Poll: “Islam Is Incompatible With American Values” Say 2/3 of Republicans, Tea Partiers, Fox News Viewers

By Ali Gharib , Think Progress

Conservatives, Republicans, and Fox News viewers are more likely than other Americans to hold views widely considered to be Islamophobic, according to a poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and their report, co-authored by PRRI and the Brookings Institution.  The study, “What It Means To Be American: Attitudes In An Increasingly Diverse America Ten Years After 9/11,” tracks views of Muslims and disaggregates them by political affiliations and views.

Overall, the survey of nearly 2,500 respondents found that 47 percent of respondents think Islam is out of step with American values, while 48 percent disagreed. Adherents of conservative political parties, movements, and media were more likely than the general populace to have negative views of Muslims and their place in American society. The report’s introduction explains:

Approximately two-thirds of Republicans, Americans who identify with the Tea Party movement, and Americans who most trust Fox News agree that the values of Islam are at odds with American values. A majority of Democrats, Independents, and those who most trust CNN or public television disagree.

The report also notes that incorrect views of Muslims’ beliefs are also on the rise. CAP recently released a report called “Fear, Inc.” that traced and documented the rise of an anti-Muslim movement spearheaded by American bloggers and self-proclaimed “experts.” While, according to the Brookings report, more than 60 percent of Americans don’t believe Muslims are trying to institute Muslim religious law — known as Sharia — across the U.S., there are an increasing number who do:

Over the last 8 months agreement with this question has increased by 7 points, from 23 percent in February 2011 to 30 percent today.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that many of Americans’ unfounded and Islamophobic views were most prevalent among those who trusted Fox News more than any other source of news. On the Sharia question, the report noted:

Nearly 6-in-10 Republicans who most trust Fox News believe that American Muslims are trying to establish Shari’a law in the U.S. The attitudes of Republicans who most trust other news sources look similar to the general population.

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Chart courtesy of the Public Religion Research Institute


Lydia S.
Lydia S.5 years ago

@ Shirley A cont'd -- 2 of 2

"Judgment of any one's personal morals and human intergrity is to be left to the creator of this Universe, whoever that God or Entity may end up being."

Again, I agree. Jews & Christians should be able to worship Jehovah, Yaweh, God, etc., without fear of beheading, stoning, amputations, crucifixions, etc. Unfortunately, islamists have taken it upon themselves to call Western women WHORES for not "covering up"! Hanging gays, & calling for their eradication. They refer to the US as a great Satan -- and JUDGE US on everything, based on their 7th century "moral code"!

A young girl who doesn't wish to be married off to an old man, 1st cousin, etc., is often murdered -- and again, this is JUSTIFIED by their "moral code" as an "Honor" killing! You see, it's HONORABLE to murder your disobedient daughter -- it's "immoral" for her to refuse to marry someone selected for her by some male relative, if daddy isn't around! If they kept this garbage in their cesspit countries, I would "mind my own business" ... but it become MY business, when they try to bring it into MY backyard!


Lydia S.
Lydia S.5 years ago

Shirley A wrote: "Get a Grip, Mind Your Own Business and Live and Let Live."

Shirley, 3,000 Americans WERE minding their business, working, earning a living for their families on 9/11/2001. They just wanted to "live & let live" ... Unfortunately, there were those who WEREN'T MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS & DIDN'T LET THEM LIVE!

"No human living on the face of this earth was put here to JUDGE their fellow person's religion or ENFORCE their religious beliefs on each other."

Which is why Sharia & islamization are so incompatible with American values. Islamists are busy telling people how to live -- even writing Legal CODES to fit THEIR perception of what is right & wrong, MAKING IT A CRIME NOT TO BE MUSLIM! "Apostasy", i.e., leaving islam for another religion, is a CRIME punishable by death. THEY ENFORCE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON ALL OTHER CITIZENS in muslim majority countries! And they have openly said, they will bring sharia to this country -- and indeed, the West!

Do you have a problem with that!? I sure do! Did you happen to see their behavior in London during the 9/11 memorial service? Did you hear the chants, "Burn, burn USA -- USA you will pay", as they set an American flag on fire?


"Judgment of any one's personal morals and human intergrity is to be left to the creator of this Universe, whoever that God or Entity may end up being."


Lydia S.
Lydia S.5 years ago

Matthew R wrote: "This is odd because no other constituency in 'the West' has more in common with the taliban than the American Religious Right"

-- Really Matthew? ARE YOU FOR REAL? Do you believe the mindless drivel you wrote?

So, which "American Religious Right" constituent has advocated for:

1) Stoning women who are raped; commit adultery; fall in love with the wrong guy, etc.???
2) Beheading someone who leaves Christianity & converts to ANY OTHER religion???
3) Amputating the hands/feet of those caught stealing?
4) Subjecting someone to CRUCIFIXION for "blashpeming"???

