Repro Roundup: Veterans Take Out Rude Abortion Protester and Other News

It’s just a few more days before the city of Albuquerque, N.M., will vote on an amendment to ban late-term abortions (i.e., after 20 weeks). Early voting on the subject ends today, with the rest of the city able to vote on November 19. Turnout for early voting has been massive, including a number of voters who used Veterans Day on Monday to exercise their constitutional right.

Also using the holiday to express his constitutional rights was anti-choice activist Rives Grogan. Grogan disrupted a Veterans Day memorial ceremony in New Mexico, where he was promptly overwhelmed by the very veterans he was disrespecting.

Depending on which way the vote goes on election day, there may no longer be any post 20 week abortions in Albuquerque, the home of one of the few later abortion providers in the country. Just in case that does happen, Valencia County, N.M., which lies directly to the south, has had its own abortion opponents begin efforts to put a county-wide ban into place there, as well. The county ordinance would be able to be voted into effect just with a majority of commissioners’ approval, unlike the public voting process occurring in its neighbor to the north.

In international news, a woman who was miscarrying in Buenos Aires is fighting back against police who arrested her on suspicion of inducing an abortion, as well as the obstetrician who not only informed the cops in violation of her medical privacy, but allegedly withheld care and pain killers as a means of punishing her for her “crime.” Although the doctor in question appears to have not only violated medical ethics as well as acted maliciously, that is what happens in a world where abortion is criminalized and every miscarriage then becomes suspect and can potentially be investigated at the whim of a physician.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a doctor who wants to limit the right to an abortion in that country said that a pregnant person dying of an infection from an illegal abortion would mean that she got “exactly what she deserved for trying to kill her own child.” However, at least he isn’t sexist — he also said, ”It disappoints me that men can sire children, decide to kill them, and that they do not need to risk their neck in the process.”

Michigan is another step closer to banning insurance coverage of abortion, with anti-choice activists beginning a public relations campaign to convince voters to ask for a separate charge for any person who wants their insurance policy to cover abortion. In Ohio, a bill is being introduced that would do the same, as well as stop some insurance plans from covering birth control. Even more devastating, it could forbid public hospitals from allowing any abortion to be performed for any reason except to treat an ectopic pregnancy. A Colorado hospital is in the midst of a dispute over a gag order because doctors are being told that they cannot even mention abortion, even if the patient’s health is at risk.

It all makes sense when you think about it, though. After all, denying access to birth control was the real reason the Pilgrims came to America, according to the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins.

Another teen is in danger of spending massive time in jail for giving birth to a stillborn baby, this time because she admitted using cocaine a few days earlier in her pregnancy. This is just the latest case in a disturbing trend to punish teens for not giving birth to healthy babies when they get pregnant. At the same time, abortion opponents who claim to care about the health of teen girls are up in arms that they have access to contraception, especially emergency contraception, yet have little concern for the health effects of them being pregnant and giving birth. A new move to restrict access to Plan B for everyone is using that “available to teens” scare tactic to try to get the product removed from the shelves all together.

On a brighter note, Congressional Democrats have gone on the offense and introduced a Woman’s Health and Safety Act, the first piece of national proactive, pro-reproductive rights legislation since the ill-fated Freedom of Choice Act petered out in the late 2000′s.

Thank goodness, since obviously, we’re going to need it.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven5 months ago

thanks for the article.

Rainbow W.
.2 years ago

I’ve said it a million times: how can people be so stupid to think that their right to breed trumps that child’s right to be born into a safe environment. They are better off dead then suffering this unbelievable torment. There’s 400+ million unwanted children in the world and these idiots are just adding to it. What’s appalling is people who don’t give a shit for the child and just want to assuage their conscience to spread suffering and ignorance.

Rainbow W.
.2 years ago

“The majority of people do not believe in aborting babies if it causes them pain, or if they are viable, or to be used as a convenient birth control measure.”
If that were true many countries wouldn't give them the option. Furthermore, we are talking about a lump of cells not a baby. Mammals aren't viable until the last term of gestation.

“When a society takes a devil-may-care attitude towards human life”
Like creating life and not giving a shit what happens after? Take a day and experience what I do. You would change your tune. I see children abandoned, sexual, physically and mentally tortured. [] “In 2011, Texas had 211,949 total referrals for child abuse and neglect. Of those, 178,605 reports were referred for investigation. In 2011, 63,474 children were victims of abuse or neglect in Texas…”
And trust me this doesn’t tell the whole story. They try to say it’s decreased, but I can tell you it’s increased. Rethuglicans restrict abortions, shut down Planned Parenthoods [98% of their services are birth control], cut funding to care for the increasing flood of children created by this stupidity and expect us to deal with the never ending waves of children coming through the door.

When you see people chain a child under a hot TX house, let them nearly starve and fire ants eat their eyes out you will be thankful for late term abortions.

I’ve said

Ellen Gaston
Ellen Gaston2 years ago

Suba, women already have the right to have an abortion. The majority of people do not believe in aborting babies if it causes them pain, or if they are viable, or to be used as a convenient birth control measure. When a society takes a devil-may-care attitude towards human life, considering a potential life disposable and unworthy of any consideration no matter what, there are bigger issues than how oppressed you feel. If a person doesn't want their baby, they can put it up for adoption or get an abortion before it can "walk itself to the bus." Severing the spinal cord, tearing them apart limb by limb or burning them to death with caustic chemicals when they can feel it seems very unreasonable of a demand just for one's convenience or saving face. That one single person would be so compelled to consider this horror to be their defining "principal" to fight for is remarkable. That there are so many espousing this view is utterly appalling.

Ellen Gaston
Ellen Gaston2 years ago

Wow, it's good to see some common sense based on science that has found babies can feel pain at 20 weeks. Plus 55% of Americans now oppose abortion or believe in restrictions. Being rude to Vets is wrong, either way. As to the new bill to "protect women's rights," Roe V. Wade has pretty much already settled the matter. This bill is a ploy to use women as useful idiots. Do you really think these politicians really give a rat's ass about a woman's right to choose? Talk about gullible. Abortion on demand is not something I want my country to accept.

Mary L.
Mary L.2 years ago

Way to go Vets!

Carole L.
Carole L.2 years ago

Nikolas K.
“People need to learn that everything has a consequence so instead of killing an unborn child just dont create it in the first place or do women lack the understanding of what the word no means.”

women understand what “no” means however, not all men 'understand' “no”, as well as not wanting to "take a bath with their 'sox' on". Do you understand the meaning of “no”?

Vrishni S.2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this important news.

Hugh W.
.2 years ago

As I have always said, this really should be in the hands of women without men's intervention or voice.

As for the anti-choicers or "pro-life", there are 18M children in the US that go hungry everyday. There are around 5M worldwide that die annually due to malnutrition and starvation. There are countless people being killed in wars. What are you doing for those already alive, outside of the womb? How about we start there first? After that has been addressed, then I might sit down and listen to whatever else you have to say. Before that time, don't preach to me about being "pro-life", because you aren't.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se2 years ago