Rescue of the Week: Igloo Dog Leaps into Warm Car

I first saw Beauty in early December on a country road in Liberty County, Texas.  It was obvious she was lactating and desperate for food.  Because of traffic, I couldn’t stop, and when I got to a point I could turn around and go back, she was gone.

Two days later, I saw her again and immediately stopped my car and got out food, water and bowls I had been carrying around in the trunk of my car.  She wouldn’t come near the food until I had gotten back in my car and started to drive away.  I had to take pictures of her through the back window of my car, as she would run off if I got out of the car.

It took about 4 days of feeding her for her to let me get close enough to touch her and see the beautiful nest she had built in the woods for her two pups.  Of course that nest had no cover, so I think she was grateful for the igloo I was able to obtain and drag into the woods next to to the nest.  However, on the 5th day, after a freeze the night before, she decided she was ready to be rescued.

I checked on her early that morning after realizing the temperature had gone to freezing the night before, and after making sure she and her puppies were ok in the igloo, I headed back to my car, not realizing she was following me.  I opened the driver’s door to get in and before I could, she jumped in, sat in the passenger seat and loooked at me as though to say, “go get my babies and let’s get out of here!”  She hadn’t allowed me to touch her babies before this, but she knew I wouldn’t hurt them and only wanted to help her and the babies.  I wrapped the pups up in the soft fluffy towel I had put in the igloo that morning and took them all home.

They were all taken in by a vet clinic in South West Houston where they were nursed back to health, and both puppies were quickly adopted.  Beauty is still at the clinic going through heartworm treatment.  Once she has completed her treatment, she will be spayed and will then be looking for a home.  Beauty will need to be in a home with only male dogs, or no other dogs, and no children, as she doesn’t seem to like kids or female dogs.  She’s about 5 years old, very sweet and very protective of those she loves and trusts.

MORE PHOTOS OF BEAUTY & HER PUPPIES Don’t miss out on other sweet photos of Beauty and her pups with their rescuer Wendy Harwood and please, share your rescue stories & photos too!


Any responsible pet owner in the region who would like to learn more about adopting Beauty may contact the West Alabama Animal Clinic, 2030 West Alabama, Houston, TX  77096.  Phone (713) 528-0818.

This weekly column chronicles the heroic actions of everyday animal lovers like you who are saving lives as part of the The Great Animal Rescue Chase.


Laura Simpson is the Founder of The Great Animal Rescue Chase and Harmony Fund.


Photo credit: Wendy Harwood
Written By Wendy Harwood of Texas


W. C
W. C7 days ago

Thank you.

William C
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anne s.
Tom R2 years ago

Awesome story that she rescued them. What a trusting dog

Erin H.
Erin H3 years ago

Interesting article, thank you

Hopefully Beauty will find a happy and loving new home very soon

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Roslyn McBride3 years ago

Always good to read to read rescue stories - hope the mother dog gets a good home.

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Wendy Harwood is a hero! She saved three precious lives.

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Jessica Story3 years ago

Heart-warming story & what a wonderful mum Beauty is, I hope she gets re-homed soon!

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Cool! Beauty knew a kind hearted rescuer when she saw one. What a beautiful story for a real Beauty!

Jeannet Bertelink

Thank you so much. Big kiss for you and the dogs.!