Republicans Filibuster Cordray At Consumer Protection Bureau

Senate Republicans could not have sent a louder message that they have no interest in appealing to middle class voters on Thursday. After a long-awaited vote for confirmation, Senate Republicans blocked the confirmation of former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Fifty three senators voted to confirm Cordray, but 45, all Republicans, opposed the nomination. In the end only Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) broke ranks to support Cordray.

The administration responded by making it clear a recess appointment remained a possibility, especially because, as Republicans themselves admit, the vote was only about trying to kill the agency in its entirety.

Cordray, of course, was not the administration’s first choice to lead the agency. Elizabeth Warren was. But Warren’s record of speaking truth to Wall Street power combined with a Wall Street-entrenched presence in the Republican party made her confirmation impossible. Cordray was seen as confirmable-yet-tough. The fact that Republicans opposed this appointment demonstrates just how against consumer protection measures they really are.

It is also a good reminder of how radicalized the Republican party has become. No minority party in the Senate, prior to this vote, has decided to bring an agency to a halt by refusing to allow any votes on any nominee to run it.

Democrats have been urging President Obama to move toward recess appointments since Republicans adopted the filibuster against all executive nominations as part of doing business in Washington. Perhaps now, as he’s faced with the most radical and destructive Senate in history, President Obama will finally move in that direction.


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Philip Knickerbocker

Yet they can all come together and vote on legislation that will make any US citizen a possible terror suspect and lock us up without a trial. There all traitors, not dimes worth of difference between any of them.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

The Rs have always hated any organization that protects the people from crooked businessmen.

They screamed loud and hard during the depression at FDR too. "Stop protecting the people from us." They don't feel customers need protection. If they are stupid enough to believe our advertisements then they SHOULD be fleeced. They do NOT want this agency protecting todays consumers from them.

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Republicans Filibuster.....nuff said right there, that is ALL they are capable of doing.

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago


Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Make the Republican'ts really fillibuster if they are going to misuse this tactic, see how long they like staying in session having someone holding the floor by talking non-stop for as long as it takes to kill the bill.The rules for fillibustering should have been rewritten so that it would take a simple majority (51) vote to invoke cloture to break a fillibuster instead of a super majority (60) thereby making this abomination to a democratic system of government moot.

Alfred Supe
Alfred Supe5 years ago

This is just a typical republican tactic: approve a Consumer Rights Agency, or whatever, then refuse to approve anyone to head up said agency - unless, of course, the person to be selected is Bernie Madoff. They care NOTHING for the middle class - or, at least , what is left of the middle class. They would prefe to have NO middle class, only the trillionaires and the rest of us, the serfs.

Janet K.
Janet K5 years ago

The GOP apparently can't see how repugnant they are.

James Gerard
James Gerard5 years ago

If Cordray can not get confirmed, he might consider following directly in the footsteps of Elizabeth Warren. With the publicity he now has, he could hopefully find an obnoxious Republican Senator or Representative, and run against the person. If this happens, Obama should pick his next nominee from a district with a particularly obnoxious Senator, with the clear understanding that if the nominee is not confirmed, the same events will happen again. The idea that this sequence could snowball is quite amusing, and even a real possibility. Imagine how much attention this sequence would generate. It would make Cordray a very difficult candidate to beat. It would be a splendid bit of political Aikido, using the energy of the opponent to defeat him.

Mo Va
Mo Va5 years ago

As you know, Republican party is known as the party of NO. Also, want to confirm that Republicans are against Department of Consumer Affair run by county/city government. Republicans always support BBB as BBB is run by greedy rich business and republican politicians.

Chad A.
Chad A5 years ago

Other than making a big show for powerful wealthy interests who want to continue defrauding the public, what do you accomplish by stopping consumer protection from going forward?