Floridians Doing BP’s Job

You’ve all been saying, in our polls, that BP should be responsible for the cleanup and pay the price. And BP continues running full-page ads saying that’s just what they’re doing. But now the oil has reached all the way east to the Pensacola beaches and where is BP?  No where to be found.

This video shows you how Floridians — adults and children — are pitching in to try and literally scoop up some of the mess.

photo credit: Thanks to Shmooth via flickr.


Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

I'm so proud to see ordinary people stepping up and helping clean up rather than saying it's not their fault and just letting the environment get worse and worse while waiting for the tardy corporate response that might be too late....

Inez Deborah Altar


Tara M.
Tara M7 years ago

Bless you good people of Pensacola, you are made of awesome and I love you for it. Oil isn't good for anyone's health, so please be extra safe when cleaning up the beaches.

Kathy Javens
Kathy Javens7 years ago

the people of fla. are wonderful for stepping up and doing what bp should be doing. i know this is a massive effort for them. why not send out the big shots of bp to go out and get their hands dirty.

Antoinette Reyes
Antoinette R7 years ago

did not a corporation admit that prior to the incident, they made a bet to wear the next would occur and they made a large unspecified quantity of money

Carri K.
c w7 years ago

I hope they can, and I hope EVERYONE wises up to BP now they have shown their true colours after they said they would do everything possible to help. Lets get the truth out there.

Dia Bryan
Dia Bryan7 years ago

they shouldn't HAVE to. those f***heads at BP should have taken care of it by now.

kasaija n.
kasaija n.7 years ago

minus nature we are nothing, if i was in US i wouldn't mind about my life for natures sake! even if the spill is cleaned now it will take years for nature to be free of this pills aftermath. good work guys, ''if we don't no body will''.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

David Jones
David Jones7 years ago

interesting item thanks