Romney: Can’t Afford College? Not His Problem

Thanks to student loans, Pell Grants, scholarships, and G.I. bills, higher education has gone from being something that only financially well-off families can attain to a reality for nearly all families.

But presidential candidate Mitt Romney thinks that is no longer necessary.† College should only be for those who can afford it without assistance.† If you can’t, find a cheaper school or just forget about it.

Speaking at a campaign stop, Romney explained, ďIt would be popular for me to stand up and say Iím going to give you government money to pay for your college, but Iím not going to promise that. Donít just go to one that has the highest price. Go to one that has a little lower price where you can get a good education. And hopefully youíll find that. And donít expect the government to forgive the debt that you take on.Ē

As David Firestone of the New York Times stated, “Thatís the face of modern Republican austerity. Donít talk about the value of higher education to the countryís economic future, and donít bother to think about ways to make it more accessible to strapped families. Tell students not to take on more debt than they can afford, wish them well, and move on.”

College costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and not just among the private schools.† With budget cutbacks in many states across the country, public universities are losing subsidies they have grown to rely on as well, and have had to increase their tuition costs dramatically to compensate.† Scholarships are at a premium as more students become unable to afford the full costs of school, and student loan use is almost ubiqitous.

And sadly, with a job market that has been brutal to those under the age of 25, paying off those loans can be a nearly hopeless prospect.

Romney’s answer to that?† He supports Republican attempts to cut Pell grants, which help fund lower income students.† Instead, he says “hopefully” you’ll find an affordable school that is good enough, but otherwise, it’s not his problem.

In Romney’s world, a college education is apparently not meant for everyone.† Just the rich.


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Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago

Why is the man dying his hair?

Debbie G.
Debbie G.4 years ago


LD B.4 years ago

"Being summoned to court is being summoned to court. It is illegal to NOT show up."

Said Court must first have JURISDICTION.

"And, being a legitimate American citizen depends on your parents being citizens with exception to anchor baby laws."

Fourteenth Amendment, Citizenship Clause: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."


Get real.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Being summoned to court is being summoned to court. It is illegal to NOT show up. Why don't you get summoned to court for ANY reason whatsoever & try NOT showing up & see what happens to you. Again, I don't care what the reason was for & I care even less that you think it was an illegitimate charge, but the DA felt they had enough evidence to make a case. BO's attorney sent a letter, saying they would ignore summons & expected case to be dropped. The judge replied that they'd skip case at their own peril. They did & nothing happened, except GA was allotted $8 Bil in loans.

And, being a legitimate American citizen depends on your parents being citizens with exception to anchor baby laws. But I'm sure you didn't bother to check my link b/c you're SO sure of yourself. Liberals just don't want anyone to get bo out of office. I love how they say republicans want nothing more, but in reality, I've NEVER seen a democrat who wanted to keep a republican in office- maybe you're aware of some? "Intellectual fraud" my a$$. All this is about is $ & power. And that's all anything's about anymore. The current dictator is no different than our previous dictator GW...,

LD B.4 years ago

To repeat, Parents' "status" is of no material relevance here, as neither are deciding factors under US Constitution and Immigration Law.

Stop trying to pretend otherwise.

And, your reply re. GA is non-substantive, one that simply evades the underlying matter of jurisdiction.

All you are doing is to willfully continue to ignore those facts which do no support your foregone conclusions, to engage in intellectual fraud.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago


...repeal the antipatriot act AND bo's executive order 12425, etc... I'm sure you're aware of 12425, right? All the liberals whine about GW for the patriot act. And well they should, however, GW didn't have anything to do w/it being extended last year. That was the democrat majority, as the repubs voted mostly against it. Funny the way they both switch sides like that, eh...? Divide & conquer & keep the masses guessing. Confusing the sheeple keeps them at each other's throats & makes them easier to control... Still, executive order 12425 is every bit as bad as the anti-patriot act.

This is one of the many reasons why I don't believe in him or the republicans...

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Irene- His mother & father's status at the time of his birth are in question & it's been established (& ignored by the monkeys) that his father was not a US citizen. Here's what Arapaio's investigation found- just a bit too many discrepancies to believe something's not amiss:

And what about GA? Are you kidding? You don't get out much do you? He was summoned re his lack eligibility to be on GA state ballot. And I don't give a rat's a$$ if you agree or not, but a GA state judge summoned hussein to court & he didn't go. If you or I had done that (before BO arrogantly defied the court, thus giving us an excuse to), we'd be in jail. But it's obvious that $ was worth more than justice. That's the bottom line for demoncrats & republicons alike. Both are rich, powerful, greedy, facist-wanna-bes. As for the "birthers" repeating fraudulent claims- seems to me, it'd be a waste of time to repeat fraudulent claims- again, when he's done other things that are impeachable. But, oh yeah, if they impeach his ass, they'd be called racists. And God forbid Boner gets called a racist- he might cry... These politicians use underhanded tactics all the time to get their way- we need to clean house by whatever means neccessary & start over. Audit the fed, tax the living hell out of outscourcing, restructure taxes, reduce spending, cut wages & benefits for all politicians, seal the borders, repeal the antipatriot act AND bo's

LD B.4 years ago

No inconsistencies re. Birth Certificate. Plus, contemporary Notice of Birth published in HI newspaper(s).

Mother's status neither in question nor of material relevance; ditto re. father, as neither are deciding factors under US Constitution and Immigration Law.

Not only is dual citizenship NOT a disqualification under the Law, but, Laws and Customs of foreign countries do not trump US Constitution and Immigration Law.

The birthers have nothing except fraudulent claims. Repeating the birthers' lies and fantasies will not make them fact.

In re. GA, what standing does GA have in matters re. US citizenship, which is a Federal issue, not a State one?

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Kimberlee- I appreciate your politeness. But Arpaio came up w/a lot more than just a poor excuse for a birth certificate & deserves to be heard. But the liberal media won't let it happen. I didn't believe it all at first, but I do now. Why would so many diff people work so hard, on such an uphill battle, to bring such an unpopular theory to light, for so long? There've been many inconsistencies regarding his certificate, SS #, dad's possible dual citizenship (that alone would disqualify him), mom's status at his birth, etc. The public should get ALL of the facts. Liberals whine that it's racist to want the truth, even though he was elected PARTLY b/c of his color- PARTLY. And, they whine that other republican's should show their birth certificates. But the office of president is the only one that requires US citizenship- well, 'required.' If McCain had won (LOL) it'd be just as important. It's part of the constitution. Then, BO skips a subpoeana to appear in GA court over the issue & the judge didn't even cite him w/contempt. Two days later, GA was awarded an $8BIL loan for a $14BIL project- fact. If it'd been GW, the media would've been on him like a sh&*storm. And I assure you, I am no GW lover. I just want the truth. Regardless of whether or not he's eligeable, it'd be far easier to impeach him over other things. Like most recently, he was warned that he "might" be impeached if he attacks Syria. But the republicans are pansies- their leader is a Boner.

LD B.4 years ago

Not to worry, Kimberlee W., as I don't speak as a liberal, but as a rationalist.

The only thing more deplorable than sloppy thinking is intellectual dishonesty, both of which are in abundance on the part of those who I speak out against.