Police Arrest Nurse Volunteers At Occupy Chicago

Nurses volunteering at a first aid station for Occupy Chicago protesters were included in a mass arrest of over 100 people during a late-night crackdown at the encampment. The police officers removed all protester property from the site and tore down tents, including the first aid tent.

The action has been condemned by National Nurses United (NNU), the country’s largest union of nurses, which has set up first aid stations in five other occupied cities, including Occupy Wall Street in New York.

“Even in wartime, combatants respect the work of nurses and other first responders. Yet Mayor Emanuel and Chicago seem to care as little about that tradition as they do in protecting the constitutional rights of free speech and assembly.” said NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro in a statement. “These arrests are disgraceful and unconscionable, and will not deter our nurses from continuing this mission, setting up the station again, and continuing to support the protests.”

On Monday morning, Occupiers showed their solidarity with the arrested nurses by joining members of NNU as they picketed the mayor’s office at Chicago’s City Hall.

The arrests occurred at approximately 1 am as Occupy Chicago participants attempted to rebuild their camp in Grant Park for the second time.

In many cities, police departments have been content to wave public park closing times and camping rules as long as protesters remain peaceful, respectful of non-protest pedestrians and do not disrupt the flow of vehicle traffic.

Emanuel has been perhaps the most aggressive mayor in the nation in repression of the occupy Wall Street movement with mass arrests on at least two occasions now. The Chicago Tribune Saturday reported that city officials are trying to send a message to world leaders of being “tough” on demonstrators in advance of upcoming meetings of G-8 and NATO leaders in May.


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Image Credit: NNU


Past Member
Hiedi T5 years ago

Emanuel was one of Obama's biggest mistakes, along with Geithner, et al. By the time Obama realized how wrong he was in having him as an adviser, it was too late. And now, Chicago is realizing how wrong it was for them to choose him as mayor. Again, a little too late.

don wreford
don wreford5 years ago

Stephen B, very true an aspect of Hitler and myself is similar, that is he and I are both vegetarians, and the lower classes, it is noted when I check the names in banking and finance the Jewish connection is unmistakable, also the film industry and tabloids are run by predominately the Jewish sector, I myself having been a victim of the Jewish extraction and relief of my finances, paradoxically a Jewish connection came to my aid after my devastation, one of my many regrets, I had a Jewish girl friend that I unfortunately decided not to marry, after experiencing the dark side of Australia and its cultural malaise of not only the biggest quarry on Earth but also the female quarry that I had fallen into, and having not emerged.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Don W
You sound like Hitler at the beginning of the halocaust.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

I didn't take part in the poll because I don't think the police should have attacked at all!

Silvia G.
Silvia G5 years ago

Shame on them!! On the police I mean. Can't believe they did that.

scarlett g.
scarlett g5 years ago


Linda E.
Linda E5 years ago

More power to the nurses!

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Gee nurses use to be called Angels of Mercy. Apparently now they're called target of opportunity.

Rham Emanuel you are a disgrace to humanity and the Democratic party. Please resign and join the party you are acting like. The 1%.

Mike S.
Mike S5 years ago

What if the cops when they entered an emergency room were told to go to a suburban hospital...pissy, but a cop with a gun shot wound would be thinking twice before knocking medical personnel around the next time....

Alice E.
Alice E5 years ago

Bigtime police fear-based oppressive action against demonstrators in Oakland too. Keep coming back!