Russia’s HIV-Positive Beauty Queen Faces AIDS Stigma

The sea of red flags outside my campus center remind me every time that I walk by that it is the Global AIDS Week of Action.  Yesterday was World AIDS Day, designed to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic.  It’s something that, as an American college student, doesn’t touch my life every day – but the reality of the stigma against AIDS was brought home to me in a new way yesterday when I read this article, about Russia’s HIV-positive beauty queen, Svetlana Izambayeva, who is being prevented from adopting her ten-year-old brother because of discrimination against people with HIV.

Izambayeva was crowned “Miss Positive” in 2005, in Russia’s first beauty pageant for women with HIV.  Despite my feelings about beauty pageants – which are decidedly mixed – I recognize that Izambayeva is part of a growing movement to address rampant discrimination against people with HIV in Russia.  But she is now embroiled in a struggle with the Russian government that illustrates perfectly how deep the stigma against HIV can run. 

Izambayeva has been seeking custody of Sasha, her 10-year-old brother, since their mother died in February.  Sasha has been living in an orphanage ever since.  As a close living relative, Izambayeva seems to be a logical choice for Sasha’s legal guardian, particularly since she is already raising two children with her husband.  But ever since she contracted HIV after a “short-lived summer romance” in 2003, Izambayeva has been treated like a second-class citizen.  The Russian government sent her an official refusal to her request to adopt her brother, citing her “incurable” disease.  They continued: “Infectious diseases are cause for denying child custody until cured,” the letter from social services officials reads. “Your illness qualifies as infectious.”

Discrimination against people who are HIV -positive is apparently the norm in Russia, where people frequently hide the disease from their friends and employers, despite the fact that Russia has the fastest growing HIV-positive population in the world, with around 140-150 new cases of infection daily and one percent of the population living with HIV.  Izambayeva has spoken out about the stigma against HIV, saying, “Before I thought I had to hide myself, isolate myself from society.  But one can live even with the virus, and live normally!”

The stigma seems mostly to stem from ignorance of how the disease is contracted, and how it can be spread. 

“Eighty percent of the people you might have been sitting and drinking tea with before, will turn away from you once you admit having the virus,” said Vladimir Mayanovsky, head of the NGO, All-Russian Union of People Living with HIV.  “Many people still think the infection can be had through dirty dishes or mosquito bites, so of course people are afraid to live with an HIV-positive person.”  It is common, apparently, for people in small Russian communities to be socially ostracized and even pressured to leave if their diagnosis becomes public.

The case of Izambayeva and her brother is particularly heartbreaking, since her brother has been living alone in an orphanage for close to a year.  “They don’t take care of him there, his hair is always dirty,” she said.  “It’s very hard for him. He’s scared.”

This case makes plain the extent to which stigma against HIV is real, and widespread.  And although the discrimination may be less blatant here in the United States, it’s still something we need to be aware of.  There are simple steps we can take in our own lives – and you can start by signing this petition to address the growing U.S. epidemic.  Our country needs to take a leadership role on this issue – and perhaps we can influence attitudes abroad.

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Irina I.
Irina I.7 years ago

Youtube AIDS HOAX- 10 reasons HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Magic lives because he doesn't take drugs. Do you see Magic advertising "HIV" drugs? Ever? Me neither. The dude knows they are highly toxic and saverely damage immune system to the point of the immnent - death! That's why he is well and alive after 20 years. Truth is coming out and PHARMASLUTS will be prosecuted!

In documentary of Brent Leung "House of numbers" Brent asks the Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier: "If you take a poor african who's been infected with HIV and build his immune system, is it possible for that poor african to get rid of HIV?" Luc responds: "I would think so" Holy shit for 25 years we've been headf...ed and told HIV/AIDS equals death and yet a co-discoverer of HIV Luc Montagnier talks about eradicating HIV out of poor african's body by means of proper nutrition, elliminating infections, drinking clean water, improving sexual higene. It's mind blowing! Are we all have been dicieved?

