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UPDATE: Police Closing In On Girl Who Threw Puppies In River

UPDATE: Police Closing In On Girl Who Threw Puppies In River

Update: Justice for the six innocent puppies that were sent to their death in a river by an unidentified young woman may come soon.  Police in Bosnia announced Friday they have located the girl. Leads provided by several animal rights groups in Bosnia brought officials to her doorstep. The girl is a teenager who lives in the town of Bugojno.  And because she is a minor, police do not plan on releasing her name to the public. The girl’s parents will soon be questioned, but according to AFP the girl was told to throw the 3-day-old puppies in the river by her grandmother. AFP reported that local media says the girl believed this was “the most merciful way to get rid of them.”

Under a recently adopted animal protection law, people can be fined up to $6,400 for cruel treatment of animals.  If the girl is found guilty and fined it would be the first case in Bosnia. 

Gut-wrenching video of a young woman throwing six newborn puppies into a river has generated outrage on the Internet.  Here is the latest news as to the identity of the woman and what is being done to locate her.


The disturbing video which was first seen on You Tube, showed a girl in her late teens or early twenties pulling newborn puppies from a bucket and throwing them one-by-one into a rapidly flowing river.


The girl is dressed in a red hoody and from all descriptions appears to have a smirk on her face while performing this ultimate act of cruelty.  My account of the abuse is from news stories, as I don’t plan on watching the video.


However those that have seen the video are part of the group that will ultimately get credit for tracking down the young woman and bring her to justice. 


Here Is What Authorities Have Learned

An animal rights group in Bosnia called “Flekice” (Spots) has contacted authorities saying the video was filmed at the Vrbas River which is located in the central Bosnian town of Bugojno.


The Associated Press reported that Velimir Ivanisevic from the Association of Citizens for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SOS), said his group received an e-mail that allegedly identifies the young woman as a 19-year-old teenager who lives in Bugojno.  Her brother filmed the video.


“We cannot say with 100 percent certainty that this is true…but we received some other information which leads us to believe that it is,” Ivanisevic said.


“It is a mirror of society and the fact that young people are doing such things shows how they have been raised,” he continued.


On Wednesday Flekice and SOS both contacted Bosnian police.  An investigation has begun, but authorities refuse to discuss the details.


Bosnia recently adopted an animal protection law that punishes people who kill or torture animals with fines that range from $12 dollars to $6,400 dollars.


Some people speculate the video is a hoax and the producers are trying to cash in on the notoriety Mary Bale attracted last week when she dumped a helpless cat into a garbage bin. Bale had to go under police protection because of threats on her life. 


It’s hard to imagine that two teenagers think this sort of attention is enviable, but for the sake of the newborn puppies I sincerely hope it is really what happened.


Late Breaking News

Late in the day on Wednesday a video of apology appeared on YouTube, supposedly from the girl with the puppies.  It was quickly removed by You Tube for violations to their policy, but cnet news was able to grab one frame that gave the following information.


The girl gave her name and apologized for her behavior.  She explained the puppies were only 3 days old and belonged to her grandmother.  The puppies were sick and her grandmother asked her to get rid of them.  She decided to throw them in the river because “it was a short death, I did not want to make them suffer,” the frame states.


At this point no one knows if this second video is authentic or if someone is trying to inflame the feelings of people who care about animals.  But like the Mary Bale case, it shows the Internet is a very powerful tool.  



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Creative Commons - Michael I Ruiz

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1:02PM PDT on Jul 12, 2014

not sure when the update was, this is an old story???

5:54PM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

someone should throw them into the river,see how they lie it.

10:06AM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

Unbelievable - Girl and grandmother should both be named and shamed, these pups were totally innocent and didn't have a chance. If the pups had been babies they would be behind bars!

5:37AM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

Another idiot. I used to know a woman who had the habit of drowning kittens; she claimed God have given us animals to serve us. A strange sense of service!

11:05AM PDT on Jul 10, 2014

I hope she gets what she deserves multiply by a thousand times more, at least.

12:53PM PDT on Jul 7, 2014

As a couple have rescued three litters of puppies bagged and binned at birth in the last year, our latest litter turned into 1 golden retriever, a black retriever and 2 black labradors, the litter before were also mostly labradors, the litter before that miniature pinchers (not sure of the spelling sorry). We stayed up in shifts 24 hours a day for the first three weeks bottle feeding and helping them go to the toilet, we kept all of them for three months until the BEST homes were found and personally inspected every home and family, we adored them all and were both bereft when they were adopted, but over-joyed they survived and have turned into beautiful dogs all loved and all their families keep regularly in touch. We travel Spain to see all our rescues because we are passionate about what we do. WHY DO PEOPLE CARRY OUT THESE CRUEL AND CALLOUS ACTS. It makes my blood boil and my husband and dogs dive for cover when I read or hear about these outrages. We have just got to keep on signing Petitions and doing everything possible to be a voice for the voiceless. Sickened and Disgusted.

9:47AM PDT on Jul 6, 2014

The girl is 19 years old, NOT A MINOR, together with her grandmother should be given the maximum fine and maximum jail time for their horrific cruelty to these innocent and defenseless puppies. These kind of people should not be existing in our world, This girl has to be mentally deranged to say "drowning is the quick way for these puppies to die so they don't have to suffer ". What an idiot!!

8:43PM PDT on Jul 5, 2014

'I hope what goes around comes around' for these evil people ...

4:43PM PDT on Jul 5, 2014

How horrible, she and grandma need to be punished for the horrific killing of those precious lives. So heartbreaking and no reason to have done that to those innocent victims. Makes me sick how horrible people can be.

11:13AM PDT on Jul 5, 2014

The girl and her grandmother should be drowned.

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