Prosser Allegedy Chokes Fellow Justice

After initial reports surfaced that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser assaulted fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in her chambers in the presence of other justices during a heating discussion over Governor Scott Walker’s controversial anti-collective bargaining law, neither justice would comment on the story.  But now Bradley has publicly confirmed the story.

According to Bradley, she was demanding Prosser leaver her office as a result of the disagreement.  Instead Prosser “put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold” Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

For his part Prosser denies the allegations and some have even accused Bradley of initiating the violence.

While the details remain sketchy, sources say Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was notified of the incident and that the matter was called to the attention of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, a body that investigates allegations of misconduct involving judges.

Prosser has a history of abusive behavior toward his female colleagues.  Last year he exploded at Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson in a closed door meeting and called her a “bitch” while threatening to “destroy” her.  Prosser readily admitted calling the Chief Justice a “bitch” but, like most abusive-types gave the “she had it coming defense.”  In March during his re-election campaign Prosser said “I probably overreacted, but I think it was entirely warranted.  They [Abrahamson and Bradley] are masters at deliberately goading people into perhaps incautious statements.”

If the allegations are true Prosser could be facing a felony charge which should remove him from the bench.  But since nothing in Wisconsin has been going the way things “should” for now Prosser remains employed and Governor Walker’s budget bill law.


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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I believe the women. "They" know how to goad others into incautious statements. "They" are women, one of which, he called "bitch." THE MAN HAS A REAL PROBLEM WITH FEMALES OR FEMALE JUDGES -- "they" have invaded the space that was once the purview of men. I sure wouldn't want to go before a judge with such prejudices and anger. Take his ass down -- off the bench.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna5 years ago

She points him out the door and he grabs her neck with both hands? Sounds like he's very unstable. What kind of judge says destroying someone is warranted?

Gavin Sullivan
Gavin Sullivan5 years ago

This post really shows the depth of your incompetence--even within your chosen profession. Truly disgraceful--even for a fourth-string diploma-mill cog.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y.5 years ago

Unbelievable. Should be an assault charge. A lawsuit at the very least.

From the newspaper stories, sounds like a typical bully who blames the victims by saying 'they were asking for it.'

Also sounds like a typical rape/assault defense from the lowest kind of perps, not an officer of the bench. Impeachment, anyone?

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley5 years ago

Prosser sounds like a real piece of work. What an immature idiot for saying that he is a judge. How could you respect someone like that?

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Hillary... wher do you get the anger management thing? DO you think all men need anger management. And this woman is a Supreme court justice, not a timid little flower scared of her own shadow. This is a woman of power so I doubt she was scared to say antyhing about it... plus the many witnesses. Once the details come out, we will that this was purely a set-up to frame Prosser, at which point Bradley should resign.

Hillary B.
HG B.5 years ago

Cont'd /Paul B.: ...mined about politics. If Prosser were Dem. I'm sure you would say his actions required responsibility. That lack of responsibility is what I think is different about Dem's and Repub's. Democrats show responsibility to the people by supporting social programs, Social Sec., Medicare & now healthcare for all of us. Republicans want to cut them all and give tax breaks to corporations and the super rich. I could say I'm sorry, b/c I gladly take responsibility b/c I have empathy. You don't have empathy for a woman who was poss.assaulted. What does that say about you or your precious Republican's. Nothing good.

Hillary B.
HG B.5 years ago

I think we can add Paul B. to the list of who needs anger management classes. His invective and painting everyone with a broad brush paints you as a person who has a political agenda and some serious anger management problems. Your anger plus lack of facts makes you a non credible source. Paul, you haven't shown evidence, just a story that you claim is true. Where exactly have you found this story? What news publication of any merit has published this story? Where are your sources, their sources? Your transparency is obvious to anyone who understands critical thinking. You have to have provable, credible evidence to claim truth, and you haven't, despite your vitriol. As a so-called 'Lefty' you will write off what I have to say, but you shouldn't. Your opinions should be informed by facts. The fact that this person has had a proven history of sexism, yet you "suspected it was a hoax from the start" doesn't make you perceptive. It means that you seem to lean toward sexism yourself, which is extremely troubling all on it's own. Do you really think a woman would lie about being assaulted, let alone for political purposes. Women feel scared & victimized after attack, and therefore it takes courage to come forward. You should be worried that an abuser might be in this position, not questioning the authenticity of the victim. Sadly you have proven nothing but that there are still some among us who are hateful and full of bias. Like you implied, your positions have been pre-deter

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Dear Jessica, I asked if once the truth emerged would you post a retraction to this accusatory story to shut your peeps up. I knew this was all a set-up and it was. Truth comes out from other witnesses. Here it is. Prosser and other justices went looking for bradley and abrahamson who were hanging in her office, delaying a vote that was to take place. An argument ensued, she approached him with fists raised, some nose-to-nose yelling, etc. Prosser put up his hands onto her shoulders to push her back as her buddy abrahamson told her to back off, "this isn't like you" she said, then physically pulled her off of Prosser at which time she begins yelling, "he choked me". Abrahamson said, "no he didn't". So there it is.
hese lefties activitsts, even judges, will stop at nothing, even lying to get their way. The ends always justifies the means continues to be the presiding rule of engagement for the left.

Why they continually get away with acts like that is beyond me. Whatever happened to earning respect for honesty, discipline, integrity, character, doing what you are supposed to do? Bradley has none of those qualities and should be kicked off the bench for making that false accusation and acting that way... lying to get Prosser in trouble.
I suspected it was all a hoax from the start. Where's the apology from all the posters on this thread?!?!?! Like I will EVER get one from a lefty.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

I wonder if Prosser will be sentenced with anger management classes, community service, and a formal apology to Bradley?