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Pelosi: Bachmann Uses “Imaginary Numbers”

Pelosi: Bachmann Uses “Imaginary Numbers”

People often forget that in her prior life, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann was actually a tax attorney.  That tidbit would likely make Bachmann’s statements over the “$105 billion in hidden spending” in the health care bill even more baffling to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who accuses the Republican of using “imaginary numbers.”

Via Politico:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dismissed Rep. Michele Bachmann on Thursday for saying that health care reform includes $105 billion in hidden spending, saying that the claim is completely “imaginary.”

Last week, Bachmann accused Democrats of “legislative fraud of the highest order” for including $105 billion in mandatory spending in the legislation without explaining the funds to other lawmakers. She said they “deceitfully” hid the funds, and pointed to a Congressional Research Service report released in October to bolster her comments.

The comments have been deemed mysterious by various observers, including the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker,” which called her claim “bordering on ridiculous.”

Pelosi said Bachmann’s just imagining things.

“I love numbers. Real numbers, not imaginary numbers,” Pelosi said Thursday after a press conference celebrating the upcoming one-year anniversary of reform’s passage. “I’m not even going to address that.”

Imaginary numbers.  Accusations of being hypnotized. This could be a long presidential slog for Rep. Bachmann.

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8:18PM PDT on Mar 22, 2011

John C; the unemployment numbers have started to decline but why would you agree with such incredible bias. I don't supposed you believe two wars, one with an unarmed state that Bush and Cheney lied to Congress repeatedly in order to invade. Then the weekly billions borrowed from China which we will be paying for, for a very long time. All the no bid contracts to Haliburton, Blackwater, etc., who not only screwed over the American soldiers but commited horrible atrocties against Iraqi civilians and who were cronies of Bush and Cheney. They wreaked havoc overseas. We lost credibility the world over because of these bozos. Then; there is your statement about no hard-core intel prior to 9/11. Do you simply live in another world John? There was not only hard-core intel but testimony to support documents and conversations between key players in the invasion of Iraq. Let's talk about Bin Laden being tracked to a hiding place (cave) in Tora Bora and instead of letting the military finish the job, were ordered to withdraw troops from the region allowing Bin Laden's escape. These are just some of the factors leaving this country with a devastated economy but let's not let a few facts like that get in the way of your blatant hypocritical bias.

Now, when you call Obama incompetent, you show your true ignorance. Bush was not only incompetent, he was stupid as well. Thank God we have a president who can put together a sentence intelligently but deliver it brilliantly!

4:43PM PDT on Mar 22, 2011

Kathleen D: To address some of your other talking “points”. Unemployment has not come down but the calculations do not include those no longer drawing UC benefits, have been “revised” repeatedly, and do not count those working part time or underemployed. That also seems to be the case with the GDP. As to the “health whatever” farce that was rammed though on a PARTY LINE BASIS last year, the GOP had no input in that mess and no way to stop anything with both houses completely controlled by Donkeys. More “progressive” garbage with those left wing talking points. The Donkeys had problems getting their own herd moving in the same direction on the legislation hence all the embarrassing goodies that came out like those for FL, LA, and NE. Even the “progressive” media reported on some of those issues. nancy d: Seems Bubba’s sights weren’t too good since his cruise missiles kept missing! when he took time out of his
activities" to even give the orders. There was no hard intel on the 9/11 attack beforehand.

4:25PM PDT on Mar 22, 2011

Kathleen D: It was a 50-50 Senate after the election in 2000 with Cheney as a potential tie breaker to be sure but it became 49-51 in the Dems favor with Jeffords jump and Daschle took the Majority Leader job on June 6, 2001 so they held the Senate MAJORITY for 18 months in Bush2’s first term. In 2003 it went 51-49 in the GOP’s favor and that majority increased slightly with the 2004 election. At no time did the GOP come close to the 60 seats needed to stop a filibuster, so what’s your point? As to “facts” the House controls expenditures and the Senate must agree on that legislation but not always by a 60-member vote. The Donkeys could have stopped whatever they wanted when in charge of either or both houses. Your arguments are pure garbage on Bush2’s “unlimited power” since the Donkeys had to concur for three plus years and had power to stop some initiatives for the other years. The Incompetent One currently playing POTUS has used signing statements, executive orders, and administrative regulations by his radical bureaucracy far more than Bush2 and has expanded the debt by far more than ANY administration for no reason except power.

