Birth Certificate Release Draws Powerful Response from Onion Editor Baratunde Thurston (VIDEO)

The racist subtext of the birther insanity emerges daily.  Popular commentator, writer, Onion editor and sometime (but not here) comedian Baratunde Thurston reflects the agony and rage this viciousness has evoked among so many — of all races.  Watch it!

Please leave a comment; how did you feel watching this?


Photo from Baratunde's website
by Baratunde Thurston


Heather C.
Heather C5 years ago

I understand the frustration, but I think we all want proof of anything whenever there is an air of doubt. President Obama is not a black man; he is of mixed heritage as are most all of us somewhere down the line. Since our President must be a natural born citizen, I don't think it is inappropriate for paperwork to be provided as needed... to the public, or to Trump, not necessarily. We must provide a birth certificate for a driver's license. So why is it so criminal to want certainty? Yes I agree that many fought for so much in the civil rights movement, but my known ancestors aided in the revolutionary war that made this country its own... and I know they would want all of the standards they put into place to be upheld, to secure our nation.

Darla O.
Darla O'Malley5 years ago

Mr. Thurston stated his feelings and I have to say, my feelings, as well. This was exactly what I felt when our president thought that he had to show that very stupid "trump" his birth certificate! This is nothing but racism and these racists will never accept the fact that President Obama is our president. They will never accept the fact that he's done a good job. They belittle the fact that he's intelligent! They try to intimidate him with their crazy accusations and they are infuriated that he remains calm, diplomatic and fair. Please don't think that all old white people are racist idiots. I'm 72, white and a grandma. I voted for Obama, and will again. I have never watched trumps show, and can't imagine what type of people would watch it more that once.

Christopher Fowler

I find it curious that Obama is the ONLY presidential candidate that anyone has demanded proof of legitimacy to run.

Bush Jr. is the grandson of a Nazis sympathizer, but no one questioned his legitimacy to run for President.

One has to wonder how stupid we, as a society, have become to not question the motives of those idiot birthers.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M5 years ago

Thank you Baratunde Thurston for your heartfelt
statement of the deplorable actions of Donald Trump in trying to shame President Obama and in doing so The United States of America. Racism is
absolutely not acceptable and DT showed everyone that he is a racist, bigotted, baffoon.

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y5 years ago

Release birth certificate is nothing wrong but why such demand is important at this time or important to some of us. Perhaps, it should be addressed two years ago. The issue is there are many people black or white have problems to really identify themselves… The definition of the president candidates, the president or congressmen or women .... in fact there were too much need to be reconciled in the nation. No surprise, be educated and learn the new order, rides on this unsafe wave that we all facing... Hope USA as nation will lead or at least survive in the next 100 years.

Neena Sessa
Neena Sessa5 years ago

Cynthia, Thanks for posting this. I was so glad to see that someone verbalized how I felt. It brought back the feelings I felt going door to door in the 60s, trying to get people in my supposedly liberal California town to understand that all Americans had the right to vote and the right to go to whatever school they wished and to live wherever they could afford. Racism is not dead, has never been dead and was again given a platform from which to speak, insulting our president, insulting our culture, insulting all of us, of whatever race.

Karen H5 years ago

Marc rosati 10:14am: Imagine that, you are impervious to hearing the truth of the harm that actions/comments such as yours have on real people in the real world. I pray that you let some light into your soul.

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

Imagine that! another black man playing the race card

marc rosati
marc rosati5 years ago

Imagine that! another black man playing the race card

Danielle V.
Danielle V5 years ago

Baratunde, you certainly have a point but don't get too upset over this because Trump has been making a fool of himself on air for a long time and you currently have one of the classiest and most competent Presidents of all times. If he only was allowed to do the job he wants to do and needs to do... I just hope that the American people would have enough sense not to elect Trump if he ever dared to present himself as a candidate, and that is certainly not beyond him...