Irina I.
Irina I.7 years ago

If only Svetlana would know about the lousy ELISA/WESTERN BLOT tests. They result in thousand false-positives. 70 well known documented conditions and deseases result in cross reaction, thus producing "HIV"+ results. The tests have protein bands on them that are thought to believe are unique to "HIV". Every country has specific number of bands on those tests and require 2, 3, 4 or more protein bands to react with human blood. You can test positive in one country and then cross the border and test negative. There is not even one standart test that has been used throughout the world. The tests are lousy and unreliable!!! Assimptomatic people prescribed highly toxic drugs in large quantities. Those drugs alone lead into the development of AIDS. Amongst side effects are liver failure, wasting syndrome, bone marrow damage, heart attacks, organ failures, stroke, lactocidosis and death. There's no correlation have been found between T-cell count and viral load. Elusive "HIV" is NOT sexually transmitted desease!!! Just wait for the documentary "House of Numbers" by Brent Leung to be released in theaters, it's already making headlines! Youtube "House of Numbers" to see for yourself! They also have a website The film is playing now in selected theaters and alrady received 7 prizes. For more info on "HIV=AIDS" hypotesis go to or There are quite few very informative web sites like that!

Marishka k.
Marishka k7 years ago

shaq has has been positive for how long and he is still alive and kick'n just fine! i do not think that she should be denied for having HIV
i pray she wins. custody and the battle over her illness!

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

So sad, but unfornately not a surprising attitude even in this day and age.

wizzy wizard
wiz wi7 years ago

noted and i agree used a condom

Hope Love and Peace
Past Member 7 years ago

Sending Love & Light!

Lev S.
Lev S7 years ago

I believe that everyone (even a female) can have a short-term romance. Using condoms is another thing, but even condoms don't give absolute protection. It seems to me that Svetlana must have become much more careful after being punished in such an awful way. Don't forget her husband is HIV-positive as well!

Caralien S.
Caralien S7 years ago

I don't agree with not allowing family members to live with one another and instead living in orphanages or other temporary care, but do wonder whether there are adoption restrictions against people with terminal cancer or other debilitating diseases and illnesses.

I have friends with HIV who are healthy now. I also know of people who were on the cocktails for 20 years, who have recently passed.

The stigma against people with HIV is wrong--there is no question there. If the person is young and healthy, and has an excellent chance of having 20+ years of a healthy & productive life, I don't see that as the same issue as someone diagnosed with death in a few months or years.

In 20 years, the brother will be 30, and at least that amount of time in a stable home should be considered preferable to orphanages and the low possibility of adoption by anyone else (infants are attractive; older children, not so much).

Louis Olivencia
Louis Olivencia7 years ago

Wow so many things being said. First of all who is the poor victim here is Sasha. And something will be done if we all act up. As for Russia admitting anything on ad...this is another story. talk about 20 years behind. I personally have been in Russia and it's in a sad state. Housing, Hospitals, companies, in an after war state. The government is ignorant and sorry to say this is true or this all wouldn't be happening, as where human rights even to manifest in public, is a big no and you will be put in jail fast! Everything is still censored, even if they say no. It is. So what democracy are they talking about! Then HIV if we have big problems on having people accept this terrible drama, this does not even come past there minds. Outside the cities you find villages in the true sense. Poor people living as well as they can in dignity with the little they have. 3 times the peoples bank accounts were zeroed their from one day to the other you were penniless!!! What can you say. HIV is just another problem this nation RUSSIA) does not wish to acknowledge. So they try to sweep it under the rug. If you want to go there you need an examination that says you are drug and aids free! But what about the millions already there? Lets not mention drugs! As for all these millionaires so nuovo rich without the least bit of taste or culture. Thinking money can buy anything and are very, VERY rude. Even to there own. Have money doesn't give you any right to be rude. But if you came from rags t

dve d.
aa b7 years ago

used a condom