Republicans To Poor: Let Them Eat Bombs!

Congressional Republicans are heading into the 2012 election by doubling down on largess to their two favorite special interest groups — the richest of the rich, and the military.† In an attempt to show both of those constituents how important they are, the House GOP will be concocting a plan to back out of their agreement over deficit spending by allowing defense spending cuts, and asking the poor to take the hit instead.

Via Talking Points Memo, “…House Republicans are set to advance legislation to replace automatic defense spending cuts they agreed to last year with cuts to programs for the poor and working class….The proposal ó which is an outgrowth of the budget the House GOP overwhelmingly voted for late March ó would cut some $261 billion from health care programs, food stamps, unemployment benefits and child tax credits, among others. It constitutes a violation of the GOPís end of the debt-limit deal, which included painful sacrifices for both parties if the Congress failed to reach a bipartisan deficit-reduction agreement.”

If the GOP really wanted to avoid defense spending cuts, it wouldn’t be difficult to simply allow the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans to expire — as they were intended to do — in order to pay for them.† But Republicans aren’t about to consider hurting the financial firepower of those who contribute the most to funding their campaigns (or voting to increase their own taxes, considering the majority of Congress are millionaires themselves).† So once more, they propose that the social safety net be gutted in order to appease every one of their favorite constituents.

In the end, it hardly matters.† As with most of the proposals put out by the House GOP, it will never become law due to a divided Senate.† But the bills drawn up by the House are a stark reminder of what exactly the Republican party would do if they had full control over the legislature, and no checks on their power.† A reminder of who would benefit, and who is likely to pay the price for it.

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Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago


Sarah L.
Past Member 4 years ago

Marie Antionette never said "Let them eat cake" If you do a lot of looking up she is a great strong brave queen.

Wayne Smyer
Wayne Smyer4 years ago

To all the beloved Tee-Bragging GOPers! What is there about the stupid Koch-Succors that you don't understand???

Wayne Smyer
Wayne Smyer4 years ago

To all the beloved Tee-Bragging GOPers! What is there about the stupid Koch-Succors that you don't understand???

Nadine Hudak
Nadine H.4 years ago

vote democratic, we have had enough of big money. I hope this all ends soon!

Stefan Dwornik

Does this surprise people, because if it does then you haven't watched the news, debates, comments from Republican presidential hopefuls. They have been clear. End S. Security, subsidized school meals for indigent children, continue subsidies and tax breaks for corporations (like big oil/coal), and the wealthy(who own a lot of stock in corrupt industries such as oil, coal, insurance, corporate farms,etc.....) not to mention their answers to unreal College tuition- Borrow from your parents, now why didn't the rest of us think of that. Never mind that we don't all have parents with the checkbooks' of Rupert Murdoch, or the fact that so many college grads can't find jobs and are having to move back in with their parents. Land of the enslaved,demoralized,with the graft & corrupt again seeking the political power to continue the legacy of George W. Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judge you, thanks I'm clear that is solely GOD'S dominion, and I'll stick to TRUTH, GOOD JUDGEMENT (GOD'S WILL).

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley4 years ago

Shameful, but nothing surprises me about the GOP now.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

The author of this article is really making a mountain out of a mole hill or acting like a little 3 year old and crying before there is a problems. For instance she says, "House GOP will be concocting". What is "will be" and how is that something that we should be concerned with on a blog. It is Obama's ways of trying to stir up the war paint against the Republicans when nothing has happened yet.

The author is either mean spirited, paid by the DNC or just plain stupid.

Patricia G.
Patricia Gal4 years ago

VOTE DEMOCRATIC....get rid of these greedy rebels which do nothing but stir up havoc. It's just my view but I find them to act and speak like very obnoxious people.
Obama get your FORWARD in motion and let's move up and onward with our campaingn

Patricia G.
Patricia Gal4 years ago

GOP...they make me nauseated. They are such ugly & greedy individuals that do nothing more than create havoc and grief.