Recycling Revolution: Four B Corps Rethink Recycling in Two Innovative Partnerships

Why send your recycling to waste management when you could get something out of it first? Four B Corps asked themselves this question and recognized the business opportunity in doing good by the planet. They got creative and two partnerships were formed, one between Preserve and Recyclebank, the other between Method and United By Blue, which bring B to B connections to a whole new level.

Preserve and Recyclebank have just partnered up to connect the recycling that is at the core of Preserve’s products with the rewards system of Recyclebank. Preserve’s Gimme 5 program encourages people to donate their #5 plastic recyclables at retail locations, such as Whole Foods and local co-ops, to be recycled into Preserve’s products. Recyclebank, a fellow B Corp, incentivizes green actions with points that are tracked virtually online and can be redeemed for discounts and rewards at local and national businesses. Now through Preserve and Recyclebank’s new partnership, people can log their Gimme 5 contributions with the Gimme 5  iPhone app, or at and earn Recyclebank points. They can also collect points by sending back Preserve products at the end of their use. Then those same Recyclebank points can be “recycled” to get discounts on new Preserve products. So if someone donates their yogurt cups, or sends back their toothbrush, they can get a discount on a new toothbrush. Consumers are rewarded directly for every responsible action they take and Preserve receives a steady supply of recyclables to make their products. Recycling made fun and meaningful. 

Method and United By Blue have also formed an unique partnership that reinforces their environmental missions. Method makes environmentally-conscious and design-driven home care, fabric care and personal care products. United By Blue is a fashion company that makes ocean-friendly apparel and accessories. The two, at first glance seem like an unlikely pair for a partnership. However, Method and United By Blue have found a way to further each other’s environmental missions.

Method is creating a line of products sold in bottles made from plastics cleaned up from ocean waste. Getting all that plastic out of the ocean and into new bottles is no easy feat. Good thing they have a fellow B Corp who collects the nation’s most consistent stream of ocean plastics. United By Blue cleans up one pound of ocean waste for every item they sell. The two, four, and five plastics they collect are then separated by volunteers and UBB staff members and sent to Method for reuse. This partnership allows for thousands of pounds of collected plastics to be reused in a responsible way. 

Through these two innovative partnerships B Corps are redefining environmental responsibility and demonstrating the power of community. Recycling programs are made into smart business models and prove even further that you can do good while doing well in your business.



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Waste is not waste but a resource.

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