Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoots

CNN recently reported on the barbaric pigeon shoots which continue to occur in Pennsylvania.  The story was brief, but the program Issues: with Jane Velez-Mitchell made the point — pigeon shoots are cruel and inhumane.

What is a live pigeon shoot, exactly?

Pigeons are captured in places like New York City, where they are considered nothing more than pests, or are bred on factory farms in deplorable conditions — not unlike the horrors endured by egg laying chickens and puppy mill dogs — to become fodder for gun-toting humans who claim it is “a sport” to shoot frightened, defenseless birds.

The purpose? 

Good question. It appears as though the only answer is… because they can!

To start, pigeons are placed into mechanical launches that sit about 30 yards away from the humans holding guns. The birds are propelled from the launcher into the air for target practice. Some will be shot while they are airborne; others are shot while on the ground.

Most of the birds are not killed quickly.  They are more often wounded and left to suffer a lengthy and protracted death through bleeding, broken bones and other injuries.  Some birds are even tethered to the ground before a gun is aimed at them, thereby ensuring a kill. Yet again, ironic that this is considered a sport by many.

Pennsylvania is the last state in the U.S. to allow live pigeon shoots.  As a result, many people from other states venture to the Keystone State to participate.

SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) is an Illinois based animal advocacy group that has been fighting for new laws in Pennsylvania. They have been documenting the heartless actions of members of the Philadelphia Gun Club as they shoot live pigeons: 

Thanks to the generosity of former game show host, Bob Barker — who donated $1 million to SHARK earlier this year specifically earmarked for anti-pigeon shooting efforts — a concerted effort at exposing the corruption at both the local and state level has begun. SHARK is working to make the public aware of the atrocities of live pigeon shoots so laws can be changed.

What You Can Do

Bills are currently winding their way — slowly — through the Pennsylvania House and Senate.  Contact your legislators to demand they pass these bills protecting pigeons from becoming gun fodder for would-be “gentleman hunters.”

Look up your legislators by zip code.  Then call, write and email them.  Laws don’t change unless the people make their wishes known to the ones who vote the laws into existence.

**You can also sign the Care2 petition!**


Flickr: Vladimer Shioshvili


Claire T.
Claire T.5 years ago

They aught to be utterly ashamed of themselves! These people lack intelligence and have zero respect for life. What absolute arseholes they make me sick!

Karthik Raja
Karthik Raja5 years ago

@Doris L.
I agree with u...:)

Joy Jin
Joy Jin5 years ago

This is so cruel! I have signed the petition.

Jane B.
Jane B.5 years ago

Signed and noted, thanks.
Terrible, callous treatment of birds in the name of 'tradition'. I get so sick of people keeping these bloodthirsty and sadistic 'traditions'. It feels like we've never left the middle ages.

DORIS L.5 years ago

Maybe the pigeon shooters should be shot in the butt to remind them what they're doing is cruel.

DORIS L.5 years ago

Maybe the pigeon shooters should be shot in the butt to remind them what they're doing is cruel.

DORIS L.5 years ago

Maybe the pigeon shooters should be shot in the butt to remind them what they're doing is cruel.

Roberto Vivas
Roberto Vivas5 years ago

Yeah Pests! Ha! It seems that everything disturbs these inhumane beasts.We are Not better than the Animals.....Never Have..Never Will.I signed the petition again...

Sharon J. K.

It amazes me that a nation that is filled with Christians and Jews would not protect an animal that belongs to the dove family...and for those who don't want to remember, let me remind you that the Holy Spirit is represented as a dove. Reason enough I reckon not to kill pigeons for any reason.

Julia Tran
Past Member 5 years ago

It is true that people who enjoy killing or hurting an animal for no reason often have some underlying mental or emotional problems.I wonder if these people would hurt another human being especially someone who is defenseless such as a child? I've heard that these bozos bring children to these pigeon shoots! Should a small child be exposed to this cruelty? I don't think so!! This is not traditional hunting for food! Some people my call it sport hunting or shooting, but there is still no excuse for this type of activity!! These people need to GROW UP!!