Pro-Life Groups Attack Planned Parenthood

Anti-abortion groups have banded together with an ambitious agenda: they want to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding.  Their new site, Expose Planned Parenthood, launched on Tuesday, and will be yet another challenge to pro-choice activists, who have been focusing their energies on defeating H.R. 3, a piece of legislation proposed by Republican congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey which would restrict taxpayer dollars used for abortion in the case of rape, and in so doing significantly redefines what “rape” means.

The new campaign against Planned Parenthood is being led by Susan B. Anthony List and Live Action.  “Contributing to a group willing to be a chief ally in the exploitation of women and girls is indeed too much,” said the president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “Taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood is just that.”

The activist efforts will be centered around the website, which will allow visitors to send emails to lobby their congressional representatives to defund Planned Parenthood, which is funded under the Title X family planning program.  This is the only source of federal funds for reproductive health and family planning, and provides coverage for “contraceptives, pelvic exams, breast exams, safer-sex counseling, and basic infertility counseling.”  None of these funds can be used for abortions.  Planned Parenthood received $16.9 million from Title X in 2009.

The campaign is accompanied by a video, also released on Tuesday, that allegedly shows a Planned Parenthood employee advising minors to provide false information in order to obtain an abortion.  The FBI launched an investigation last month after Planned Parenthood reported strange visits to their facilities in January.

“The edited tape that is being publicized today by Live Action, an organization that has vowed to ‘take down’ Planned Parenthood, was shot during a visit by Live Action activists with secret cameras at Planned Parenthood health centers in New Jersey on January 13,” Stuart Schear, Vice President for Communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, explained.  They believe that the video is a hoax, and given that the filmmaker, Lila Rose, worked with the filmmaker who made a series of highly misleading videos about ACORN during the last presidential campaign, this seems very plausible.

Planned Parenthood’s funding often comes under attack, but the combination of this campaign and H.R. 3 shows that activists who care about reproductive health need to stay vigilant.  Planned Parenthood provides crucial services with this federal funding, and defunding would be a disaster for low-income Americans, particularly women, who rely on Planned Parenthood for reproductive health and family planning.

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Bette M.
Bette M.5 years ago

With seven billion people on this planet I haardly think we are ever going to run out of the human species at all!!!! We will run out of animals, land, water long before we become anywhere exstinct!!!

Less humans by the billions & more trees by the billions.
Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011..........

Bobbi Coats
Bobbi C.5 years ago

Pro=lifers can do the math. A book was written the population bomb, in the 1970. In it Profissor Ehrich told is the world was doomed, quotes: If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000 (Quote from 1969).
"Current Western people are destroying Western Civilization by having fewer children than necessary to replace the population. It’s funny how much thought, press, and attention are to hypothetical methods of destruction of our civilization — terrorism, epidemic, nuclear war, global warming — but so little paid to one that is actually and indisputably happening. "

France has literaly reached a point of no return. They killed off their future, there simply are not enough frenchmen to sustain the culture and when this generation dies out it will need to be replaced by immigrants. France’s birthrate is about 1.8 children per woman, below the replacement rate of 2.1

Susanne Westh Larsen

I think that it would be wise to visit the website of the Population Research Institute and read and sign this: Petition to Ban All U. S. Abortion Funding

Bette M.
Bette M.5 years ago

Susan Weasth-Larsen.......BLUE DOT:
YouTube - Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot Mar 24, 2009 ... @Snawlaxx I am old enough (WAY old enough) to remember Carl ...

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011.........

Bette M.
Bette M.5 years ago

Susanne Westh Larsen.....If you really believe what you wrote then get up off your butt & start preaching about birth control & pass out a truck load of prepaid birth control pills for all those teenyboppers who need it!!!!!!!

There are seven billion humans on this earth.......Mother Earth's cupboard is getting very thin. Or, take a good hard look at "BLUE DOT" in the sky........Google that. It will wake you up hopefully as to how big a place you might think the earth is & how is it going to hold & feed all the people it now has on it.

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011.......

Susanne Westh Larsen

Planned Parenthood is not about planning parenthood, it is about earning money sborting innocent unborn children. 98% of their services is doing just that.
And they are not ashamed of doing that useing criminal methods.
Abortion is not about welfare of women, because abortion leaves the child dead and the mother harmed and the rest of hte family harmed, too. And society will be bereaved of the gift that God gave every aborted child to give to the world.
And as the sin of abortion grows and is not regretted God will not withhold His punishment.
Let´s turn around and ask God for forgiveness and mercy before it is too late and let us stop sinning against the Holy Spirit.

Bette M.
Bette M.5 years ago

Jillian E. says
Mar 23, 2011 5:38 AM
I'ts a pity more Pro-Lifers don't or can't do the math. If we continue breeding at the present rate, deaths from starvation, wars for water or land as well as climate catastrophes will be the norm within 30 years. We should be restricting breeding not just planning it.

Thank you Jillian & Amen for a common sense comment!!!

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life in 2011........
Trees are the lungs of the earth........

Bobbi Coats
Bobbi C.5 years ago

Planned Parenthood is a fraud. They are not a comprehensive health care service provider, they are a taxpayer-funded abortion factory. Even Americans opposed to restricting abortion are overwhelmingly opposed to using tax dollars to fund it. Cecile Richards is attempting to play on the fears of women to keep the more than $350 million in public funds flowing to a corrupt organization that pays her $400,000 and performs over 300,000 abortions every year.

during a recent appearance on Headline News, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards claimed that de-funding Planned Parenthood would prevent the nation's leading abortion mill from providing women with mammogram services.

This is a lie.

The pro-life group, Live Action, called 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 states inquiring about mammogram services and in every instance the caller was told that Planned Parenthood doesn't provide those services whatsoever.

Jillian E.
Jillian Edwards5 years ago

I'ts a pity more Pro-Lifers don't or can't do the math. If we continue breeding at the present rate, deaths from starvation, wars for water or land as well as climate catastrophes will be the norm within 30 years. We should be restricting breeding not just planning it.

Sheri R.
Sheri R.5 years ago

I've seen the undercover videos and it's criminal what the representatives from planned parenthood did. watch for yourself before you believe the pro choice voices who write articles like this one. Decide for yourself. I am pro-life but the issue is the criminal behavior of planned parenthoods employees. They offered advice to a man and woman they thought were trafficing underage sex workers. we r talking about 14 yr old girls and it's not an isolated incident. BTW Planned parenthood is not the only organization that provides health care for low income women. Send my tax dollars to another organization and hold them responsible to follow the letter of the law and protect our young girls and women.