Scott Brown Wants To Repeal Health Care Law He Uses To Cover His Daughter

One of the biggest advantages to the recent health care reform act is that it allows young adults to stay covered under their parents’ insurance plans years longer than they could under the previous medical system.  At a time when unemployment for recent grads is sky high, and many of the jobs that are open don’t offer benefits, a little extra time on a parent’s plan could mean the difference between success and failure post graduation.

Yet the Republican party, including Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, wants to recall this provision, as well as the entirety of health care reform.  But in Brown’s case its most surprising since he of all people should understand how important it is.

After all, his adult daughter is being covered under his own plan.

According to the Boston Globe, the senator’s 23 year old daughter is reaping one of the major benefits of having a parent in Congress — the extended coverage for even adult-aged children.  But Brown doesn’t see his fight to eliminate a benefit that he himself takes advantage of to be an issue. “Brown said the extended use of his congressional coverage is not inconsistent with his criticism of the federal law, enacted over his objection after he won a special election in 2010, because the same coverage could be required by individual states.”

So, is it hypocritical for Brown to condemn the Affordable Care Act and campaign on its repeal while at the same time admitting how beneficial its policies are?

Looks like the  voters will decide that in November.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

They are ALL hippocrites!

William and Kat Dresbach
Katie D.4 years ago

Yes the Republicans are Happy to Have this Health Care but Talk AGAINST IT!!!
They Know it's the BEST that ever Happened!
They Like to Benefit By It!

Franklin G.
Franklin Gullo4 years ago

Oh....I forgot the gays.

Franklin G.
Franklin Gullo4 years ago

Scott Brown like most Republicans is a f-------ing idiot!!!!

MA for Elizabeth Warren get rid of this Senator, a Republican that is against everything that benefits the young, the elderly, the poor, women, college students, unions and all of middle class America.

Bev Ritz
Beverly ritz4 years ago

"Scott Brown Wants To Repeal Health Care Law He Uses To Cover His Daughter."


Deborah F.
Deborah F.4 years ago

They will never get it.

lis Gunn
lis Gunn4 years ago

@Carlos. I don't know where you get your information from but Australia does NOT deny asylum seekers or even those who are deemed "illegal immigrants" medical attention. Indeed the first thing that happens to boat arrivals is health checks. I am appalled that Australia is one of the only countries in the world that incarcerates asylum seekers in detention centres while their refugee status is assessed but even in detention centres, health care is provided.
Boat arrivals make up less than 2% of the "illegal immigrants" as you call them. The rest are those who arrive legally, with a visa, but overstay. Such people have to pay for their own health insurance while here legally but once in detention are provided with health care.

Unfortunately, prolonged and/or indefinite detention does have awful mental health implications and such issues are regularly reported in the media.
PS. Just in case you might think I am an Australian citizen.... I'm not. I am simply resident here.
There are lots of Government policies with which I disagree but generally it is a much more decent place than those countries where the overwhelming ethos is "me, me, me" and "what's in it for me"

David C.
David C.4 years ago

@Carlos B

You're skittering around like a drop of water on a hot griddle. I've established that UK government health care spending in the UK is much lower than the US. While private spending way higher in the US. (There was an error in may last post; private healthcare spending. It is 1600% higher in the US).

You claim COL in Australia is higher than the US. % of GDP spent on healthcare in Australia is exact one half of that in the US.

So you have come to the breathless conclusion that the less a country spends on health, the higher will be the tax rate and the COL.

Wow Carlos, you come a long way from blaming high COL and taxes on the NHS, to telling us if the UK spent more on the NHS, its tax rates and COL would improve. That's wild.

Now you start whining about the poor US has special problems which I am ignoring, that UK/US is an apples and oranges comparison. It was you who started this thread Carlos - not me. You brought up special problems when you got nowhere with your original contention.

Remember, all I said was "High UK tax cannot be blamed on the NHS" and "The US can learn from other countries which achieve the same or better health care at lower costs". I even said "IMO the NHS is not the best model"

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.