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Post-Giffords Shooting, Bipartisan Efforts to Debate Gun Control Law

Post-Giffords Shooting, Bipartisan Efforts to Debate Gun Control Law

The Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, Republican Steve King of New York, said he would offer a gun control measure limited to creating a 1,000-foot gun-free zone around certain elected officials. This was in response to the attempted assassination of King’s colleague in the Congress, Gabrielle Gifford of Arizona.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City promised to back Congressman King’s bill with a coalition of gun control groups. He had pointed out to President Obama several ways guns could better be monitored through improved regulation alone, without having to pass additional laws. Gifford’s would-be assassin, Jared Lee Loughner, had a drug arrest on his record but was able to purchase a gun despite his ineligibility.

Representative McCarthy (D-NY) will introduce a measure that restricts high-capacity clips–defined by the bill as more than 10 rounds per clip. (The gunman in the Giffords shooting used a 30-round clip.) McCarthy’s husband was killed by gunfire and her son injured by it in the same incident in 1993. Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) will sponsor the legislation in the Senate. He was quoted as saying, “We don’t have more madmen, we have more guns.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein, an author of the expired Assault Weapons Ban (in existence from 1994 to 2004, when it was designed to expire), said she would be willing to reintroduce the law and was in preliminary discussions with her colleagues in the Senate. (Fienstein, you recall, came upon the body of assassinated San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s Harvey Milk.)

On the state level, gun-loving Arizonans showed no signs of embracing gun control, while President Obama made no moves to control access.

it’s unclear what momentum may persist for increased gun control legislation, given that public opinion for gun control is at a historic low (44%) as of 2010, whereas 78% supported it in 1990. Democrats, traditionally the party that has fielded the largest number of gun control advocates, appear to have ceded the issue as a result of major losses in the 1994 midterm elections and strong lobbying efforts from then on by the National Rifle Association, according to a former activist with Americans for Gun Safety. related posts:

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11:32AM PST on Dec 29, 2012

Thank you for sharing.

9:42PM PDT on Oct 10, 2012

Thank you.

9:42PM PDT on Oct 10, 2012

Thank you.

9:41PM PDT on Oct 10, 2012

Thank you.

4:44PM PST on Feb 29, 2012

I boobooed - my quote should have been "
there are far fewer murders in countries where guns are ILLEGAL than where they are LEGAL."

Mass murders in the US hardly raise an eyebrow anymore, sadly true, but in Norway? The whole country is in shock. When will Americans be shocked at mass murder by gun? Or even, a single murder by gun?


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4:42PM PST on Feb 29, 2012

Guns DO kill people! Of COURSE guns kill people - that's what they're designed for! It's just people WITH guns can kill more people than people WITHOUT guns!

To say that "guns don't kill people - people kill people" is as stupid as saying "bombs don't kill people- airplanes that drop bombs kill people." Or, "land mines don't kill people, land that has land mines ON it kills people!"

Here are the facts - there are far fewer murders in countries where guns are illegal than where they are illegal.

So, for you gun-lovin', death-lovin' bad-rhetoric-lovin, anti-life people, every child that dies, every family member that dies, every high school or college kid that dies at the hands of a gun-totin' American - their blood is on YOUR hands!

2:10PM PST on Jan 31, 2011

Assault weapons have been banned since 1986 and it hasn't really made any difference.The only ones that are still available were made before 1986 and are expensive collectors items and not used by criminals.

1:01PM PST on Jan 21, 2011

a young man rideing through NJ was stopped ruotine traffic he had an assault rifle and some had gun he legaly bought in colorado his home state assault rifles are bannned in NJ he did not know this he has no record yet he was given 7 years in prison its very hard to get a permit to buy a hand gun in NJ and if you have one without it you get 3 years time in jail manditory the govenor commmuted his sentence has this state gone too far or what is there a second ammendment any more

12:06PM PST on Jan 20, 2011

in lautenburgs new jersey and bloomburgs new york there are many home invasions where killers and crooks will break down you door they know that most people haveno guns yes these officals have their gated communities and private body gaurds so they don/t care about the low income person that gets killed its no mystery that the states with the most restrictive gun laws are the most corrupt also NJ NY MASS ILL the same ones that want to control the world want to ban guns lautenburg voted for s-510 the phony food safety bill yet this half billionaire owns lots of stock in a comany that make genetic modifed crops its called genentic thats the kind of people that want to ban guns and of cuarse the common varity gullible that can be fooled anyway there were signs that these unstablie people were acting up but nothing was done

2:28PM PST on Jan 19, 2011

i am a vegan but i strogly defend the right to have and bear arms even asault guns and long clips as they could be usefull in saveing one life with gangs on the rise they alone could save you with the exstra shots and rapid fire if its not for do not speak for someone else the ones that want to ban these are very left wing and the same ones that like lautenburg voted for s-510 which is a back door to banning supplements and he comes from a very corrupt left wing state that takes away other rights as well big pharma controls new jersey and they restrict guns big time they are for the corperete elite and take away rights every chance they get enforce the gun laws on the books do not restrict the honest person or the honest low income person bloomburg is another one from left wing state that bended the law to get relected a third time with his money he could do what he wanted and he did trust people and they will trust you unless they prove otherwise i would not hunt but would not stop others that do as long as they eat the animals as i can not force veganism on others and neither would i restrict others of the right to protect themselfs with a handgun should they choose to even if they do not have lots of money to meet the very restictive laws that these crooks want to put on them guns save lives the left wing news media do not tell you that only the negative that they love to embelish wake up before its too late

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