Sarah Palin Is A Dangerous Person Says Convicted Felon Martha Stewart

I don’t know about you, but ever since convicted felon Martha Stewart was served up as a sacrificial lamb to federal prosecutors and the SEC, I’ve become downright fond of her–even though she hawks her own steely brand of postmodern retro femininity I despise, and that inspires my friends to fantasize about making felted flower pins and seasonal holiday centerpieces. And of course, the zeal with which the SEC went after Martha Stewart is simply ludicrous in the wake of true villains Bernie Madoff, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Citibank, etc. Talk about misplaced priorities.

Anyway, “Check Martha,” is a phrase I usually dread hearing because it means I’m in for lots of craft-related discussion.  Today, however, I’m happy to tell you all to “Check Martha,” because home girl is exactly right about Sarah Palin (rough interview transcription):

“She’s very boring to me.  To me, kind of a dangerous person. I mean, she’s dangerous.  She speaks.  She’s so confused.  And anyone like that in government is a real problem……I wouldnt watch her if you paid me.”

Stewart did give Palin some credit for selling a lot of books saying “Good for her,” but it sounded more like Stewart was congratulating her neighbor’s dog for not soiling on her priceless oriental entrance rug on a recent visit. Anyway….

Matt Taibbi is right (as usual)–Palin isn’t boring–Palin’s a WWE style politician, but the rest rings true.

Palin is dangerous.
Palin is confused.
And anyone like that in government is a problem (Just ask Alaskans and the McCain campaign).

I would love to see a head-to-head yard match up between Palin and Stewart, wouldn’t you? Maybe on Martha’s show?  I have a feeling Palin would roll over and be Martha’s kitchen biatch the minute Stewart cocked one Stepford eyebrow at her. And if Palin didn’t roll, Stewart would find a new, unimaginably cruel location for Palin’s hair needles before kicking kicking her bootie from Turkey Hill all the way back to Wasilia.

You don’t mess with Martha, she’s been where you don’t want to go–and she could felt her way out of Alcatraz if she had to.

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Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma5 years ago

No IDEA 'bout it but she is quite handsome and has GLAMOROUS looks.

Terry B.
Terry B.6 years ago

Oy vey. Only in America.

I will miss America when she dies. What will the world do without a comic country to laugh at?

pam w.
pam w.6 years ago

(SIGH) Because leaders should be smarter than the average stupid American, that's why! Because intelligence raises us all up and "average stupidity" lowers the level. Because we should elect people who are capable of guiding the country OUT of the mess a "stupid American" president got us into--and kept us there for eight years.

Antony T.
.6 years ago

Sadly where America is concerned, I still say after comments about my remark, that I would choose Palin because she is no stupider than the average American, rather than Martha Stewart, as a criminal, who evades resonsibility in a criminal way to enhance her wealth at the expense of other taxpayers by thieving from them, and answer as my reply, to any criticism, that it is better to choose someone who is no stupider, than the averager American, rather than one who is clever and cunning and self serving, and , now lets see who the last few have been by comparison, shall we....?

pam w.
pam w.6 years ago

"Win/win" for the Democrats, of course!

Robert R.
Robert R.6 years ago

Romney / Palin ... or Palin / Romney in 2012.

Either way, it's "win-win".

pam w.
pam w.6 years ago

ANTONY says: Sara Palin would be my choice before any felon, she is no stupider than the average Americans

And you're put that person in the White House? Someone "no stupider" than the average American?

Antony T.
.6 years ago

All this from a country that picks the taller of the two candidates for president every time, ? and such luminaries of intellectual powerhouses as Bush And Reagan ? or such as Kennedy, sexually debauched and funded by his bootlegging grandad, ( a real supporter of the nazi regime ), for presidential office ? or even Nixon, so far, your score as a nation, is subject to review, by the world, and trust me in this matter, you are not looking too bright as a people, and you want us to now take guidance from a tax evading criminal, who spent less time in prison than a man would for the same offence ?

Sara Palin would be my choice before any felon, she is no stupider than the average Americans decisions for office, and she is capable of learning, which is something I have yet to see Martha display......

Pam Burton
Pam Burton6 years ago

"Palin" can't "hold her own" against anyone....This is a person who doesn't know the difference between Russia and Siberia....The only one who thinks she is CUTE is herself....She is a "Back Biting,Uneducated Quitter" who should be investigated thouroughly for illegal activities.

Pam Burton
Pam Burton6 years ago

And so...When are we gonna see PALIN "do time" for all her "nasties"?She HAS pulled some "cuties" and I think she should be "called to task" on them....Isn't there a LAW somewhere about "Felons" serving in Government??I'm sure there is a FELONY SOMEWHERE IN HER CHECKERED PAST...