Preventable Whooping Cough Cases Tripled Since Last Year

I’ve about had it with people who refuse to get vaccinated and so is Chuck Schumer.

And for good reason. In New York state, the number of whooping cough cases has tripled – tripled — since last year. As a result, Sen. Schumer is calling for free vaccines. He wants the federal government to work with state officials to to make sure every adult gets vaccinated if they haven’t been since age 18.

Yes, adults need to be vaccinated against whooping cough. I know it seems a little counter-intuitive. I mean, we vaccinate our kids because kids are weak and we don’t want them to get sick and die. As it turns out, in order to help kids not get sick and die, adults need to get the jab. Kids 12 months and younger have the highest rate of infection with half of those cases occurring in children under three months old. That’s because babies are too young to receive the vaccine.

It sounds like babies are just out of luck, but that’s not the case. If adults are vaccinated against whooping cough, babies get some of that benefit. It’s a win-win.

Sen. Schumer isn’t overplaying his hand by suggesting that every state get its act together. According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control, nationwide there have been 18,000 reported cases of whooping cough, the highest in 50 years. Washington state has also been hit especially hard by this highly contagious, but very preventable, disease.

Even if the federal government doesn’t help states provide free whooping cough immunizations, there are some good campaigns, like Hug Me! I’m Vaccinated that are doing good work promoting education and even occasionally providing free vaccines. It’s a small step that can save many, many lives.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle3 years ago

Isn't that one of the three vaccines we immunize our kids with? I got it when I was a kid ... and now I need it again?

Rebecca P.
Rebecca P.3 years ago

The ability to fire up Google does not make you a doctor

Robert P.
Robert P.4 years ago

A few last comments are needed. There is a lawsuit against the drug Pradaxa, linked to almost three hundred deaths and many more who had bad side effects. Late that day I watched a commercail for Pradaxa. That is just one example of many drugs with lawsuits going against them that have not been taken off the market. If a natural substance harms just a few people it is pulled from the shelfs. Properly prescribed drugs kill over 100,000 people per year and that is the most conservative number I have seen. The FDA allows side effects of cancer, tuberculosis, heart attack, stroke, liver failure, suicide, death, etc. Are they corrupt like the drug companies. Draw your own conclusion. The studies now days are performed mostly by the drug companies, The fox guarding the hen house and panels approving drugs are filled with conflict of interest. On a recent panel 8 of 14 had ties to the drug companies.And these are the people we should trust.

Robert P.
Robert P.4 years ago

In respone to Micheal T, you seem intelligent and organized so I will explain a few things. Anger has clouded nothing in my search for the truth. And I would point out that I wish with all my heart that the drug companies and mainstream medical system were honest and effective. It is my extensive research and the findings that have created any anger, but I amtoo intelligent to let that sway me. I act only on facts and logic. If you wish to ignore facts then that is a shame but your choice. I can give you a list of evidence of criminal behavior, of lies about research and repeated fines to the drug companies. If you believe that we are getting dieases and illness from a lack of drugs you obviously must not believe in nature. I have used many natural solutions to problems that I have had in my 64 years and have been into health and wellness all my life. It is the sum of all the evidence that I base my conclusions on. Again, anger is merely the result of all that evidence, the evidence came first then the anger so please get off the anger issue. I once believed that our government and media and medical system was mostly honest and cared about the people, but research has told me otherwise.

Rick N.
Rick N.4 years ago

Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host's immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system's self-organized criticality.

"If you look over time, this means that whatever your DTaP vaccine was worth to begin with, at 3 years it's 32% and at 5 years it's 16% of your initial effectiveness," Dr. Baxter told meeting attendees.

He characterized DTaP as both wonderful and problematic. "They're just not as good as the whole-cell vaccines," he said. But part of the problem with the latter is that parents don't want to return to a vaccine that could have severe adverse effects.

