rest of us will have to expect from the right until a new, fresh leadership movement emerges from its ranks. Ryan pits ideology against pragmatism, which is fine up until the actual governing needs to happen.

Democrats have plenty of opportunities to pounce once Ryan’s plan is fully public and Republicans start lining up in support of it. Ryan’s obvious flip-flop here is the stuff of campaign ad gold with Republicans showing their true loyalties to the private marketplace rather than the public good.


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Edward P.
Edward P.3 years ago

For you haters of Republicans, please note the following headline: Apr 11, 2013 - Obama plans to cut between $200 billion and $380 billion more from Social Security and Medicare than Republicans in the next ten years. Thus, your hate for Republicans is misdirected. Obama has a way of redirecting or projecting policy onto Republicans, and the low information people swallow it whole line and sinker. Congratulations, you have been Obamanized. Ok, for you doubters, do a Google search for the following: Obama Medicare cuts. It appears this little tidbit of information has not been mentioned in any discussion on Medicare cuts. Obama is the one making the cuts. Bazinga!!

Edward P.
Edward P.3 years ago

If you cannot afford Medicare and are eligible, go to the office of where one can get food stamps. If on food stamps, apply to have your state pay for your Medicare. I know it is done in Oregon. You can also then request and get an Obama phone as they are called. Do a Google search for Obama phone. It's paid for by the taxes on phone accounts. You need to supply your bank records and sources of income in order to qualify for a Medicare subsidy. Quit bitchin' and check it out. Nobody can do it for you.

stacey t.
Stacey Toda3 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B.3 years ago

Charles, thank you so much for your info and kind wishes. I am not yet 65 so I don't get medicare or medicad. I can survive on this small income because I've built my own house bit by bit over 30+ years as I could afford it, so there is no morgage, only property tax, and I do get food stamps and heating fuel assistence. I drive an older car, shop at yardsales and don't go to Dr.s. I simply don't shop, go out to eat or movies.Yet I am happily busy and curious and healthy. Some times my daughter helps me financialy, and I simply don't dwell on how little I have because I have 'enough' and as much as possible I make it better. I don't really know how much things costs now days because I seldom ever buy 'new', but when I see little plastic junk sold for $15. to $20. I'm astounded.When I hear of people who make $50,000 a year say how hard it is to make ends meet, I think they MUST be wasteing money on crap. Jeez if I had $50,000 a year coming in even for a few years, I could finally get my house finished, including all repair work, replace all old appliences, get dental and eye care done, get the yard and garden beds landscaped with pera-culture stuff, add , solar panels and storage batteries, and buy a newer fuel efficient car.But, not every low income person can live like I do, and those who have more money have expenses that I've never encountered, so, it really is all relative.Blessing to you and all that you love.

Charles S.
Charles S.3 years ago

You only pay $147.00 if you have Medicare part B . I am pretty sure ,but not certain if your income is only $548.oo per month you could probably ber covered under Medicaid. People on Medicaid don't pay anything..I don't see how anyone only getting %48.00 can pay rent and buy groceries. let alone pay for insurance . There are agencies in the county where I live , that help people whose income is that low . I hope you get the help you need.

Mary B.
Mary B.3 years ago

How does this work for those who only have social security to live on? $147. a month out of a $548. check is a big chunk.

Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone3 years ago

All Republicans are complete idiots

Rose Marie W.
Rose Marie W.3 years ago

Once again, Care2 posts an article that has NOT been proofread and is full of careless mistakes!!!

The second paragraph reads:
"But to secure normally-reliable senior votes during the 2012 campaign Ryan insisted the vouchers would be kick in for Americans younger than 56, while those 55 and older were exempt, meaning Medicare would not change for seniors who know and understand it."
First careless error: "would be kick in"; when you change the way you word something, you should remember to take out ALL the wording of the previous version. This should have been "would kick in".
Second careless error: "for Americans younger than 56, while those 55 and older were exempt"; Hello! You probably meant "for Americans 55 and younger, while those 56 and older were exempt". Just what was the dividing line he used, 55 or 56?

The rest of the article is just begging for a few commas, here and there, to set off clauses. Now everything just runs together.

I guess the people who write these articles never went to journalism school, or English classes, for that matter! I would be embarrassed to post such poorly written articles any where!

Charles S.
Charles S.3 years ago

Some well known ,and liked Democrat or independent needs to start campaigning in Wisconsin , against Paul Ryan . They should especially meet with senior citizen groups and working people who will be retiring in a few years. They should pound away , on what Paul Ryan is trying to do to their Social Security ,and Medicare. With two years to do it , they should be able to remove him from office. If he is so hung up on destroying Medicare ,and Social Security , and giving more tax cuts to the wealthy , and big business , he can't be doing too much for the people who elected him
We can't do much to him in Wash , but surely could get the word out in Wisc.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke3 years ago

Can't do anything right...punish the people, and telling us what we can and can't do. KEEP your filthy hands off Medicare and Social Security!!! HANDS OFF! (He is just so stupid)