2:57PM PDT on Mar 21, 2011

John Coleman; and, don't let facts get in your way. Actually, Democrats did not control the Senate in the first two years of Bush's 'presidency' (and I state presidency lightly). It was evenly split but right to organize was retained by GOP since Cheney was Vice President and 'ex officio' presiding officer of the Senate. It wasn't until Jim Jeffords change his party allegiance to Independent that power shifted to the Democrats even though they were still one short of a majority. In 2006, both houses became a Democratic majority. Those facts have little to do with majority power (I use power lightly) since we had a wartime (war monger) 'president' and who dismantled the constitution, borrowed more money than any wartime 'president' combined, repeatedly made signing statements without the presence of Congress or Senate, damned nearl tripled the U.S. deficit, etc., etc. I could go on but even you should be able to get the point. The Republican party are nothing more than 'king makers' nor, have they done anything but obstruct. Single payer was not on the table and the Republicans did nothing but obstruct and finally, because of all the GOP delays, Democrats went full force ahead with the healthcare bill. Once the Democrats win the majority in 2012, single payer will be on the table and become a reality.

Also, John Coleman; Oh Wise One, unemployment has started to decline. I don't know where you get your figures but obviously math is not your strong suit either.

2:01PM PDT on Mar 21, 2011

Doesn't Care2 check to make sure this sort of violation (Patricia S) doesn't occur? Obviously not!

5:46PM PDT on Mar 20, 2011

Patricia S has several personalities on Care2 and attacks from all of them, she is a sockpuppet stooge and paid to create havoc... responding to he is like talking to glenn beckbaugm

11:15AM PDT on Mar 15, 2011

Just like Fox, the GOP and the Tea Party seem to come up with a lot of made up facts these days. Strictly fantasy, Narcissism run rampant. It's amazing that more people don't see them for the fools that they are. Just puppets for the rich. You just can't fix "stupid".

10:02AM PDT on Mar 15, 2011

John C- If we are progressives, that would make you a regressive.

9:55AM PDT on Mar 15, 2011

John Coleman - Clintons weak security? The Clinton administration told the Bush administration to watch out for Bin Ladin. The Clinton administration had him in their sights. The Bush administration "dropped the ball" and felt he was not a threat. Remember 9/11 happened on Bush's watch. If it would have happened on Clinton's watch, the neocons would have crucified him.

6:05PM PDT on Mar 14, 2011

Steve: HOT FLASH!!!! NO GOP REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR VOTED FOR THE HEALTH WHATEVER BILL! They were excluded from the discussion in the Senate and ignored in the House. It was the Dems that couldn’t get their people to support the single payer plan. The final bill was jawboned through the Senate with the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase among other deals and then pushed through the House with a few hours to look at the 2000+ pages and no discussion! Remember Pelosi’s words: “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”. So, come on, even you as a “progressive” can’t be that ignorant as to what went on. If you think that this will cut down on ER visits your just naive enough to vote “progressive”. You also ignore the fact that neither Medicare or Medicaid pay full cost of treatments so that is also passed on to others or eaten by the provider. BTW, the doctors aren’t really there for those extra visits. Oh wise one, please explain the “logic” of how covering (expensive) preexisting conditions “saves money”? Do you have any business/fiscal background? The whole ObamaCare is smoke and mirrors, lies, understated costs, 6 years of “benefits” for 10 years of taxes/fees, etc.

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