What's more, it's hard to get a good read on how effective the acellular vaccine is, the investigator said. When DTaP showed up, pertussis had been wiped out because whole cell "is that good," Dr. Baxter said. There wasn't a way to study how well DTaP vaccines really work, other than by determining whether they produced antibodies to certain antigens. Although they work as well or better at actually producing antibodies, that didn't mean they work as well, he observed.

Here, we ask how aP vaccination affects competitive interactions between Bordetella species within co-infected rodent hosts and thus th

Michael T.
Michael T.4 years ago

Does anyone know how articles end up on the first couple of pages on any search engines? It is because a larger number of people searched for and opened those articles as opposed to anything else. So when there is a surge of people seeking information that supports a particular point of view that’s what other people will find using their search engines to respond to key words. It has nothing to do with the validity of the sought material, only its current popularity.

As a result, people will conclude too easily that the body of material by its mass indicates that it is significant when it isn’t. This same activity pushes relevant, contradictory, or balanced information deeper into the archives and thus viewed less.

I am just trying to point out that we can be fooled by a circumstance of search engine behavior into concluding something that isn’t accurate.

Michael T.
Michael T.4 years ago

Robert, as I have said I understand your position and clearly see that it is a difficult one for a parent who loves their children. It is also important to remove anger from clouding your investigation as it can create a bias that could prove detrimental I don’t watch much television save for some quality programming that is informative. I, like you do my research on the net, and also read scientific journals that provide balanced information. I’ve been receiving email from Dr. Mercola and a couple of others for over a year and find them to be advocates of some really patently wrongful information.

But here is an important bit of information. I’ve discovered that people, including myself, can fall into the trap of looking for information that supports what I want to believe. I have to take the time and conscious thought to remove my bias and seek out a balanced spectrum. People will find supportive data, blogs, assertions and conclusions and believe they have found the truth.

Robert P.
Robert P.4 years ago

In response to Micheal T, I am angry because I have grown children and 3 grandchildren that I care about and do not want them harmed by our corrupt, greedy system. As far as being a cynic, I am truly realist. I question everything and keep an open mind as to the answers. I research and study and pour over information. I subscribe to over a dozen doctors, researchers and scientists and based on the evidence form my opinion. It is a lifelong passion, not work. There is so much evidence of the corruption in our medical system it is impossible to trust anything medical related that is mainstream. As far as vaccinations, it is strictly a money maker. There are plenty of good doctors and nurses but they have been trained by the drug companies, push the money makers. A good example of the drug companies total lack of concern for human life is the use of Mercury in the shots. It is one of the most toxic things around and yet is is alright to inject it in people. Give me a break. They claim they quit using it but they can not be trusted. Why did they use it in the first place. It has been known for many, many years for its toxicity. That is just one example. A large percentage of the people I have talked to first hand that got flu shots either got the flu or got sick from the shot. and there are lots of testimonials from people that have been harmed by vaccinations. The majority of the honest doctors and researchers tell of the lack of effectiveness and safety of the shots. Common sen

Bill C.
Bill C.4 years ago

When you say things like "no difference in the number of people who contracted flu between those vaccinated and unvaccinated." I have to reply do you habve a point?

Vaccines do not prevent anything, are not desigend to. Vaccines are designed to allow your body to produce antibodies your body takes the gift and if you are in good health, you may nopt get the flu and you may but if you do it will be a much less intense flu, if your older or a child or even ill the vaccine is a life saver because what your body habe from the vaccine gift you a change to fight it

Why do we have a wooping cough issue ? Two answers a batch of vaccine given did not have the long term titer so people who got it need to have a simple blood test to see if they are still covered or need a booster and the fact poor judgement has people not using vaccination.

I have seen kids die from things like mumps in the USA and the face of the parents who then realize they killed their child is horrific.

If you love and care enough to vaccinate your dog; do so for your kids.

Denise Hickey
Denise Hickey4 years ago

I just recently read a study on vaccines, vaccine safety and what government (UK) does or doesn't do to protect people. A very good read. Check this out and then tell me if you still feel vaccines are safe and effective.

You can read Dr. Tomlijenovic's full 45-page paper on vaccine corruption here: