Peak Oil and a Changing Climate (VIDEO)

The scientific community has long agreed that our dependence on fossil fuels inflicts massive damage on the environment and our health, while warming the globe in the process. But beyond the damage these fuels cause to us now, what will happen when the world’s supply of oil runs out?

Peak Oil is the point at which petroleum production reaches its greatest rate just before going into perpetual decline. In “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate,” a new video series from The Nation and On The Earth productions, radio host Thom Hartmann explains that the world will reach peak oil within the next year if it hasn’t already. As a nation, the United States reached peak oil in 1974, after which it became a net oil importer.

Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, Nicole Foss, Richard Heinberg and the other scientists, researchers and writers interviewed throughout the series “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate” describe the diminishing returns our world can expect as it deals with the consequences of peak oil even as it continues to pretend it doesn’t exist. These experts predict substantially increased transportation costs, decreased industrial production, unemployment, hunger and social chaos as the supplies of the fuels on which we rely dwindle and eventually disappear.

Chomsky urges us to anticipate the official response to peak oil based on how corporations, news organizations and other institutions have responded to global warming: obfuscation, spin and denial. James Howard Kunstler says that we cannot survive peak oil unless we “come up with a consensus about reality that is consistent with the way things really are.” This documentary series hopes to help build that consensus. Watch the introductory video, and check back here for new videos each week.

Peak Oil and a Changing Climate: An Introduction
Featuring Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, Nicole Foss and Richard Heinberg


Photo credit: AZRainman via flickr
By Karen Rybold Chin at The Nation


Nancy C.
Nancy C.5 years ago

thanx...1974; ok

Dave M.
Dave M.5 years ago

AGAIN @Ronald MacDonald...
I also fail to see where David C. has "been reduced to resorting to personal insults". Can you quote those insults? I thought not. That's typical of an adolescent approach to reasoning and a challenge to intellect.

Another hallmark of adolescent behavior is to fail to acknowledge that someone has a valid point and just exit the discussion. Adolescents can't stand to lose because it means they lose face and if they can avoid losing face, it means they can maintain an untenable belief system.

Oh, yes. By the way: there are consequences of exploiting all the "cheap" energy of the past and the stupidity of failing to invest in research in new, more sustainable energy sources. Now we are paying the price of that stupidity: we have to fork out the dough in various ways, taxes, reduced government subsidy of fossil-based fuels, etc. You don't like that, do you?
Me, either, but I also know that if we don't, our children and grandchildren ad infinitum, will be handed a world that hasn't a chance. To see an opportunity now to slow or reverse the trend that WE HUMANS have caused and fail to take it is stupid. I'm sure that if you realized you drove down a road that ends up going over a precipice (you DO know what that means, right?), you'd stop, turn around and even risk going against traffic to avoid going over, right? Right?
Yes. I have resorted to insulting you because that's the only thing that seems to get to you. THAT kind of thing is all you und

Dave M.
Dave M.5 years ago

@ Ronald McDonald...
Deny! Deny! Deny! It's a shame that you can't let go of this long-debunked "fact" that global warming deniers fed to the right-wing media (that researchers faked and destroyed data)... I'll bet that you also believe that fossils are faked too, right?
Do you also believe that the moon landing never actually happened ON the moon?
Is the earth also flat just because you can't see the curvature?
I'll bet you believe that the aurora borealis is actually the sun glinting off the polar ice caps!
You are so ignorant and uneducated that it is laughable! It's people like you that make change difficult to impossible because your world would "fall apart" if you had to believe something that didn't suit your own belief system. In fact, we'd still be afraid to fall off the edge of the earth if it were up to people like you!
Go back in your hole and stay there if you can't open your mind to the possibility that the activity of 6.5 billion people is starting to impinge on the planet's ability to accommodate both the surge in consumption and the increase in damage to systems that balance and mitigate that consumption. You REALLY are living in the dark ages in your head.

David C.
David Connally5 years ago


"That musy be why they have snow in places where they never had it before I guess huh ?"

That says it all Donald. Anyone who picks a specific weather event to support their case doesn't understand climate. I'll refrain from expressing it strongly but it says your views on warming are highly questionable.

In 2010, individuals like Inhofe - the OK senator - Limbaugh and the Fox lot told us all that DC's snowy winter demonstrated warming wasn't happening. They overlooked the snow that had to be trucked in to the winter Olympics, the 7 degrees above normal temperature in the Alaska spring.

Some other specifics, it was the hottest summer on record in my part of the US. Temperaures in Russia were 26 degrees above normal. This clearly demsonstrates warming???? Huh?

Do identify the "personal insults" for me.

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald5 years ago

That musy be why they have snow in places where they never had it before I guess huh ?

You are falling apart, as evidenced by your being reduced to resorting to personal insults.

The end...for me anyway.


David C.
David Connally5 years ago

Read a story ine the New York Times on interesting "relics", fragments of crashed planes, bodies, that were being exposed as South American glaciers melt away.

Wonder when the warming deniers are going to tell the glaciers either (a) "Haven't you heard? Warming is all a hoax. You can stop melting. or (b) "An evil conspiracy among scientists has changed the melting point of water from 32F to 35F. Suck it up and go back to 32F."

David C.
David Connally5 years ago

Ronald McDonald
"You can lead horseys to water, but you can't make them drink."

How true!! especially when the horseys are, shall we say, challenged.

Science isn't mindlessly repeating statements without supporting those statements. That practice is however common in politics, in your comments, and in arguments between 9 years olds. ("is", "is not" etc).

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald5 years ago

You can lead horseys to water, but you can't make them drink.

Get over it guys, they were caught.

And then they admitted to destroying the original data.

Also, you are behind the times...ever since their 'climate change' cash grab train was derailed, they changed over to the 'climate change' express.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon, which also has little to do with human development...but, you know what they say, 'any port in a storm'.


Past Member 5 years ago

all i know is that our world has finite resources and what will happen when we have used up all of these reserves....of course oil companies will have found other energy sources...and probably have already..but we won't have access to it until they get every damn dime from us and sell every ounce of oil that they can...only when it is all gone..if we still have any world left, are the oil companies planning on getting us into alternative energy's called the profit model

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman5 years ago

Noted thanx