Romney Has The Rich To Thank For His Victory

The saying that money attracts money seems to be especially true when it comes to the presidential primary.† Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is attracting a lot of wealthy voters, and those voters are responsible for putting him over the top.

According to The Fix, in both Michigan and Ohio, Romney’s thin margins of victory were brought to him by the increased number of those who make more than $100,000 a year showing up to the polls, the majority of them voting for Romney.

Aaron Blake writes, “In both [Ohio and Michigan], the number of wealthy voters grew by about 50 percent ó a pretty stunning increase in that demographic over just a four-year span. And an argument could be made that the increase put Romney over the top. In both states, Romney won this demographic by 14 points but didnít win among any other income demographic. And given he won by such small margins overall ó 1 point in Ohio and 3 points in Michigan ó itís not unreasonable to think he would have lost those states without the uptick in wealthy voters.”

In many ways, the surge of wealthy individuals coming out to vote in the primary is a sure testimony that they see Romney as the more likely of the candidates when it comes to beating President Barack Obama in the general.† But once we get to the general, can there be enough rich voters to put Romney over the top?

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Milan L.
Milan L.4 years ago

The winning candidates votes can never come from "the 1%" In this case ,where there is such obvious correlation between the amount of money spent and votes received, it seems to me that most of our votes are - so to speak - given to the "highest bidder". So, who can we blame for all those wrong people in high places. ?

James K.
Mike Kelly4 years ago

Mitt Rawmoney made his money the old-fashopmed way he waited for his daddy to die.

He took the inheritance money and used it to buy the controlling shares in American companies that needed a little more capital to survive. Since he now controlled the company, he borrowed against everything that the company had left: equipment, machinery, real estate. He even borrowed against the the money that had been set aside to pay the pensions of employees. With all the borrowed money that his Vulture Capitalist company accumulated, he paid himself exorbitant fees and salary. Then he handed the loan debt back to the company, stepped back and watched it drown in the ocean of new debt, leaving workers unemployed and pensionless.

Mitt Rawmoney's base is composed of: the absurdly wealthy plus the mindless, Tea-Bagger goobers that have been duped into swallowing the "job creator" Kool-Ade. Tea is the new GOP KoolAid.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W.4 years ago

I thought you liked Gingrich? What happened? Did he criticize your art?

I can't imagine what made you think that. I opposed him from the beginning, although I did counter lies brought up about him. Unlike most on the left, I reject the notion that it is fair to lie about those you oppose.

After the examples of Wilson and Obama, I would never vote for an academic for president. They lack the requisite grounding in reality.

Lynda Harrison
Lynda Harrison4 years ago

Hey there, Jeffrey W., not everyone who thinks Romney is a total jerk is, as you put it, "steeped in class envy and resentment".

Karen F.
karen Friedman4 years ago

Add insult to injury Ohio has "Joe the Plumber " running on the Repub. ticket. He's in favor of the 999 tax revision. Good luck to anyone poor or middle class. Only the rich will see the bigger pot at the end of their rainbow.

Barbara V.
Barbara V.4 years ago

For the sake of our country and its citizens, let's hope this victory is the only one he'll have.

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer4 years ago

Jeffrey W.

I thought you liked Gingrich? What happened? Did he criticize your art?

Kenny West
Kenny Wes4 years ago

Deborah W.

What do you mean romney came from humble beginnings? what are you stupid?

Kenny West
Kenny Wes4 years ago

I heard romney in a radio interview refer to his stomach as his "tummy", holly molly!. Your choice in Nov. will be between the guy that pulled the trigger on bin laden or the guy that puts cold cereal in his TUMMY! you've got to be kidding. What man refers to his TUMMY. Maybe it's a republican thing.

Peter S.
Peter S.4 years ago

No wonder Willfred Mitt Romney stated about a month ago that he "isn't concerned about the poor" . It was because he dosen't need them. He has the rich (1%) and he is able to win the Republican nomination with them.