Russell Simmons Joins the Calls to Boycott Lowe’s

Entertainment mogul Russell Simmons has stepped into the controversy about home improvement chain Lowe’s withdrawing its ads from TLC’s reality TV show All-American Muslim due to pressure from a right-wing Christian group, the Florida Family Association (FFA). Simmons has bought up all the ad space that Lowe’s gave up. New York Magazine quotes his announcement on Twitter that “The show is now sold out!” and “keep your money @lowes and we will keep ours.”

Lowe’s has protested that it has “a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion,” a statement quite contradicted by its pulling its ads from All-American Muslim, which follows the lives of five Lebanese families in Dearborn, Michigan. Others including actress Mia Farrow have joined Simmons and strongly criticized Lowe’s for its anti-Muslim stance and calls for a boycott have arisen.

California State Senator Accuses Lowe’s of Religious Discrimination

California state senator Ted Lieu sent a strongly-worded letter to Lowe’s CEO Robert A. Niblock on Saturday, saying that the decision to withdraw the ads was ”bigoted, shameful, and un-American” and also “profoundly ignorant.”

“Lowe’s religious discrimination is the equivalent of a company asserting that it is pulling advertising from the Christian Broadcast Network’s 700 Club because the program somehow ‘riskily hides’ the agenda of Christian radicalized groups such as Aryan Nation. That assertion would, of course, be utter nonsense and religious bigotry.”

Lowe’s should apologize and reinstate the ads and also carry out “outreach to the community about bias and bigotry.” If not, says Lieu, the company could face a boycott and even legislative action for discrimination against Muslims, in possible violation of California laws. ThinkProgress also quotes from the responses of other politicians including State Senator Rashida Tlaib, who is the first Muslim elected to the Michigan legislature and who wrote a letter to Niblock, expressing deep disappointment with Lowe’s in effect giving “credibility to these hate groups.”

Lieu has said that he expects to make a decision about calling for a boycott of Lowe’s on Wednesday or Thursday. The hardware chain has issued a statement that attempt to be conciliatory, but rather suggests that Lowe’s, having found itself in the proverbial hot seat for withdrawing the ads, is trying to say, hey, we just sell home improvement supplies, why is everyone getting all political on us?

From Lowe’s statement:

“Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lightning rod for many of those views. As a result we did pull our advertising on this program. We believe it is best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.”

Suehaila Amen’s family is featured on All-American Muslim; she notes that Lowe’s has “succumb[ed] to bigots and people trying to perpetuate their negative views on an entire community.”

As Lieu points out,

“The show is about what it’s like to be a Muslim in America, and it touches on the discrimination they sometimes face. And that kind of discrimination is exactly what’s happening here with Lowe’s.”

Yes indeed. Lowe’s response to the demands of FFA clearly shows why there is a huge need for a show such as All-American Muslim.

full list of the 65 companies that have withdrawn ads from All-American Muslim due to FFA’s pressure is posted at the website of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.


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Samantha L.
Samantha L.4 years ago

The only reason I would 'boycott' the show is because it is so terribly boring. These people don't know how to have fun; most are very dull. However, that said, Lowe's went way beyond the boundaries of humanity by allowing a so-called christian society; no such thing except in their minds, to put the muslims in a category all their own. Where in the hell do these religious numbnuts think every human being in the U.S. was dropped off here by the magical stork & that they are the ONLY Americans.
Frankly, I'm sick to my stomach with American (& worldly) thinking. Humanity has become a mentally deficient species.

David A.
David A.4 years ago

Who are the other 23 companies who pulled their ads, and why isn't anyone boycotting them?

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


I will just say that of course you can create your own religions as much as you like. That is your choice. God made his rules, you can decide that you are not going to follow them & that you are going to only LOVE. You can create your own religion where life is a free-for-all & there is no laws or rules but to love everyone. That is called free-will. I mean satan has his own free-for-all religion much like that which you believe in, except for the love part. So you are just making that one addition to differ from satan's religion.

But once you understand that that is YOUR religion & have nothing to do with God. Everything about God relates to law. From physical laws, chemistry laws, the laws of the universe down to the test "dont pick the fruit of knowledge". Everything is about law & order.

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


You do not have to study it. Same like spirituality. With spiritualty you become involve, you do not read about it.

You speak of me thinking how I was taught to think. Let me just repeat that I have live all my adult life off Africa & I was inducted at a very young age in certain spiritual practises way outside of christianity. That is why I laugh at atheists because I know personally of God & satan because I was immersed in that life. I didnt study it. It was & is part of me. Today, tho I align myself with christianity, I am not really a christian. I usually say that I am spiritual with leanings towards christianity. And I align my beliefs with christianity because I know that religion is the most close religion to God than any other as it comes directly from him. I also know that the Bible is a very potent & powerful book because when I made the move to switch from my former spiritual beliefs to those more aligned to God it wasnot easy to leave. , That book you laugh at was used very extensively, in ways that I doubt many who use it know that it can be used.

