Romney’s New Immigration Policy a Mystery

Even by the standards of Mitt Romney, his immigration policy is incoherent.

Romney this weekend criticized President Barack Obama for his decision to suspend deportation of roughly one million undocumented aliens whose parents brought them into the country as children. Despite repeated questioning, however, Romney refused to say whether he would reverse the decision.

“With regard to these kids who were brought in by their parents through no fault of their own, there needs to be a long-term solution so that they know what their status is,” Romney told Bob Schieffer on CBS’ Face the Nation. But he did not indicate what policy he would support.

When pressed by Schieffer, Romney would only say that Obama’s suspension of deportation “would be overtaken by events, if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution, with legislation which creates law that relates to these individuals such that they know what their setting is going to be, not just for the term of a president but on a permanent basis.”

Romney did not say what long-term solution he supported or what legislation he backed.

Romney positioned himself to the far right of his party during the Republican primaries. He attacked his challenger, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, for supporting the DREAM Act, legislation that would give those undocumented immigrants affected by Obama’s directive a permanent understanding of their long-term status. Calling it a “magnet for illegal immigration,” Romney pledged to veto it if elected president.

Romney has also utilized Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kolbach as an advisor on immigration. Kolbach is one of the leaders of the extreme anti-immigration movement who worked with former Arizona State Sen. Russel Pearce, R-Mesa, to draft the controversial Arizona anti-immigration law. He also trained deputies for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on federal immigration enforcement.

Romney is no longer running in the Republican primaries, however, and may be looking to gently shake the Etch-a-Sketch on his hardcore immigration opposition. Columnist George Will said on Sunday that Romney risks losing if his share of the Latino vote falls below 31 percent. Americans as a whole are not nearly as anti-immigration as the GOP base. In a close election, Romney can’t afford to alienate potential voters.

Romney has tried to moderate his positions somewhat, even going so far as to tentatively support a watered-down version of the DREAM Act that was floated by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., before being withdrawn on Monday.

Romney is constrained, however, by the alliances he forged in the primaries and by his own words. Kolbach has already said that Rubio’s proposal is flatly unacceptable to the anti-immigration wing of the GOP, even in principle. Even if rumors that Kolbach will be cashiered from the campaign are true, Romney will have to hold on to anti-immigrant Republicans in order to win in November, too.

These competing factors are why Romney is attempting not to say anything whatsoever on immigration right now. No matter what he says, it creates electoral trouble. So he will keep trying to evade questioning, and hope that he can bluff his way to November. It will be up to voters to decide if that’s acceptable.

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Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way4 years ago

I have to wonder if Mr. Plastic has any kind of an opinion about anything at all. Has he EVER given a real answer to any question he has been asked? Some day I would love to see a reporter ask "Sir, in your opinion, is water actually wet? Could he manage to answer that question or would he continue with his tap dancing?

Beth K.
.4 years ago

star to marc p!

Linda Rust
Past Member 4 years ago

marc p. Here we are facing that cursed levity issue again. There aren't any cartoon characters evil and scary enough to make Romney look good. I guess that's why no one in his own party, as badly as they want to defeat President Obama, cares to associate with him in such an intimate, and yet public, way.
But seriously, this man is a threat to all the values I hold dear as an American, and all the values I want to see manifested in our country. Climate Change-DENIED! Universal Health Care-OVERTURNED! Aid to the Poor-NOT ON MY DIME!

Evelyn P. Johnson-Rees

Evelyn P. Johnson-Rees

I had to leave a do something besides set on my butt and spill out TRASH all you have in here, it is really sickening. You are not hurting me at all just looking at all these comments mostly by you David K. You don't know me to make all these remarks. What are you trying to prove???
Is it your goal to down Mormon Religon? You are talking to the wrong person.
Did I say I was Mormon? That is how dumb you are.
I am a Christian. I do know one thing your not!
I follow the teachings of the word of God / and the Lord Jesus Christ.
You really need help after reading all your comments and others in here need to check yourselves. None of you make any sense what so ever.

marc page
Marc P.4 years ago

Romney can't reveal his "Immigration Policy" because the ovens aren't built yet.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

David K. I agree with you. The tea party R's don't bother to seek out the facts. Unfortunately they listen too much to Fox liar channel and Rush/Hannity/Beck who spout out hate and lies against our President. Their lies are very easily verified as they are on tape.

President Obama is bringing us back from the biggest disaster we have had since the Great's a shame that the righties won't help us by passing the American Jobs Act. And instead is focusing on women's personal lives. We women would prefer they leave us alone.

While the good for nothing Congress is doing nothing the President has been very busy. Saving the Auto Industry, Passing the Lilly ledbetter Act, Bringing equal rights to people, Ending the Iraq War, Killing al-qaeda, Killing Osama bin Laden, and so on.

Beth K.
.4 years ago

I see we have another no profile troll, hello Evelyn.

Hopefully the GOP will continue to bow to the wishes of the bigoted right-wing whackos in their party, like Evelyn, and thereby cutting off any hope of proposing rational policies to solve any of the country's problems. Soon they will have alienated everybody in the country who isn't white and mad as hell (they don't know what they are mad about, they are just mad!)

Linda Rust
Past Member 4 years ago

Hello David, nice to see you again.
There's nothing wrong with a little levity, sometimes you can only laugh or cry. I hear Romney's having trouble finding anyone to be his running mate. Maybe a cartoon character would work? That's the only way Mitt will seem to be a (relatively) Human Being. ( I picture Dana Carvey, doing Johnny Carson, making the announcement.)

Evelyn P. Johnson-Rees

And that goes for your followers I've read it here. Just a bunch of IDIOTS.