Ron Paul is Retiring, But He’ll Never Stop Talking

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) may be retiring from Congress, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the campaign trail anytime soon.

The failed presidential candidate and pseudo-libertarian told The Hill that he plans on touring college campuses next year to “make the case for liberty.” When pressed on why Republicans failed to connect with college students, he offered up an interesting observation that both Democrats and Republicans should pay attention to. Paul called President Obama the “peace candidate” and attributed his dovish-by-comparison position to success in the election. “Even though both sides [were] equally aggressive, Obama had a different tone…The good progressive Democrat knows that Obama short-changed them [in his first term]. But his rhetoric was still more appealing that he would be less likely to go to war,” Paul said. It was because of the president’s tone on avoiding war that he was able to carry collegiate voters, according to Paul.

This may be true in part, but it also overlooks the drastic differences between the two parties on issues of college affordability and reproductive choice, two other areas where younger voters drastically cut against Paul and his fellow Republicans. However those issues don’t fit into the tidy compartments of “individual liberty” Paul and his brand of conservatives have carved out so, predictably, Paul ignored them.

However, to Paul’s credit, his observation of what the political press dubbed the “youth vote” is pretty on the mark. Paul told The Hill “The young people don’t like the debt they are inheriting, the violation of their civil liberties. They don’t like the war and it’s a fertile field. The people up here sort of ignore them.” Paul’s presence on college campuses will no doubt draw attention to these issues and pull support from a broad swatch of the political spectrum, bringing together progressives who support Paul’s foreign policy isolationism and his support for marijuana deregulation. But will it be enough to ignore Paul’s atrocious environmental and civil rights record? That’s a much bigger question.

For Paul this perceived oversight by both Democrats and Republicans to remain engaged with college voters presents an opportunity to lay some important groundwork for the future of the conservative movement. And this future no doubt includes presidential ambitions for his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Could it be that rather than preach the gospel of individual liberty just for the sake of it what Ron Paul is really doing is laying the groundwork for the 2016 campaign? That seems more likely, doesn’t it?


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Lotus Dream
Lotus Dream4 years ago

Susan A. Your concern is warranted of course but it would take long hours of going back and forth and the sighting of Historical Documents to ease your mind. So I encourage you to study people like and study about people like William Wilberforce,etc. Many of the Human Rights concerns had been being addressed and were coming to a fruition until the hateful Civil War. Robert E. Lee only fought on the South's Side because he was a Virginian 1st. Slavery his family believed was on the way out. Had things progressed naturally instead of ignoring States Rights and the causing of great resentment which lingers and smolders on till this day; there may not have been many of the other hateful Civil Rights Violations that resulted as a Domino Effect of Forcing Change. Most of our States contain more people in them the many of the Countries who have full representation at The United Nations. On the world scene each of our Individual Sovereign States have No Rights. The Multitude of People living in Our 50 States have only 1 Representative to Speak for them. This is a Grave Crime and Dangerous Policy to Ignore each States Individuality and Sovereignty. Can you imagine telling Sweden or Germany...France or England for that matter they could not have representation at the United Nations? Then Why tell Illinois, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, or Rhode Island for that matter. States Rights is a very very important issue and should never be slighted.

Susan Allen
SusanAWAY Allen4 years ago

Lotus D., states' rights are not the answer to everything as you might want to believe they are. We can not leave it up to a state to decide whether they will enforce or not such things as human/civil rights issues. It is not alright for a state to decide to bring back slavery because it feels like that's something they want to do in their state; and there are many other examples of human/civil rights type issues that should never be left up to a state to decide whether they want those rights for its citizens or not. These are rights which we, the people, as a whole, have fought hard to achieve. We can not have a state here or there decide they don't like one or more of those rights and just pass a law to do away with them. There are other things that a state might want the right to decide for themselves that I wouldn't have a problem with, but these human and civil rights are biggies and Ron Paul, would indeed, try and give those rights away to individual states to enforce or not enforce as they deem fit.

Lotus Dream
Lotus Dream4 years ago

It's amazing to me how people think they know Dr. Ron Paul's Political Views on things like College Affordability or Abortion. Ether they have not been listening or they themselves don't wish to do anything practical about those issues. On Abortion he has made it clear. Each State is a Sovereign State that make their own Laws For Their Own People. Something like Abortion is up to the States. He believes in everyone's Personal Freedom and will defend another's Right to live Free even if that other person's views are Different then his own. As for College Affordability.Dr. Ron Paul believes in a True Free Market. Maybe The Colleges should worry about College affordability and weather College is indeed the answer to everything. If people start to remember many if not all jobs were learned through Apprenticeships. Most people learned better that way and still do today. Learning by doing is the way we learn after we escape the womb and no matter how old we are that's what makes our lessons stick. To cut this about a person before writing about them...don't just rattle off sound bites...many thanks Lotus Dream.. Nya...=^_^=

Daniel C.
Daniel C.4 years ago

Why is it that that the media calls Ron Paul’s foreign anti war policy isolationism. If every time I stepped out of my house I got into a fight maybe it would be better for the rest of the world that I was an isolationist. Or how about if I just stopped getting into fights lets say for a decade or two just to see what it's like just to talk to them without the M-16's and bombs.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke4 years ago

Retire already!

Toby S.
Toby S4 years ago

I love the way persons who would never take the time to listen and discern what Dr. Paul's record and views are...are experts in his policy, so quick to put him down.

Yet he was the only candidate who ran on minding our own business, stopping war and changing the money system that is funneling money to the top. Obama kisses Bernanke before bed every night.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

I hear speed does that to you!

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

BMutiny T. - Apparently Rand Paul was not named after Ayn Rand. A quick Google search shows this to be the case, Partifcularly a Youtube video of him himself telling about it...

John Ditchman
John Ditchman4 years ago

Ron Paul sees himself not as a mere politician, but as a messiah. He is the force that will create a base from which the Libertarian movement will grow into adulthood (and power). He does not expect that in his lifetime. Now, he has unlimited time to preach his message without political duties getting in the way. Libertarian philosophy can pretty much be summed up as "every man for himself!"

stacey t.
Stacey Toda4 years ago

The problem is that most Republicans never do stop talking and it gets them in trouble. Open mouth, insert foot, and then continue to shove it further down the throat.