Relax, CO2 is Good for You!

Look at the happy elk and blossoming flowers, thriving in the elevated carbon dioxide levels!  Tremble as our jobs are threatened by, um, well, by something!

A new ad campaign promises to alert the unsuspecting American public to a major boondoggle: global climate change caused by human activity. And what’s the latest outrageous lie? That higher levels of CO2 are bad for you and bad for the planet. Fortunately, we have friends at two new organizations, who are revealing that the international scientific community is manipulating us into believing we’ve got to act now against the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The Washington Post reports that long-time oil industry executive H. Leighton Steward has teamed with Corbin J. Robertson Jr., chief executive of and leading shareholder in Natural Resource Partners, a Houston-based owner of coal resources, to get out the message that higher CO2 levels will actually help the Earth’s ecosystems. They have invested $1 million into two new organizations, one to lobby, one to educate the public. How lucky we are that these fearless oil and coal industry executives are leading this charge for truth.

Forgive the sarcasm.  If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry.  Once again, dirty energy industry veterans, who have made millions working for the industries that are undermining the health of the planet, are using their copious funds to “set the record straight” on global warming, this time with an eye to defeating the cap and trade legislation that is coming before Congress in the Waxman Markey bill.

According to the Guardian, Co2isgreen is running this ad in New Mexico and Montana.  It begins: “Congress is considering a law that would classify carbon dioxide as polution. This will cost us jobs.”  The ad finishes with a bracing reminder to go to the co2is green website “because we ALL need CO2.”

It goes without saying that these gentlemen have the right to free speech and to spend their money in promoting it.  As citizens, it’s our job to question and educate, expose and maybe, lampoon.  The cynical manipulation of “facts” in service to a doomed industry would be sad, except that the stakes are high.  Our system is controlled by those with deep pockets and friends in high places.  It is up to the rest of us to debunk the lies and defend our planet and our future.

Happy elk possibly enjoying the elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Photo: Jan Tyler Photos


LMj Sunshine

Thank you for sharing.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for sharing.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for sharing.

Ron U.
Ron U.5 years ago
for those think that co2 can't kill plants...hmmm....I predict there will be more sickness amoung people in low lying areas than people in higher lying areas..I also believe that as there is more co2..the more our water gets acidic..the more it gets acidic the sicker you are going to get...the more acidic the population gets the more evil the population gets if you want to call it evil...this is armogeddiin if we can't stop it....

Kyle M.
Kyle M.6 years ago

Yes CO2 might be good for plants to thrive and grow but do any of you think about what the CO2 is doing to our oceans that are absorbing this CO2. If you dont know vegetation isn't the only thing that absorbs CO2. The Oceans store about 38,000 GT of CO2, and every year that number is increasing. This leads to ocean acidification which leads to Coral Bleaching and the destruction of underwater ecosystems. Sometimes nature isn't as simple as big corporations what you to believe. Anything out of the sight of the main population is fair game to destroy.

Tourism R.
Past Member 6 years ago

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Charles W.
Charles Webb6 years ago

I agree that global warming is not man-made. We all need to relax. The earth isn't that delicate. It has survived all this time without our help.

Robert S.
Robert S.6 years ago

Well, one option for the coal companies is to turn their coal ash dumping acres into a CO2 sink, by have the feds and UN collect all of society's raw sewage, unwanted farm manure or guano, lawn and hedge clipping, autumn leaves, and the normally unrecyclible pulp left over fom newspaper recycling, plow under and mix all that 'dirty' compost with the coal ash acres, and plant fast-growing Bamboo there to be turned into artificial hardwood that would lessen the demand from trees in the rain forest and absorb lots of CO2. Also, if this 'dirty' compost in coal ash areas that are NEVER going to be cleaned up by the EPA or anyone else, is used exclusively for growing bamboo, trees, corn or other BioFuel crops exclusively for make paper pulp or wood or Ethanol, never for food crops, it could become a permanent way to lessen the CO2 impact of the coal industry using our endless supply of raw sewage, etc. It's a 'dirty' solution to help in the direction of helping the environment. The thing's stumbling block is the SCALE of the idea, on a national or global scale it would work, especially using the millions of non-violent (pot-smokers) prisoners the USA has to do the labor part to expiate their sentences to do this 'dirty' compost growing of all this. On a local scale, not cost-efective, but the point is, we got an option we should not overlook for the global health of our environment.

kevaquarian E.
kevaquarian E.6 years ago

So great to know that at least some people on these forums are onto it with their own research on this crucial topic. Thanks for joining in and helping to point others toward the truth about so-called 'human caused global warming'.
Anyone still going along with the corrupt IPCC's propaganda - please do your own research!!

Johnathan S.
Johnathan S.7 years ago

Wow! Thank you so much Nancy! Showing people that CO2 is a fundamental part of our eco-system and helps more plants grow! ... Oh wait, that was sarcasm? So instead of providing us with actual information as to why your opinion is correct, you will just write about how big evil companies are trying to pollute our minds and we should all hate them since they want the world to end?

Nancy you have to realize that these companies don't care about good or bad, they only want more profits. If they could get billions of dollars by spreading peace through the world and helping stop wars, they would be just as eager to enforce that as they currently do supporting the opposite. Don't fall victim to the simplistic ideals of there being such a thing as good and bad people. There are only people, and everyone is capable of good or bad actions. Even if the message these companies are sending are for the wrong reasons, they still contain simple truths as to how our ecosystem works.