Pink: A Revolution For Women, Girls And The Music Industry

Recording artist Pink may very well be one of the sexiest, sassiest and most talented singers on the radio today, but beyond all of the hottie hype, I’m a fan of Pink’s guts. 

Pink’s lyrics go far beyond the content and quality of other talented singers in the music industry today; they question the cultures and politics of today’s society and speak to issues facing today’s youth and the rest of the world.  In the 2006 song “Stupid Girls,” Pink belts out the lyrics: “What happened to the dream of the girl president?  She’s dancin’ in the video next to 50 Cent!”  The 2001 tune “Respect” encourages women and girls to do just that–RESPECT… themselves, that is!  

Dozens of Pink’s songs question social norms and lambast the idiosyncrasies of the way in which women view themselves, making the raising of awareness “cool” for today’s youth.  Yet the most gutsy move Pink has made to date was the release of 2007’s “Dear Mr. President,” a scathing lyrical indictment of the corruption, hypocrisy and sheer stupidity of President George W. Bush.  In this song, Pink states: “How can you say no child is left behind?  We’re not dumb and we’re not blind.  They’re all sitting in your cells, while you pave the road to hell.”  The entire song condemns Bush on both a political and moral level and screams to the world the hypocrisies of his life and work, which, according to Pink, “came a long way from whiskey and cocaine.”

But the brilliant lyrics are just the beginning; the true mark of courage was in Pink’s release of the song to radio airwaves.  In an age where mainstream radio, like all other mainstream media sources, is controlled by corporate sponsors whose funding more often than not comes from corporate conglomerates who support the agenda of the conservative right, Pink dared to go where few recording artists have gone since the 1960’s.  She took a great risk, both professionally and financially, not only by making a nation-wide release of an extremely controversial song, but by spending the investment capital to purchase airwave time to ensure that the song would be heard on major radio stations all throughout the United States.

In today’s world, where the mainstream radio is saturated with mindless bubblegum and/or violent and misogynistic lyrics that, ironically, scarcely generate the level of criticism that radio stations received for playing “Dear Mr. President,” Pink’s move was both bold and valiant. 

With the undeniable amount of influence that music has on today’s youth, the industry desperately needs more artists with the guts to use their art as a true means of expression, tackling issues that matter and sending the message to the youth that it’s “cool” to think. 

So I raise my glass to Pink. Here’s hoping for many more years of Pink’s incredible and challenging music, and airwave time for her and other like-minded artists to break into the mainstream. 


Kat H.
Kat H7 years ago

I love Pink's songs and Dear Mr President was one of my favourites. She certainly speaks her mind in that song. KEEP ON ROCKIN'!

Holycrapits J.
Past Member 7 years ago

Hmm.... So THATS where all those sweatshirts came from....

Pip D.
Pip D7 years ago


Anne Burns
Anne W.7 years ago

ya ya ya Pink you go girl!!! I wasn't familiar with that song either....please keep on keeping on Pink ;-)

Selma A.
Selma A7 years ago

I'm a long time fan of Pink and although I haven't always agreed with her ways, I have to say that I have a lot of respect for this talented young woman. She's not afraid to speak her mind and is willing to go out on a limb and possibly damage her music career in order to get her message out. She's come a long way in the years I've been listening to her and I suspect that even if she weren't singing, we'd hear about her in some other way. Every change ever made in the world started with some person standing up and voicing their opposition to whatever it was, from serfs and slaves, apartheid, and the Berlin wall, to the current war on "terror". Sing girl!

Selma A.
Selma A7 years ago

I'm a long time fan of Pink. I haven't always agreed with her ways, but I have a lot of respect for her. She's a strong, independent-minded woman who's come a long way, and who will continue to shape the world and her music around the person she is, and not conform to every trend in order to sell records. She speaks her mind, and I hope it doesn't end up costing her her music career, but I bet you she'll keep doing what she's doing, regardless.

Erica Hidvegi
Erica Hidvegi7 years ago

I raise my glass as well although I have yet to hear the song. I am familiar with a select few of her pieces and yes, right to the point no bull. Non conforming and truthful all the way with whatever she has in her to make that difference. Quite talented, not so sexy.

Lisa Chevers
Lisa Chevers7 years ago

What an insightful perspective! When i heard this song, it blew me away

Miranda Rutherford
Past Member 7 years ago

I love Pink and Dear Mr. President is one of my favorite of her songs. Great piece!

Karabi Medhi
Karabi Medhi7 years ago

I agree with you Jill...Pink totally rocks and her music well reflects all that she wants to convey!