Pit Bull Service Dog Reunited With Disabled Vet

Snickers, a pit bull mix, will be ringing in the new year at home, thanks to U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett, who granted a temporary injunction on Wednesday, allowing Snickers to be immediately returned to his owner Jim Sak, a retired Chicago police officer.

Sak, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, was partially paralyzed after suffering a stroke in 2008, which was followed by brain surgery. Snickers is a certified therapy dog who aids him with a number of tasks from helping him stand and walk to getting help in an emergency. That was Snickers’ job until Sak and his wife Peggy Leifer moved to Aurelia, IA, last month to be near her elderly mother.

Days after moving, someone reported the Sak to city officials due to the breed ban the city has in place.

“I didn’t know there was a Pit Bull ban (here),” said Sak.

In defiance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which guarantees people to the right to have service dogs regardless of their breed, a petition was circulated and the City Council voted 3-2 to have Snickers removed, even though he had done nothing wrong and had no history of aggression.

“The ADA (American for Disabilities Act) Guidelines are very clear on this issue,” said Rebecca Huss, a law professor at Valparaiso University and an expert on service dog-related issues. “The breed or mix is irrelevant when it comes to service dogs. The ADA isn’t about dogs; it’s about giving people with disabilities access and enhancing independence.”

Sak and his wife filed a lawsuit against the city citing the violation of the ADA with the help of the Animal Farm Foundation.

In granting the injunction, the ban wasn’t overturned, but Judge Bennet said lawyers hadn’t proved that the city would be harmed by Snickers’ presence, but that there was enough evidence to show that removing him would cause harm to both Sak and Snickers.

Sak had fallen multiple times since Snickers was removed and needed increased supervision, and despite being reportedly well cared for at a boarding facility, Snickers didn’t take the stress of being away from home very well and broke out in hives and began losing hair.

“That dog’s my life, you don’t just take him away from me,” said Sak, who welcomed Snickers home on Wednesday after paying a $1 bond to get him back.

The city may appeal the motion, but if it does, Sak will continue to fight it and the final decision will be handed down by a federal court.

Unfortunately, breed bans affecting innocent dogs like Snickers have been passed in a number of cities across the country and continue to be fought by pit bull advocates, animal lovers and animal protection groups. Even the Justice Department’s opinion on breed specific legislation (BSL) is that “such laws sweep too broadly; and that it is inappropriate to outlaw an entire breed of dogs because a small number cause problems. Such problems are the result of owners not restraining their dogs properly or inadequately training them, rather than the result of a particular breedís disposition, and can be addressed by more narrowly-crafted legislation.”

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Photo credit: sparktography via flickr


Jade H.
Jade H3 years ago

Amazing....we finally get to the point where ALL humans are allowed in restaurants and bathrooms, we're working on NOT discriminating based on sexual preference, and here we are STILL discriminating against animals! WTF is wrong with humans on this planet?

Past Member
Heather T3 years ago

I just hope Sak and Snickers are allowed to be together.
This is sheer nonsense banning Pit Bulls and cross breeds. As I have said before they are one of the most loyal and lovable dogs one can come across.I know from experience having had them for decades.
Any dog can be aggressive if not brought up correctly and not trained properly

Susan E G Scott
Susan E G Scott3 years ago

FangQ Alicia, sometimes recycled tales are the best. Hope favourable results continue, 2 yrs a bit after original tale's posting.

barbara kelly
Barbara k3 years ago

Thanks love this

Jana Marko
Jana DiCarlo3 years ago

Some people just create problems where there are none.
Good for you snickers.

Lyn Smith
Lyn Romaine3 years ago

They need to ban the breed of a lot of people!

Lawrence Travers
Lawrence Travers3 years ago

A GREEN STAR for the Judge.

Lawrence Travers
Lawrence Travers3 years ago

It is beyond time to publicly demand that laws discriminating against a particular breed of dog be declared null and void. The "myths" about pit bulls must be quenched. The myth hat pit bulls have jaws that "lock"...THEY DO NOT. The myth that their jaw pressure is out of sight, NOT TRUE, etc. etc.

Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 3 years ago

thank you for sharing 7/7

Connie T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Both fighters. Both Winners. Both heroes!