Oh, there are lots of other little "sharia codes" I haven't mentioned ... but hey, these four should make my point!

What a goofy, goofy post! Please, get your facts straight! Taliban indeed! )8-[

Traci Ford
Traci Ford5 years ago

December 2012 CANNOt get here fast enough. Agent Smith was right on point. Humanity is a virus that needs to be snuffed out as soon as possible. We do not deserve this planet, the oxygen we breathe, nor the space we take up.

We fight over race and creed and sand and rubble. I hope God/Allah or whatever entity you pray to reaches its limit and loses faith in us.

monica r.
monica r.5 years ago

There are some exceedingly fine individuals who call themselves Muslim, and I have nothing but love for them, and am very vocal to speak against the constant terror attacks by jihadists that so often kill other Muslims who are just going about life doing nothing wrong. Also, not a few of your Muslims here in America came to escape the 3rd world oppression Islam brings wherever it goes. Is it fair to those seeking a life of freedom and democracy to just allow in the backwards ideology they came here for refuge from? Individual Muslim people deserve our respect as fellow humans, but the ideology itself most certainly is NOT compatible with western society.

monica r.
monica r.5 years ago

falling in love with the wrong guy, or being "too western", so to save the family honor, they die.

"So there is no half naked drunken dancing in bars..and no taking advantage of their young folks with girls gone wild!"

No, not THEIR young folks, but HUNDREDS of British girls in the north of England have been exploited for sex by Muslim immigrants. They sent the younger guys to "date" them, then next thing you know, the older set are all taking turns with them and money changing hands. In Oslo, 100% of rapes in the last 5 years were by Muslims. An imam called them "uncovered meat". Teens in Scandinavia are dying their hair dark and have invented a "reverse chastity belt" that helps prevent rapes by these paragons of faith.

And rape victims stoned as adulteresses, "freedom of religion" means free to be Muslim (the penalty for leaving Islam is death), gays are executed (hang, burn, or "throw from high places"...why do you think there are "NO GAYS" in Iran?), thieves get hands cut off (even children), a woman's testimony is worth half a man's, etc.

What of any of that is compatible with western culture? And sorry, but a culture where these things are actually called for by the religious law that is extant today same as in the 7th century, IS inferior to one where we have freedom of speech, expression, and conscience, separation of church and state, and at least some approximation of equality instead of codified sub-classes (women, non-Muslims, blacks).


monica r.
monica r.5 years ago

Sharon B

"Muslims do not drink booze so there are no drunken car crashes killing our children and no drunken Dads beating up Mommy or spending their pay checks on booze or drugs. The hospitals are not full of liver transplants and other related diseases."

Well, their extremists kill plenty of children with bombs every week. OK, so they aren't American children (though there were kids on the planes on 9/11), but does that mean it's ok to blow them up? Or G-d help us, strap bomb vests on them and have THEM blow people up? Go on YouTube and type in "how to beat your wife" and there is no shortage of imams explaining the rules and finer points. Will you be taking your daughters to get their clitoris removed and vagina sewn shut? Will you marry them off to a 30-50 year old man when they are 10 or 12? How many kids with genetic diseases due to first cousin marriage, how many with rickets because mommy in her burka gets no vitamin D and pops out baby after baby, are acceptable to you?

"They dress modestly so there are no sights that NO one wants to see in their neighbourhoods, and youngsters have respect for their parents."

And you don't know who you are talking to because you can't see their face. Or there are the ones in skin tight pants and tops but a hijab. Love that. And youngsters better respect their parents, because they may die if they displease them. Kids are fair game for beating, and not a few young women in the USA have met their demise for falling in love

Shirley A.
Shirley A.5 years ago

There are a hell of alot of people that call themselves Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Buddist, etc. etc. etc. and their values and morals are sick, hypocritical, self-righteous and TOTALLY incompatible with the America that I want to live in. Generalizing religious groups is completely ignorant and creates such division in this Country and this World. Stop the insane judgement of others specifically based on religion or ignorance of it. Get a Grip, Mind Your Own Business and Live and Let Live. imho, No human living on the face of this earth was put here to JUDGE their fellow person's religion or ENFORCE their religious beliefs on each other. Judgment of any one's personal morals and human intergrity is to be left to the creator of this Universe, whoever that God or Entity may end up being.

Carol Dreeszen
Carol Dreeszen5 years ago

And thank God for Fox News!! Although they have kind of been going in the tank lately as far as I am concerned! We know for sure though that NBC...MSNBC..CNN...CBS and who did I leave out....are super liberal suck up stations so we KNOW what their results are!

Carol Dreeszen
Carol Dreeszen5 years ago

Keep Politics out of Religion and you will get farther!!!!!!!!!!!!