Robin Wright’s Facebook Tribute to Ambassador Stevens

by Robin Wrightthis tribute appeared on Facebook this morning.

The death of Chris Stevens is a travesty. He represented the very best of American diplomacy. He knew the streets, not just the elites. He had an infectious enthusiasm about the extraordinary history playing out across the Middle East, which he witnessed up close.

He got it. He spoke the language and knew the culture. He never flinched even slightly about the dangers—whether serving in a country when Qaddafi was in power, or heading the US office in Benghazi during Libya’s uprising, or going back to become ambassador during a difficult transition. The United States has lost an incredible envoy. And I have lost a wonderful friend.

He was also one of the sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever known. I was at his swearing-in ceremony at the State Department this spring and, with a great smile on his face, he urged me to visit Libya. “It’s fascinating,” he said. We’d been in email contact just last week because I was making plans to visit Libya next month. I’m just sick. What a loss for his wonderful family and the nation. And, frankly, the Libyan people too.

NOTE: Robin Wright is a highly respected Middle East expert who covered the region for CBS News and the LATimes.  She is the author of Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World, e author The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran, Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East, Flashpoints: Promise and Peril in a New World, In the Name of God: Khomeini Decade, Sacred Rage: The Crusade of Modern Islam


AP Photo of Chris Stevens by Ben Curtis


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

Ambassador Stevens had many friends from all over the world, from all sides of politics. He had a great sense of humor and was an excellent diplomat. I can't claim I knew him, but have read so many stories from his many friends, that I know the world lost a great human. My deepest condolences to his family.

Frank S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Lee, your missing the point, but thats OK. You have yourself a great day and a wonderfull life.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

Frank S - it is the blatant ignorance of some that has necessitated political correctness. Let's face it, murderers are not animals. Animals are not murderers. Unfortunately for far too many in our society, the negative connotations associated with animals correlates with the perception that animals are and should be disposable. We need to start thinking how words impact those of which or whom they are spoken. There is nothing wrong with political correctness, but there is something wrong with spouting off without any forethought of how those words may be interpreted. And it's not the Liberals who are ruining this country, nor is Obama. It may be Obama and the Liberals who are finally able to bring this country back to what we are supposed to stand for. Btw Frank, what does your having animals have to do with anything. Words and actions can be synonymous in implications, overall. Think first, then speak.

Tamara Hayes
Tamara Hayes4 years ago

Why is it that whenever a truly great person comes along and is actually making a difference, they get taken down. This idiot who made the film should be dragged thru the streets of Cairo and Libya and then lets see how strongly he defends the tragedy he has created.

My heart goes out to Chris Stevens family and friends and to our nation who has lost a truly wonderful representative of what America should be all about.

Frank S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Lee W. please spare me the bleeding heart routine when it comes to mentioning animals, as I have 3 horses , goats in my barn, 4 cats 2 dogs, ducks and wild geese that live in my pond and all have shelter in my barn including the turkeys.

Sorry if I don't speak too politically correct, but political correctness is destroying this once great nation. If your looking for political correctness just listen to Obama and the rest of his political friends and watch them destroy what little respect this country has left.

Do you think those murderers in the Middle East worry about being politically correct!

Lee Witton
4 years ago

Frank S - don't EVER compare vicious killers as animals. Animals are wonderful; always! And, yes, there are horrid people there but there are also good people who want a chance at a Democracy. It is words like you that incense and frankly Frank, I'm incensed that you would demonize animals for those who are the spawn of Satan. It's as we've been hearing the past couple of days since the murders of our own, "you don't yell fire in a crowded theater". Hopefully those responsible for the killings will be brought to justice. Four have been taken into custody. Stop with the same kind of rhetoric that were at least in part for the atrocities committed against these innocent men!

DORIS L.4 years ago

Rest in Peace Chris Stevens, and those who died that same day.

Frank S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Over a decade of fighting these animals in the Middle East is "ENOUGH" and must STOP.

I believe in GOD and Jesus Christ. but I don't go around killing people who insult my beliefs.
My God can handle himself, so I quess Allah can't handle his or her problems and needs the help of these MORONS in the Middle East to do his biding. He or she doesn't sound like much of a god to me.

If the United States had true Leaders [instead of POLITICIANS] the problems in the Middle East would have been solved shortly after Sept 11th


Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper4 years ago

Unbelievable really.

Arild Warud
Arild Warud4 years ago

Tragic loss.