Romney Camp: We’ll Continue Lying, Because It’s Working

The campaign of Mitt Romney said bluntly Tuesday that they were going to continue running untruthful ads about President Barack Obama, because the ads are working.

Despite universal agreement among independent fact-checkers that Romney is lying about Obama’s welfare policy, Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse said that wouldn’t deter the campaign.

“Fact checkers come to this with their own sets of thoughts and beliefs, and we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers,” Newhouse told BuzzFeed.

Romney strategist Ashley O’Connor agreed, telling ABC News that the ad was “new information.”

The “new information” in the ad is that Obama plans to eliminate work requirements added to welfare in the 1996 reform law signed by President Bill Clinton. This information is new to voters because it is flatly untrue; the Obama administration is simply not doing what the Romney campaign claims they are doing.

The Obama administration has offered waivers that would allow states some flexibility in setting rules for welfare. These waivers were requested by both Democratic and Republican governors, who are looking for new ways to move people from welfare to work in a stagnant economy. Bob Haskins, who worked as a Republican staffer for welfare policy during the Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton administrations, told NPR flatly, “There’s no plausible scenario under which [Obama's policy] really constitutes a serious attack on welfare reform.”

Nevertheless, the Romney campaign has gone ahead with the ads, which claim that Obama has simply eliminated the work requirement for welfare.

The ads’ complete falsity and attack on welfare recipients has made it clear that the Romney campaign is seeking to use race as a wedge issue, in order to peel off enough white votes from Obama to win the election. With Romney cracking birther jokes and ripping the NAACP, it’s become pretty obvious that Romney is trying to stoke the fires of racial resentment in order to oust the country’s first African American president.

Romney is so intent on a racist campaign that he’s willing to flat-out lie to do so. Will it work? That’s up to the American people to decide.

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Lee Witton
4 years ago

T.S. should be B.S. because yes Kevin, he is a liar, and a fraud.
Obama hasn't been divisive, ever. He's tried working across party lines to a 'hell no' party who are hell bent on trying to make him a one term president. That's wishful thinking on their part. And, he's not pitted any race against another. The Republicans have done that all on their own (ya just gotta laugh at how Clinton stated so appropriately at the Democratic National Convention, "it takes brass to accuse others of doing what your doing.") And, doesn't it just! You are a fool TS/BS and you sicken me!

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

T.S.-Still slinging the same old tired lies that pass for right wing talking points, I see. They are lies, you are a liar, and you are tiresome and pendantic to boot.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

T S - I refuse to address you as (you know) because what you are telling is lies, and nothing but. As far as "cult" (little giggles), Liberals are the least likely to be considered "cult members". You really ought to brush up T S. If you are looking for a cult in which you wish to curse, try casting aspersions at Willard and his little wife, Ann. The Mormon religion is a true cult. It's not about God, nor goodness and charity (unless it's within Church). And I doubt you are a Mormon now T S, but you may well be when you die cause they like to baptize the dead. Anyway T S, you really have nothing to contribute so why bother to post here?

Michael G.
Michael T4 years ago

David C.

I would like to alert you to the experience I have had with this Care2 member calling itself truth s.

Like me, you might begin receiving personal private emails from this individual in which they repeat what they posted over and over again.

That is until you click on to their profile and block them from contacting you.

Or you can allow yourself to receive these emails and laugh at them.

Just thought you ought to know the level of intelligence you are dealing with.

David C.
David C4 years ago

Truth S. You're ignorant of politics and history, and out of touch with reality. You throw around "socialism" and in your pin-size brain think Obama is a socialist. You don't know the meaning of the word. When Churchill spoke the quote you provided, he referred to socialism as in the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Learn some history.

There is no worship of Obama. He is a man trying to return this country to economic sanity. He ain't perfect but he's doing his best. Today's Republicans are radicals who have destroyed a noble party. They wish to enshrine policies that will complete destruction of the middle class, policies that lead to the rich/poor divide, a Gini coefficient, that's characteristic of corrupt third world countries, naked capitalist policies that led to the 2007/8 economic disaster and to the economic instability typical of the 19th century US.

Romney lacks core beliefs.. He flips and flops like a recently caught fish. I've watched 15 presidential elections, never saw a candidate who contradicts himself with such frequency. He gives no policies. Says he'll cut tax rates (helping himself) and increase defense spending. He expects us to believe that this will reduce the deficit and create 14 million jobs. More jobs than have ever been created in a single presidential term in US history.

I don’t have to worship Obama to see him as the better candidate. Wake up Truth S.

Michael G.
Michael T4 years ago

Funny how someone claiming truth as their name can be so full of sh*t with their messages.

Really do some research. The GOP have been more socialistic over the last 30 years than democrats have. Churchill was wrong. So was Maggie and she nearly sunk England into ruin by her efforts. You don't really know what socialism is and yet you parade around as if you are some sort of expert on the subject only to make yourself look the fool.

Obama, if anything is a centrist or corporatist. I am surprised you didn't also call him a Muslim as well.

Everything you said we have heard too many times by airheads blogging this nonsense obtained by forcing their heads in one of the many echo chambers of lies and distortions.

Nice try, but you are the farthest thing from the word truth as one could be. I hope you are enjoying your delusion. Let us know when you come out of it.

Looks like I have to track this troll truth down from forum to forum where he/she/it has dropped this message like guano.

ann paveletz
.5 years ago

They know nothing else to do. Between the both Romney and Ryan you could not get a straight answer yet alone the truth. Ann

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Anyone else note that Michelle's loud raging insulting rant in capital letters has been deleted?

Pay attention Michelle. You are being watched and flagged as inappropriate.

Barbara S.
Barbie S5 years ago

I, unlike pundits, CAN say what I think. This kind of lying rhetoric follows the Nazi agenda, completely. Perhaps it's not PC to say that on TV, but it's obvious to me that's what's happening in the GOP. I have studied WWII History for 25 years; my husband's great-uncles and great-aunts WERE Nazis. His father and his father's brother (both naturalized Americans long before the War) worked with the FBI and CIA to eradicate the Bundts' secret enclaves from our country, and my husband inherited all the journals from that era, so we learned a lot more than we ever expected to know about the Third Reich. This is the GOP play-book. Tell lies enough times, and those who want to belie them, will... Stupid sheeple.

Michelle Vargas-Delgado
Past Member 5 years ago