So it is not about being taught to think. There are things many experiences that I have been thru that I can speak of. You have been given something very precious that you take for granted & reject. Instead you hold on to fools gold.

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


It is a spiritual book & no error made in it affected its TRUE message.
I have heard people debate when Jesus was born. Many believe that he was born in October. Suppose the Bible had said that he had born in December (which he never did) & it was an error. Is that important? Is the birthdate of Jesus important spiritually? The account of the birth of Jesus was not written to focus on his birthdate. The account was written to focus on the birth of the Son of God as was predicted by earlier prophesies. EVERYTHING ELSE is just window dressing. Whether 3 kings came & offer him gifts or if it was 10 wisemen or 50 aliens. Doesnt matter?

So I am telling you that not one spiritual iota of information needed to save humanity & prepare them for God have been affected by any of the errors. Whether Mary BECAME a High Priestess, whether God had a consort, whether Joseph had pneumonia...isnt worth squat.

But the message now...that is what we should care about. And that is why I will say that while I do study religion also, it is only as a pastime but I do not see it as being important. One can read all the books on how to ride a bicycle or how to swim, but that can never make one know how to ride or swim. It is a total different ballgame when you get on that bike or go into that water. In most cases, your instructor will tell you to forget all that you know...or think you know. Why? Because riding & swimming are practical endeavors. You do not have t

Vernon C.
.4 years ago


And therein lies your problem. You have studied religions. There are some things that you just get immersed in, but to study it is to get lost.

But first I will reply to your doubts concerning the authenticity of the Bible due to its translations among other things. So, I will share an experience with you to prove my point. I visited China last year for 6 months on a technical training workshop. I know absolutely no chinese or any asian languages at all. The workshop invited only guests from english speaking countries but it was conducted by chinese who had learned english. Note I said learned english, because they certainly did not know it. During the course they called (& wrote) wrong words, used the wrong tenses, & basically butchered the english language. Yet every guest understood everything single bit of info that was imparted & we all passed the workshop. Why? Because the workshop was not an English test workshop. It was a TECHNICAL workshop. Verbs & tenses & all those errors the Chinese instructors made was not important. They couldve written that Reagan was the 10th president of the US or that King Charles was the King of England, it would not have made no difference to 4G networking.

So, I said all that to say, that the errors made in the Bible never interfered with what the Bible is meant for. The Bible is not a history book or a geography book or an encyclopedia. It is a spiritual book & no error made in it affected its TR

bob m.
bob m.4 years ago

The one who seeks to ascribe the law as root to salvation truely has missed the mark CANNOT save....Only the BLOOD of JESUS. SAVES .
Flesh cannot comprehend it, can only stand by Grace before the LAMB as His own sing to His Glory the song of wonderous thanks which are given in the absolute knowledge that salvation is a cannot be paid for and as I have SEEN brings even the hardest, proudest of hearts..(like mine) to tears of gratitude unspeakable. Yes Lord ...Why did you do this for me?...It is a thing from above... How, why ; my heart weeps for LOVE so underserved. the LAMB of GOD.
Enter in by the narrow gate yes... in Him who SAID ...I AM the WAY, THE TRUTH and The LIFE... THE GATE....beautiful.

bob m.
bob m.4 years ago

Dear lawman...many moons ago, as part of a journey through hell ; I wrote this poem .
Absolutely tender,
Absolutely true;
Understanding all things,
understanding you.
Infinitely loving exquisitely near;
This, is God our Father,
What...have we to fear?
Shortly after this; I entered one day into a room during an eclipse (sun) to cease to be.
In terror i waited as a veil of darkness filled even my heart as I looked into eternity..alone ..forever.
I called upon 1 Name as my last and only hope ....Jesus.
His eternal peace covered and filled me.
I had been delivered out of culpability for ancestral sun worship sacrifice and blood guilt.
Years later I found the poem in an ancient english bible immaculate 100 year old penmanship.

Barbara Whitney
Barbara W.4 years ago

Bob, thank you. :)

Barbara Whitney
Barbara W.4 years ago

by that I mean, how can you tell if what you have is the full and complete translation? The Bible has been rewritten and revised so many times, why? And the books left out (at Nicea) which included some 13 or more chapters written by Magdalene (who was not a whore at all, but a High Priestess), that are in the archives (somewhere) at the Vatican, what might you have missed by not having access? God had a consort named Sophia (called the Mother of All Souls) that was in the beginning, look her up. I am open to discussion but not unless you are able to listen as well as speak.